Behind The Curtain – Belief Systems and the Black Church

This will eventually be a YouTube Series

Part 1

Mental Illness in the Black Community and why ‘help’ is not sought

The top 5 reasons black people do not go to therapy are as follows:

1. Part 1 The Church
2. Part 2 Attached Stigma
3. Part 3 Perceptions
4. Part 4 Family
5. Part 5 Finances

Part 1 The Church

The Black church is a business. A business needs money. Tithes bring in the money. If someone is attending church who feels overwhelmed, or feels as though they need additional mental help the black church discourages the member from receiving help by running a guilt trip using religion and the perceived punishment of Jesus as a shield.

This is how it works:
Sister Pam is the sole survivor of a car accident where her child, mother, and sister died. Sister Pam went to the triple funeral in a wheelchair and my never walk again. Sister Pam is having suicidal thoughts and survivors guilt. She’s also having flashbacks of the accident. She wants to go to a therapist but is urged against it by the church.


Here are the reasons:
1. She may stop attending church which means she won’t tithing which means the church will lost at least $1.
2. She’s supposed to trust in Jesus and pray about it and all the bad feelings will just go away upon mentioning Jesus name.
3. If she goes to therapy then she’s not trusting Jesus. If she can’t trust Jesus then she needs to find another church (finding another church is discouraged because they don’t want to lose members who may tithe. It is an empty threat.)
4. If Sister Pam is still feeling bad after a week then she’s not praying hard enough.
5. Satan has a hold of her and she must rebuke him. Satan is giving her the flashbacks.

Part 2 Attached Stigma

Sister Pam won’t go to therapy because of the stigma attached in the black community.
There are preconceived ideas, learned behavior, and flawed belief systems in the black community. Even if Sister Pam wants to go to therapy she will still resist because of her flawed belief system.

Seeking professional help in the black community is seen as the following:

1. Jesus won’t like it.
2. Therapy is for white people.
3. If you see a therapist that means you’re crazy. If people find out that you are crazy they will look down on you. Once that happens you are ostracized from the black community and labeled as ‘goofy’.
4. She believes in the preconceived idea that faith and love of Jesus is the only thing to stop her from suicide and help her recover from the sudden loss of her family and make her walk again.
5. She believes is she goes to therapy that she will be ‘acting white’ and will be shunned by the black community.
6. Her family and community programmed her to believe these things and if she detours from them then she is not the upstanding Christian they think she is and she will embarrass the church.
7. Discussing your feelings is a sign of weakness.
8. Satan wants her to turn against Jesus and the church by seeking professional help.

Part 3 & 4 Perceptions and Family

What does Sister Pam’s family say about Pam’s mental condition.
Sister Pam is angry. She keeps crying and asking “Why me Lord? Why me!” She may never be able to walk again but she doesn’t care about that. She does care about never seeing her child again, or be able to hug her mother or celebrate her sister’s birthday. Sister Pam has turned to drinking, cussing, and internet gambling. She is truly depressed and talks of ‘offing’ herself often. Her family agrees with the church.

Pam should do the following according to her family and the church:

1. Pray harder
2. Appreciate that she made it out alive
3. Trust Jesus
4. Do not go to counseling it will embarrass the family
5. Do not talk about therapist or seeking mental help from the white people because all they want is money
6. Her family doesn’t want people thinking she’s ‘crazy’
7. Sister Pam needs to just grow up
8. She’s not rebuking Satan hard enough he’s still rearing his head. She must crush him by claiming and forcefully yelling Jesus name.

Sister Pam buys a gun. She doesn’t like what she’s thinking. She goes to therapy anyway and decides that the family and the church are the ones who need get right with God and not her. She tells them she’s going no matter what they say.

This is what Sister Pam faces from her family for her decision:

1. She’s told that If there is family problem then the family is supposed to solve it. Not people outside the family.
2. She is told that she has made the problem worse and it wouldn’t be this bad had she not kept up the silliness.
3. She is the problem and everybody else in the family and church are doing the right thing by praying with the pastor
4. If she just prays hard enough the pain of losing the family will go away
5. She supposed to be strong for everybody else. She’s showing too much weakness by whining and crying all the time.
6. She is letting Satan control her. She has allowed Satan to bring her to this point of turning her back on Jesus with this therapist mess.

Part 5 Finances

How much of a role does finances play in seeking professional therapy in the black community?

A lot of black people have health insurance through their work place and a lot of black people don’t. The ones that do not have health insurance do not have the money to seek out therapist or other professional help. Therefore they don’t go.

The percentage of black people with health insurance that seek mental health is very very low. Therefore, finances are not the issue in the black community as a reason for not seeking help.

The belief system, perceived stigma, being called crazy, being made fun of, and told that you are ‘acting white’ is the deterrent for getting help.

Sister Pam received a large settlement from the insurance company that allowed her to pay for the help she needs. Again, the money is not the issue. She’d much rather have her family.

What does Sister Pam learn in therapy?

1. She finds out that flashbacks go along with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She finds out that the human brain seeks to make sense of things that don’t make sense.
The accident was not her fault and her brain has not fully comprehended that whole situation. Her brain is functioning the way a brain should function and sadly the flashbacks can continue for years. This has nothing to do with any Satan and prayer will not stop it. Working through therapy and working through the emotions of the accident and losing her family will help the flashbacks. Talking through the feelings will help her as well.
2. She finds out that the church is wrong and racist. Jesus will not be upset because she is taking care of herself physically and mentally. She is not acting white. The church has a picture of a white Jesus on the wall, therefore, they are hypocrites for saying somebody is acting white while worshipping a white Jesus.
3. Therapy is not just for white people and nobody is ‘crazy’ because they need a little extra help getting through a high stress unbearable situation that they did not ask for.
4. Prayer is great but it will not fix what she is going through. She needs extra help from a trained professional. If her church had read the Bible they missed Timothy 2 which clearly states that prayer without works is dead.
5. If her family is that offended that she is doing what she needs to do then maybe she needs to cut them and the church off. This is known as the ‘no contact’ method. She can return to them later if they have that much of an issue and wish to shame her on a daily basis for ‘acting white’.
6. She finds out that you cannot address ‘shame’ by using ‘shame’. Her family and the church continued to shame Sister Pam for natural normal feelings that any normal rational human being would have after going through any tragedy where people around her were killed, dying, or imminent death was approaching.
7. None of this is the act of Satan. It was a very unfortunate accident and she is justified in her human right to be sad and upset at losing family members.
8. She learns that her beliefs are flawed and she eventually feels she’s been lied to and kept in the dark about a bunch of things.

Sister Pam’s Anger at her family and the church

Sister Pam has gone through a range of emotions. She’s suffered a major car accident that placed her in a wheelchair. She had a total of 24 hours to adjust to a totally new way of life that she didn’t ask for. She had no warning on the loss of her family. The church she’s supposed to trust recites Bible verses and degrades her if she speaks of anything other than prayer. Her family is ignorant. She is now faced with changing the way she has thought for most of her life. It’s not easy.

What does Pam do?

Sister Pam does what any clear thinking individual would do in a situation as messed up as this. Quit going to that church. Tell the family the truth and take control of herself instead of them taking control of her. And continue going to the therapist until she reaches a level of acceptance of the situation that is comfortable for her. If the family insists on continuing to shame Pam she must leave and go to a facility where they are not allowed to visit unless they are there to help.

What is the family’s reaction?

1. Blame the therapist
2. Blame Satan for taking over Sister Pam
3. Blame white people. Why? There is no reason to blame white people. Its just a fail safe when no other option is available. White people are the built in fall guy after Satan has run out.
4. Pray for her to do the right thing and stop shaming the family
5. In long shot, come to the facility and help and do what she wants them to do. (They would never do this but its a nice thought)

The Black Church Can Really Mess Somebody Up

I made up that whole situation about Sister Pam. She does not exist in real life but I know plenty of Sister Pam’s in reality who have lost faith in the church for these very reasons. Some people have actually cut their family off all together because of the church and how the church acts.

The church uses shame against those who don’t fit the mold of ‘just pray about it’ or ‘trust Jesus and only Jesus’. Reciting Bible verses to answer a question is always a sign of being under fear. Fear of what? Who knows. Using shame to promote more shame is a vicious circle that a lot of black Christians fall into.

“You cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them.” David Icke Humans and Blinded by Belief Systems

Nobody asks or wants to be in a life threatening situation. Nor does anyone want to go through a horrid nightmare of suddenly losing those you love. The statement above clearly states that if God put you in that situation and you pray to God to take you out of the situation he just put you in- well…..that makes no sense does it.

Everybody has the right to take care of themselves mentally and physically how they see fit. If some people choose to pray about everything that is fine. If others choose therapy they should not be shamed, put down, demeaned, or treated poorly for their choice. However, that is what is happening in most black churches if someone chooses therapy instead of prayer. You can be a Christian and go to therapy.

There are enough therapists in America who are perfectly willing to promote time to a church and provide mental help for members who feel they need extra help. Promoting time means that nobody has to pay. A church should be about helping people how they need and want to be helped. Not the church forcing Bible verses on someone with the remedy of ‘Love Jesus and Rebuke Satan’.

How many black pastors have committed suicide after church? Or killed their family or other church members?

A church should never throw ‘shade’ or be that judgmental to the detriment of its members all in the name of tithes or Jesus.

Hiding behind the Bible or using religion to justify a flawed belief or thinking error that results in destroying someone else is wrong.

These black churches need to pull it together!

**This is not aimed at all black churches. It is aimed at most black churches. Especially the ones who feel that tithes are more important than the members and those churches who hide behind the Bible while promoting fear as a means of controlling members into self destruction**

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July 27, 2017 · 6:00 am

Behind The Curtain Blog Series – Ousting The Black Church

Over the next few weeks I will be rolling out the Behind The Curtain series of posts that will go through the end of August.

Behind the Curtain represents Black Churches and the shenanigans that go on in the pulpit. These Churches defy the Bible behind the backs of the trusting parishioners.

Metaphorically they’ve pulled a curtain to hide the truth much like the man in The Wizard Of Oz.

Therefore this series is appropriately named, ‘Behind The Curtain’

This is aimed at corrupt black churches who do any and everything for their own personal gain and who bank on ignorance in the pulpit and the congregation.

If your church is not doing these things then it does not pertain to you.

If you find yourself being offended or becoming upset about what I post about the black church, then, well……..maybe you better check yourself and your church.

I will be address how the Black Church encourages ‘hazing’ on black children through controlled child abuse. And how child abuse is seen as a right of passage because someone is born black. Its expected and accepted and never questioned no matter how damaging it is to the child.

I will also address how the Black Church discourages black people from seeking mental help and encourages unhealthy marriages while ignoring mental issues in the maraige.

I will also oust Black churches for manipulations of tithes, religious beliefs, as well as, spiritual abuse. I will expose cultish behavior including manipulation of fear, hell, and finances which are considered more important than saving souls.

I will also oust outrageous belief systems and how emotions are manipulated. Along with the misuse of Jesus, God, and twisting the Bible for thier own personal gain.

Why am I doing this?

Because the issues I just mentioned in the sentences above are ‘taboo’ in the black community. Nobody wants to address it head on or talk about how dangerous the black church is to the black community.

The Black Church will deny everything I say because I am telling their game.

Its easier to just go along with the flow and punish people like me who go against the grain with a different perspective. I’m labeled as a ‘non-believer’ because I dare to question the logic and the validity of these churches who rehash antiquated notions.

Everybody has the right to question what they are asked to support and believe in. Asking questions does not mean you are a non-believer. It just means you are taking the subject seriously instead of following tradition or following out of fear.

I will also address the Black Church blaming White people for no reason other than  they’ve run out of options to blame themselves.

I will back up what I say with Bible verses.

I will address and say everything I need to say without one word of profanity.

What is the point?

I have major issues with a non-profit 501c3 abusing their status and collecting money each week on false doctrines recited with fears and lies to a willing congregation who fails to question reality each Sunday. Plus, they don’t bother to read the Bible for themselves otherwise they would figure out they are being lied to.


Below are the 4 titles that I will be addressing in several detailed posts:

Behind the Curtain Part 1 – Belief Systems And The Black Church

Behind the Curtain Part 2 – Child Abuse And How The Black Church Promotes It

Behind the Curtain Part 3 – The Black Church Promoting Unhealthy Marriages

Behind the Curtain Part 4 – Religious Manipulation In The Black Church

What do I expect?

I expect to be attacked by black Christians because I am not only challenging their beliefs; I am flat out defying everything they’ve been taught by mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and the pastor.

I am not saying what they want to hear and they will have 1 of two reactions when everything is said and done.

  1. Attack me for not being a good black person.
  2. Start asking questions about the points I’ve brought up which will lead them to this question, “Well if what I’ve been taught is not accurate then what is accurate?”

I’m not out to plant seeds of doubt in anybody’s mind. I’m simple stating the obvious and ousting a truth that needs to be talked about instead of hidden behind a pulpit.

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July 24, 2017 · 6:00 am

Miscegenation and Anti Miscegenation Laws. What is this about?

What is Miscegenation? Look at these silly pictures right here.

From 1694 until 2000 there were laws in the US against interracial marriages.

These laws were called Anti-Miscegenation Laws

I first heard of this word last week in yahoo comments because folks were, again, mad at a commercial featuring a white male and black female and an adorable small black child.

I also learned that this ‘miscegenation’ (which I have no idea on how to even pronounce) is what the Klan and Altright people despise the most. They wake up and go to sleep honestly upset, disturbed and sometimes in tears over this.

Miscegenation means the mixing of different races by marriage, shacking up, and/or having light skinned babies.

But what kind of light skinned babies?

Native American + Black American? ….. nah. nobody cares.

Asian American + Black or Native American?…….nah. not a big deal.

Mexican American + Black, Native, or Asian American? ……..nope. Everybody is brown.

South Americans + Mexican, Native, Black, Asian, or African? ………move along folks. Nothing to see here.

White American + any Brown person? OH! We have a WINNER! This is what they go to bed mad about!

The Bible

The Bible says nothing one way or the other about different color skin people getting married. It does discourage the Jews from mixing with non Jews. And it does speak of not mixing with unbelievers. It does not exclusively say “A White person cannot marry a Black person”. There was no such thing as white and black during the writing of the Bible. It was Jew, Non Jew, Semite, Non Semine, Gentile, Non Gentile, and so on. I challenge anybody to show me the term ‘African American’ in the Bible.

Moses married an African woman Zipporah.

Ruth was black and her husband was Jewish.

Several women in the Bible who were not Jewish married Jewish people.

Jewish men in the Bible married everybody they wanted to.

The list is vast of people doing what they want in that Bible.


The Questions are

If a law had to be implemented in 1694, before the constitution was even written, then it stands to reason that a bunch of somebodies tried this very thing or actually followed through with it. Otherwise why was the law written?

For over 300 years the laws had to be written, re-written, stiffened and strict only to be repeatedly broken and challenged. People were killed, locked up, fined, kids removed, beaten, bruised, and went missing because of this law.

Several people challenged and won. Here are 2 famous cases.

1882 Pace Vs. Alabama. He was black and she was white

1967 Loving Vs. Virginia. He was white and she was black


This law was broken by several people every single day from when it was implemented in 1694 through 2000 when the law was finally dismantled. But guess what? People are still doing it!

Notable dates for public challenges to the law where somebody won are as follows:



1804 – That whole Thomas Jefferson fiasco with the ‘help’. Nobody challenged him because he was the President.










Why do people keep breaking and challenging these laws?

  1. Because the law was stupid in the first place?
  2. Because the color of skin should not determine who or how much you love somebody?
  3. Because a trust was built up between two human beings who lived in the same area?
  4. Because companionship was needed between two individuals?
  5. Because people want to love each other no matter what even if its breaking an antiquated law?

What has history proven for these kinds of laws?

History has proven that law or no law humanity always prevails with two things:




This law proved that both still exists with or without it.


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March 21, 2017 · 8:00 am

Open Discussion: God Woke Me Up This Morning! Somebody Didn’t Get UP!

Problems with the Black Church exposed.

God Woke Me Up This Morning! Somebody Didn’t Get UP!

This is clearly based on fear designed by the black church to hold members in a mental state of I’d better get right or one day God will hate me enough to not wake me up.

Does this mean that God is now playing favorites?

The ones he likes gets to wake up while those fallen from grace die?

I guess God hates my grandparents.

How did this not make someone a horrible person for stating that God has exalted him or herself in favor gloating that someone else failed short of one breath forever?

Some take this statement to mean another chance to act right just in case they failed the previous day in pleasing God. If you don’t know what you did to upset God yesterday then how will you correct the mistake today?

Everybody dies. At some point the person who said this will die. By this logic this can only mean that God will hate them enough some day to not wake them up and someone else will be yelling “God woke me up! Somebody else didn’t wake up!” And it will be you. One day.

Any body in reasonable good health who hasn’t upset a drug dealer, the mafia or offended an Ex in the last couple of weeks has a high percentage chance of waking up. To yell the obvious every single morning and twice as loud on Sunday morning is not only illogical but obnoxious as well as a waste of time.

By this logic if a child dies will YOU still be happy that YOU woke up and the child didn’t? Is the child’s bad fortune enough for you to give this praise, “I woke up and somebody didn’t!”  If someone has a relative die recently, like today, and someone is yelling this whole statement it can be very offensive.

Even though you woke up this morning whose to say a mack truck, bus, or piano won’t hit you and kill you later today?

Atheists wake up too and they don’t believe in God. So who woke them up? And the atheists do not go around announcing that they woke up because its pretty obvious because you’ll see them walking around.

Before the Bible was written we had Zeus, Zoestra, Mithras, The Titans and so on….. I’ve never heard any history lesson where somebody in 443 B.C. yells out “Zeus woke me up! The Titans woke me up!” Zoster, Inki, The Sumerians or anybody else woke me up. Why do it now?

What purpose does it serve other than to put fear into others that they may not wake up because God didn’t see them worthy?

Important note: If the whole idea of church and the end result is to be with God then the person who didn’t wake up is in his presence while you are not. So who actually won? Think about it.

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January 30, 2017 · 8:00 am

How many Africans in Africa go around calling themselves American African?

The one word answer to this question is NONE!

I have never seen on any news, African job application or African birth certificate anybody marking or writing in “American African”. Because its stupid and they know it.

I’ve spoken with 4 Africans and they stated that they do not understand why black people in America call themselves African Americans. One actually said its insulting because people here know nothing about Africa. Especially the fact that Africa is a continent and not a country. Africa has more than 56 countries inside of it.

Question #2. The Back to Africa Movement

Africans have heard by now that black people in America want to come back to Africa or connect with the “motherland” from where we were forcefully removed.

Has anybody from Africa or a group of Africans shown up on the coast of North Carolina in a boat, submarine, paddle boat, steam boat, speed boat, SS Minnow, cruise ship, row-boat, canoe, kayak, cargo ship, barge, raft, Titanic, or any floating device of any sort yelling “Hey distant cousins! We’re here to take you back with us!” and then wave a white flag and yell “Get on the boat! Plenty of room!” (rescue mission?)

Have any Africans set up a go fund me account stating that they heard on CNN that we want to come back to Africa so they can rent a jet liner, space ship, helicopter, small plane, hot air balloon, jet packs, floating shoes or any air travel that would get us back to Africa?

The answer is NONE! And we all know, that the Africans know, that we are missing from Africa and have been for a while. Like over 4 centuries!

So the question is if Africans know we want to come back to Africa why are they not helping?

And when we get back to Africa will we call ourselves “American African”?

And why would you want to go to a place where they know full well you’ve been kidnapped, they know full well your location, and they are not helping you to get back home?

And when you get back to Africa which country are you going to live in on the continent? There’s over 56 to choose from, and furthermore what are you going to do when you get to Africa?

Just some things to think about.


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January 18, 2017 · 8:00 am

Why Black People Need To Quit Marching And Start Addressing The Real Problem

This is not the 60’s. Marching is outdated and antiquated.

Marching is great exercise but it is not addressing the real problems with black people vs black people and black people vs everybody else.

What is the real problem?

There are several

  1. Unaddressed mental illness
  2. Behavior condoned by the family
  3. Blaming others for situations that could have been avoided had problems 1 and 2 been acknowledged

True story with rhyming names so I won’t get sued.

Feleesia suffers from paranoid delusions and prescription drug abuse. She thinks everybody is watching her when she’s sober and starts fights with police and local drug dealers when she’s high. She puts everyone at risk around her with flying bullets from the drug dealers and their drive bys.

Her family, 1. blames the police and 2.  acknowledges she has a problem but say they are “protecting her and won’t let anyone hurt her” It doesn’t matter who she hurts with her actions as long as she is not hurt. She’s in and out of jail.  Her parents are in and out of jail and half way houses. Her children are in and out of DFCS and jail and have repeated the same grade twice.

The County Judge sees her every week in handcuffs for petty crimes and knows there is a mental illness. He stated that a family member is the only one allowed to turn her in for mental illness evaluation or she has to turn herself in. Everybody else has to pay for a lawyer and present a case to the judge before she’s even considered for any mental health check up. She and her family don’t think there is a problem because jail, crime, DFCS and court are a part of their everyday life. Therefore the mental illness for Feleesia remains unchecked. The behavior is condoned.

Final result. Feleesia got high, challenged the police, they shot and killed her. Now the Black Lives Matter Movement is all upset with the police and her family is ready to sue the County. Not because she’s dead but because they think they’ll get some money.

Who is to blame for Feleesia? Does the Black Lives Matter people take time to look at the background and what led to the shooting before protesting? Are the police to blame for Feleesia’s unchecked mental illness, abuse of prescription drugs and crime sprees? Is marching really going to help anything?

I think not. Put the blame where it lies. Her family should have sought help before she was killed and not cry afterwards mad at the police.

There are thousands of Feleesia’s in the black community and thousands of black males with unchecked mental illness. The families condone the behavior and allow the mental illness to continue because “That’s my baby!”

Address the mental illness! It won’t stop 100% of the problems but it will make a significant impact in the black community when people are mentally stable.

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January 7, 2017 · 8:00 am

Mentally Ill Black Men Being Shot By Police. Why?

I just learned that people are being told:

1.       Black people do not and cannot suffer from depression

2.       Black people do not and cannot have mental problems

3.       People are being taught that mental illness and depression are exclusive to white people

So IF black people cannot suffer any mental illness whatsoever THEN this means all black people are 100% sane individuals. (That is quite a stretch don’t you think)

When I heard this I was shocked. I was in disbelief. I am saddened that people actually believe something as ludicrous as this.

Who would believe like this?!?!?! Apparently a lot of people.

Is this the reason why when a white person kills everybody in a movie theatre he’s taken alive because of mental illness?

Is the is the reason when a black man, who has mental illness and cannot follow police orders because of the mental illness, is shot and killed for jumping naked out of a window?

Is this the reason why police officers get away with murder 99% of the time?

Is this why when a black person who may be having a violent fit from mental illness is shot and the police find out after the fact that he/she was suffering from a mental illness episode?

All because of a ridiculous belief that black people cannot suffer from any mental illness?

Question: Where did this idea come from?

Answer: The 1960’s. There was a book written for counselors (keep in mind there were no black therapists in the 1960’s) that clearly stated that only white people suffered mental illness and should be seen for any mental help. It also clearly stated that Black men and Women were not smart enough or had enough brain power to suffer any mental illness.

This incorrect belief has been taught and retaught for generations and now we are operating on a lie that is seen as being the truth.

There is not one book in particular that blatantly states this. There are several that blatantly state this. As a nation we need to change this belief and remove the offensive words from these books. 

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October 14, 2016 · 8:00 am

The Stupidity Of The Term African American. Round 2!

The Rumble Continues!!


Over the term African American!!

I have a United States Government issued Passport that says United States of AMERICA!


It does not say United States of African American!

I truly hate that label.

Some people were offended at my original post on this term and all I can say is: Yall missed the point!

I refuse to be labeled African American. The term African American will not be used on this site by me. And on any job application I fill out I scratch out the word African and circle the word American as my passport correctly suggests. And no where on my birth certificate does it say African American.

Africa was not called Africa until somewhere around 262 BCE. A Roman explorer went the land of KEMET and renamed it Africa after himself.

Italian General Scipio Africanus clearly saw that people were living happily on the Serengeti and calling themselves something else and he took it upon himself to rename the whole thing Africa, after himself, citing that he discovered it. It didn’t matter that people were already there.

Sound familiar?

Amerigo Vespucci discovered the main land in the west and called it America while Christopher Columbus gets all the credit and Amerigo is left in the cold.

Other names for Africa before it was called Africa were:








And Ethopia

All the more reason why  African American makes no sense!

They were not calling themselves African.

The title should be Kemet American, or Hesperia American and so on.

Why did Sipio Africanus change the history of the continent?

From what I could find in my research.

He felt like it. Knew he could do it without any opposition. And did what he chose.

So does the term African American fit?

No. Its not even the original name of the continent. Plus, Jesse Jackson pushed this agenda to further separate black people from the rest of the country and keep in line with his perfect world of a Bi-Polar segregated racists America.

This label of African American is all his doing!

Stop giving into Jesse Jackson! He, and he alone, has done the most damage to America with the target audience of damaging black people the most!

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October 2, 2016 · 8:00 am

Black People In The Bible Genesis 4:15 and Genesis 9:24

After 10 years of studying this very subject and talking to all kinds of Christians I found out that there are two verses believed to introduce black people in the Bible

#1. Genesis 4:15 – And the Lord said to him, “Therefore, whoever kills Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold.” And the Lord set a mark on Cain, lest anyone finding him should kill him.

It is assumed by many Christians that the mark placed on Cain by God was black skin. Although, nothing in this verse alludes to that theory in any way, shape form or fashion.

#2. Genesis 9:24 ……So Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done to him. 25 Then he said: “Cursed be Canaan; A servant of servants He shall be to his brethren.” This was also the verse used to justify American slavery using Africans.

It is assumed by many Christians that Canaan was turned into a slave and physically changed from being an Olive Colored Jewish person with straight hair, light-colored eyes type B negative blood type into a Black person with an afro, full lips, and dark eyes with an O positive blood type as punishment. And this transformation happened immediately.

That’s quite a metamorphosis to take place in the span of 60 seconds. It would also be considered a true miracle of science for one’s DNA to completely flip inside and change the genetics to the point of a brand new outward appearance to be the opposite of what it was before.

Imagine what Noah and his family thought upon watching this happen to Canaan first hand. I must have been on the level of Michael Jackson’s Thriller when he turned into the were wolf in front of that whiny girl. After Noah and the families initial shock and surprise at Canaan’s new condition they were like “Hey look! Canaan’s turned into a black guy! What a fine looking Negro!” Pretty wild theory huh?

And I’m not even going to ask if nobody had ever seen a black person before then how did they know to call him a black person if black people didn’t exist and he’s the first then how do they know? I’m not going to ask!

(Even though Ham, Canaan’s father, was the one who saw Noah naked, Canaan was the one who was cursed and he wasn’t even there when Ham saw him. Ham should have been cursed, yet, very few people question this phenomenon or even worry about it. But they worry about Canaan’s immediate metamorphosis into a black dude.) I’m not going to ask about that either!

Just so we’re all on the same page it is physically, genetically, medically and scientifically impossible for a Jewish person to turn into a Black person in less than one minute! And B- blood type cannot coincide with O+ blood types because of the antibodies and antigens. Which is why O+ is an international blood donor and B- is not.

It is incorrect to take these two Bible verses and conclude that Black people derived from these not positive incidents.

Other Marks On Hands and Heads In The Bible That Did Not Produce Black People as Genesis 4:15 and 9:24 did

Exodus 28:38 So it shall be on Aaron’s forehead, that Aaron may bear the iniquity of the holy things which the children of Israel hallow in all their holy gifts; and it shall always be on his forehead, that they may be accepted before the Lord.

Ezekiel 9:4 – … “Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh and cry over all the abominations that are done within it.”

Revelation 13:16…. He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads,

Revelation 14:1 ……Then I looked, and behold, a Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with Him one hundred and forty-four thousand, having His Father’s name written on their foreheads.

Revelation 14:9…Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,


Revelation 20:4…Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.

Revelation 22:4 They shall see His face, and His name shall be on their foreheads.

Questions anyone? I have several.

If black people were generated in Genesis 4:15 with Cain acting a fool with killing folks then where did this second set of black folks come from with the whole Noah situation in Genesis 9:24?

If black people were produced in Genesis 9:24 and not in Genesis 4:15 then what was going on with Cain before he went to the Land of Nod when he supposedly turned into a black guy? Did he turn Asian or Peruvian or something?

There’s plenty of marks on foreheads and hands in the Bible that did not generate or produce black people so why are Genesis 4:15 and 9:24 viewed as the catalyst for black people when so many other verses are available?

Last question?-> And this makes sense to who?

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September 30, 2016 · 8:00 am

The Ku Klux Klan can and should be legalized

Here is how it should be done.

It should be a Federal Group.

Meaning the official application for the KKK should go through the Federal Government with an application fee of $100 cash for processing, filing, and placing the name on the official Klan register. Application fee is non refundable. All applications will be accepted as long as the $100 cash is paid. Then the applicant will proceed with the interview process.

The applicant must be 18 years old before the application will be considered.

The interview process must prove that you are white and you are Christian.

Proving you are White

A. The potential applicant must list his/her heritage going back 10 generations. Every name must be listed or the application will be denied. Fabricated names result in automatic denial.

Names and ethnicities of maternal and paternal grandparents only. If a country of Origin can be named it will help.

B. Once the genealogy chart has been turned in he/she must participate in 4 separate DNA tests confirming that all forefathers and great mothers were from a White country or a country that is 99% White. The official country list guideline will include the following White countries:

  • Greenland
  • Iceland
  • Scandinavia
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Northern Russia
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Denmark

Countries that do not count as White

Germany, UK and Ireland, Poland, France, Romania, Italy, Canada and Ukraine cannot count as white because of the high African, Asian, and Jewish population (more than 5%). Canada has the First People’s (Natives), Africans, and Black Americans. The potential for pure whiteness in these countries will be diminished.

If the DNA test shows any other country than the ones listed above then the KKK membership will be automatically denied. Once the membership is denied the potential applicant will be sent a letter stating that he/she is not white, the reasons why, and their name placed on a list of non whites who applied to the Klan.

Proving you are a Christian

a. A multiple choice Bible test will be given with 200 questions from the Old and New Testament. True and false and choose the right answer. 185 questions must be answered correctly or your application will be denied.

b. A 300 word essay must be written on why you feel you are a good White Christian as opposed to some other Christian.

c. A face to face interview will be held with the administrative assistant to the group where you will state what you will contribute to America as the DNA proven superior white race.


Once all tests are completed and essays approved the applicant will be rewarded a certificate. Their names will be placed on an official registry along with the copy of the certificate and a monogrammed Confederate Flag with your name will be handed to you as a free gift. You will also receive a discount Wal-Mart purchase towards a rifle.

(not everyone who has a confederate flag is Klan, however, all Klan seem to have a confederate flag)


Your tax-deductible monthly dues of $20, or annual dues of $216 (10% discount for paying up front) will be required to retain the membership and certificate status. If you do not pay your dues by December 31st of each year you will be asked to return your certificate and your confederate flag as a reprimand for disrespect. You can keep your gun.


Required monthly meetings and one required annual convention with a documented check in will be required to keep membership and certificate status. You must bring your certificate and confederate flag to the annual convention.

Where is the logic in this?

None. Just like the hate group. But if the government knew that they could make money off of this they most certainly would. This would be the first step in many steps to getting started.

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June 27, 2016 · 8:00 am

Jesse Jackson’s Role In The Death Of Martin Luther King

April 3, 1968 Jackson stands with King on the balcony.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              April 4, 1968 Jackson is not on this balcony at all.

April 4 1968 FBI Agent holding KingApril 3 1968 King and Jackson





Jesse Jackson’s Role In The Death Of Martin Luther King

Simply put, he didn’t have one. He had absolutely nothing to do with King’s assassination in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Nothing.

Jesse Jackson was hiding behind an above ground swimming pool several feet away from where Martin Luther King was assassinated. He cut himself running from the sound of gun shots and used his turtleneck to wipe his own blood. He blatantly walked on to the balcony and collected King’s blood to add to his turtleneck as Andrew Young stated several times.

Later, he would take the opportunity to jump in front of cameras claiming that King died in his hands on the balcony.

Like they say in Georgia. A lie don’t care who tell it!  Mr. Jackson sure does fit that phrase.

Proven Undisputable Facts:

Fact: Jackson was relatively new in King’s movement and had not known him that long personally.

Fact: King had stated he received bad vibes from the new comer Jackson.

Fact: Jackson did not get along with King that well, yet, King had enough grace about himself to let it slide and distance himself from Jackson.

Fact: On the Balcony were Andrew Young, Ralph Abernathy, Hosea Williams, Henry Groskinsky (photographer), and Ben Branch (musician ), Army Veteran Marrell McCollugh (The man holding King’s head while he died).

Fact: Over 10 people witnessed Jackson hiding and running out from behind a raised pool and heard him say “Don’t you talk to the press, whatever you do.”

Fact: He went to Theology school and failed so bad he dropped out. After he dropped out he referred to himself as a Reverend with no credentials to back it up.

April 5, 1968:

Jackson appears on the NBC Today Show still in the blood stained shirt. The lies continue on television and he proclaims himself some sort of a national black leader. Since April 5, 1968 Jackson has used Martin Luther King’s good name for his own gain and profit, to manipulate emotions of the less intelligent, to make himself a millionaire, to rob people of religious beliefs and money, and has used false charisma to keep the charade going forever.

Jesse Ousted:

He’s been ousted 100 times over and does not care. Why doesn’t he care? Because he has tricked and duped so many people into believing that the ‘ousters’ are nothing more than jealous lying trouble makers. He’s always the victim to feel sorry for. Right? The more he’s ousted the more he can cry victim.

The most popular ousters are listed below:

“Shakedown” exposing the real Jesse Jackson Author Kenneth R. Timmerman

“Unmasking Jessie Jackson” Angela Parker, Chicago Tribune, 1971

“Jesse Jackson. The Man The Myth The Movement” America’s David by Barbara Reynolds

Truth Tellers Harassed Out Of Town:

The people above were harassed and threatened by Jesse Jackson lovers who #1. Know the truth and refuse to admit it #2. Don’t know the truth and #3. Actually believe he’s a real Reverened and an honest guy sent from God.

They do not know the level of what kind of fraudulent manipulative liar he truly is.

Traits Of Sociopaths: The first move is to have a sob story to hook the victim.

Opportunistuses any tragic or misfortune of another person to promote or propel him/herself into the spotlight and make it all about them.

Pathological liarOnce the spotlight has been obtained and a captive emotional audience is present every word he/she speaks will be seen as the truth because people need something to believe in after their hope has been taken away.

Charismaticappearances are everything. Sociopaths appear how they must appear to fit the circumstance and keep him/herself in the lured victims sight. Jackson requested a limo to take him to NBC while still wearing the same bloody shirt from the day before. Then put on a dog and pony show for the viewers and right after that all endorsements rolled in like a tidal wave.

Arrogance Self serving. Self centered. And anyone who gets in the way or disagrees with my greatness shall be excluded and shamed for not recognizing my greatness. No one is better than me and my followers are beneath me where they should be.

Thrives On Negative SituationsSociopaths like this thrive on anything going wrong. If they can’t find a bad situation they create one themselves. Bad situations gives them a chance to step in and be the hero for a never ending source of narcissistic supply which Jesse achieves from his followers. When the supply runs out, so does he and he finds new victims.

Why Are People Still Supporting This Man Who Is Clearly A Fraud?

#1. They cannot bring themselves to listen to or believe the truth about the dark deeds he’s done.

#2. He claims to be a Reverend. In the black community Reverend’s and Pastors are people of power and if you say you love the Lord. You’re in. Jesse knew this and used it to his advantage to rob blind followers using their faith.

#3. His followers have not heard the full story and are doing what they’re parents told them to do.

#4. Some black people honestly feel there needs to be a black leader for them. Jesse says he’s it so they do what he says without question.

#5. Jesse talks a good game, is very convincing, and knows how to manipulate others and cry on que to get an emotional response and keep them hooked emotionally.

What about the good stuff Jesse did like the non profit PUSH, Rainbow Coalition, and helping free prisoners over seas, and speaking out a Jena, and helping President Carter and Clinton, and all of the wonderful things he did for the country?

Jesse likes to highlight his good deeds and receive praise and hide the evil dark deeds in the closet. Every sociopath does this. It’s the “Look at me the good guy” routine.

For every good deed you see him do there’s 10 more bad deeds that outweigh those.

So the question is do we continue to oust him when all he’ll do it use it to his advantage for further emotional manipulation?

Or continue to praise him and stroke an already out of control ego?

Either way he’s going to rot in hell with his self-made solid gold halo that his followers worship.


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February 3, 2016 · 9:00 am

Egyptian Pharoe Ramses IV and Colonization of The Americas and The Olmec Heads

Olmec HeadBack of Olmec HeadOlmec Civilization Heads

4 to 11 Feet Tall

6 to 50 Tons In Weight

Locations: Veracruz, Tobassco, and LaCobata Mexico and Retalhuleu Guatamala

Front of the Statue has African Features. Back of the Statues detail thick braided hair.

Why are these statues here?

Part 1 – The Journey

Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses I (1292 – 1294 BC) wanted to send 60 boats of explorers from the shores of Africa across the waters to see what was there. He did not accomplish his goal in his lifetime. His sons, and grandsons, tried to fulfill his idea and the son of Ramses IV succeeded.

Part 2 – The Settlement

Usermaatre-sekheperenre AKA Ramses V (1145-1137 BC) sent the 60 boats of men across the Ocean. A few men came back over a decade later with a map of the new lands discovered.

They reported that Africans were already on the new land and had been for thousands of years. They also reported white skinned people with long beards and blue eyes.

The men that did not return settled, married and had families with the natives and Africans that were already on the new land. Drumming, hair braiding, and African culture and food were well established before Pharaohs men arrived.

Part 3 – The Heads

Huge African Heads in the South American Jungle date back to 1150-950 BC. There are no other heads like this on earth or that weigh as much as these. The heads are in accord with the timeline of Pharaohs men arriving on the new land. Does one have to do with the other? Or were the heads constructed by the natives in the likeness of Pharoes men? Or were the heads constructed in the likeness of the natives who greeted them? Or were they tributes or honor to a god? Nobody knows.

Part 4 – The Olmec Civilization (1500 – 2500 BC)

This civilization and the heads developed after Pharoes men reached the coast and settled in with the natives. The Mayans and Aztecs took many of the Olmec customs, culture, laws, cultivating and physical features. Many today believe that the descendants of the Olmecs still live in the Vera Cruz, Tobassco, and Mexico City Area. As well as the descendants of the Inca, Maya, and those in the Andes Mountains.

Part 5 – The Rediscovery Of The Heads

The locals knew about the heads but archeologists didn’t. After the fall of the Olmecs the earth over grew the heads. The hidden heads were rediscovered in the 1800’s by Archeologists. After digging them up they were baffled.

They could not believe that Africans were capable of building any boats and could not fare well enough on the Ocean for any transatlantic travel. These archeologists believed that only Europeans could build boats and sail across and Oceans.

The obvious African features such as full lips, flat nose, almond eyes, braided hair on the back of the statue, and African helmet were denied by the archeologists as not being African.

Their conclusion was that the tools used to chisel the heads were not sharp enough to narrow the nose or the lips or they ran out of time to finish the heads. There was no conclusion for the braided hair. They officially stated that these statues were not built by the natives or Africans but someone else who no longer exists.

Part 6 – The other descendants

Africans and Europeans were already in North and South America and had been for over 7000 years before Pharos men found them. They had spread As far north as modern Canada and as far south as the southern tip of modern-day Argentina. They had traveled around the world in boats across the Pacific from modern-day Wisconsin to the modern-day Philippines for trading copper. And had traveled to China and Japan from the California Coast. (archeologist debate or refuse this information even though its documented and evidence is overwhelming in these areas)

Part 7 – The Continuing Debate

Scholars and Archeologists debate on whether or not:

Africans could have sailed across the Ocean

If anybody could have come before Christopher Columbus

That the statues were built by Africans when there was one continent and after Pangaea they couldn’t reach the heads to finish the bodies

No Africans were there but the natives made up a god to worship and decided the god looked like this

Ancient Europeans built the heads as a landmark to find their way back to the Ocean

And many many more debates all centered around Africans or no Africans, Europeans or no Europeans, gods or no gods, Natives building them or not building them, and Africans in boats or no Africans in boats

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February 2, 2016 · 2:30 pm

Black History Fact: 1780 Slave woman Mum Bett uses US Constitution to win her freedom

Mum Bett

Mum Bett sued her slave owner. She won and was freed.

Hired a lawyer and sued her slave owner using her Constitutional rights and won

Massachusetts constitution, Article 1 leads to Court case Brom and Bett v. Ashley

Slave woman Elizabeth ( known as Mum Bett) Freeman could not read or write but found a lawyer to represent her and sue her master for freedom after hearing The Constitution read aloud.

“All men are born free and equal, and have certain natural, essential, and unalienable rights; among which may be reckoned the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties; that of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property; in fine, that of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness”

Elizabeth did the following because she wanted freedom:

  • Found a lawyer Theodore Sedgewick to take her case.
  • Received a deep cut on her arm defending her daughter Betsy from the slave owners wife who had a knife.
  • Filed against her slave owner John Ashley.
  • Won her case. Was paid a reparation.
  • Her daughter remained a slave for a short time but Elizabeth was free.

She was the first slave to be set free under the United States Constitution.

Her case helped Massachusetts to end slavery in that state in the same year. Her daughter Betsy was set free later that year.

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February 1, 2016 · 8:08 am

European Slave Licking And Hypertension In The Hood

salty slaves

Why hypertension is rampant in the black community?

I know what you’re thinking. Fat Back. Hog Malls. Pork. Potato chips. Funyuns and stuff. Salted Collard Greens. Fried anything. Reused grease in a Crisco can. All with a biggo glass of Kool-Aid! That’s actually 1% of the problem. Those things are not the cause. They also do not help. The real problem goes back to Africa.

Europeans Licked African Slaves

Not licks as in birthday licks. Licks as in Europeans stuck their tongues out of their mouths and licked the Africans face, neck, forehead, or chin leaving a wet wad of spit dripping down the African’s face. Disgusting. The reason for this was to test the salt content of the potential slave.

The slaves with lower salt content perished during the ocean crossing. Before they loaded the boat they potential merchandise with low salt content were sent home after a good licking. The higher salt content individuals were immediately loaded on to the boat. They survived the journey across the ocean.

What does this have to do with anything?

Salted Slaves that arrived in moderate health were incorporated into the plantations. To keep his slave healthy the owner continued to fill him with salt. Fast forward 300+ years and you have a society of slave descendants with uncontrolled hypertension.

Is black hypertension the slave owners fault?

Look at the facts. The high salt content existed before they were caught, licked, and loaded. Therefore, it would stand to reason that salt, health and diet were already a factor before a captor and a boat showed up with their tongues out.

What’s the solution?

High salt content was obviously a factor in Africa long before the slave traders arrived. A reasonable conclusion would be that its ingrained in the dna structure. If that conclusion is correct then hypertension would be a matter of a preconditioned disease that is hereditary.  This does not mean it cannot be controlled or monitored, however, due to genetics and lifestyle it’s certainly unavoidable in todays salty descendants that were forced on to a boat ride.

Salt in the black community

The hood does not have farmers markets, commercial grocery stores like Kroger, or small farms or greenhouses available for fresh fruits or vegetables to diffuse the salt. Bottled water is hard to find too. The hood has convenient stores on every corner interchanged with a liquor store. The convenient store has what? Salted snacks, sugary snacks, soft drinks, wretched hot dogs in a warmer, sorry pretzels and exactly 2 bottles of water that cost more than the soft drinks.

So if you are hungry in the hood and the nearest real grocery store is 15 miles away what is your option? The answer is to go to the convenient store and fill up on salty snacks. Therefore, aiding in the predisposed condition of hypertension.


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December 17, 2015 · 11:27 am

Are Rap Lyrics to Blame for black violence and over-promotion of the infamous N word?

Rap music has been under fire for decades over degrading women of all types, over use of the N word, and promoting violence in the black community and indirectly blamed for high arrests. Lets take a look at song lyrics by Dr. Dre and a song by Soulja Boy as an example and see if these accusations against Rap music hold water.

Dr. Dre song lyricsSoulja Boy Song Lyrics


Based on these small samples here women are not placed in a positive light or respected. Weapons, drugs, and a play on the emotion of jealousy appears to be present. Dare I mention their other songs such as “Booty Meat” and “Ghetto Fabulous”? No I won’t because they are actually worse than this.

Dissecting the problem with Rap Music in the Black Community

There’s a lot to be said.

#1. Money to be made

Rappers and music industry are in business to make money. They don’t care who they hurt, how many people get killed, go to jail, or how many women are disrespected, or how many 5 year olds recite their lyrics in the kindergarten bus about B’s, hoes, wasting somebody or smoking marijuana or F the police. As long as they get paid for the music and have a nice car to showboat in Hollywood its all good to them.

Short and simple. If people stop buying rap music, then they would not have a business. However, is Rap Music to blame for the violence, disrespect of women and the overuse of the N word in the Black Community?

#2. Target audience

In Marketing it is stressed to Know Your Audience. You would not market to an area with a demographic that is less likely to buy your product. To ensure your product sells you have to know whose going to buy it. Rap Music is purchased by young white boys, then black boys, and last females. This is a given statistic fact that can be researched and verified.

This poses a problem. If young white boys are purchasing the music then why are they not killing each other after listening to these lyrics? Yet, the other groups seem to take it to heart. So if it’s the lyrics by themselves causing the behavior this is a failed argument based on the target audience.

#3. Environmental – The Hood

I live in The Hood. Children as young as 4 and 5 walk around here and go to school singing these exact Dr. Dre and Soulja Boy lyrics I showed you above. Imagine those words above coming out of an innocent child’s mouth who has no idea what these things mean. The parents play the music around the child thinking it has no effect. The child grows up in that environment. Sometimes Rap is the only music the child is exposed to. It becomes common place and nothing is thought about it.

Across the street from me the elementary school kids get off the school bus calling each other the N word. Kindergartners!  These high school girls dress scantily after school to immolate the girls in the rap videos while the high school boys rap these lyrics above to the girls. The girls giggle and like it. To them being called the B word is a compliment. The environment from children through teenagers has conditioned them to think this is normal or perfectly fine to speak, dress and behave this way.

Am I saying everyone in the hood acts like this? No. But a good majority in the hood do. Back to the question. Are the rap lyrics themselves causing these kids to behave this way? The lyrics are not stating how to dress. Which means they have visual to go along with it.

#4. Parental Involvement

I’m a parent.  At age seven my kid was Daft Punk and Lenny Kravitz. He was one of the few black boys in the hood who liked jazz and classical music instead of rap. He heard the rap songs when his friends played it at their house but never really cared for it. Was it because I didn’t play it around him? Possibly. Or it just wasn’t in him to begin with. That’s another possibility.

I often ask myself two questions, “Why would a parent play this kind of music around a baby or child that can repeat what he or she hears?” and “When these kids are at school repeating these rap lyrics and the teachers hear them why are they not saying anything to the parents?”

The only answer I can come up with is the parents are not as involved as they should be with what their kids are listening to and when the school addresses anything with the parents I’m sure it turns into a fight. Therefore, the environment plays a large role again.

#5. Self Reflection

What are the young black girls hearing when they listen to these lyrics. They are hearing that “I should dress like a skank and shake my butt or a guy won’t like me”. What are the young black boys hearing? They are hearing that “women are here for sport, I have to carry a gun, sell or do drugs, and I need to break the law or I won’t get anywhere”. What are the children under ten years old hearing? They are hearing that “when I become a certain age this is what I must do in order to survive”. What are the parents hearing? Nothing. Because they are already conditioned to these thoughts.

What are young white kids hearing in rap music? They are hearing that “all black guys are thugs and all black women are good for is shaking her butt and likes to be called a hoe.”

#6. Conversation I had with a guy and a girl over rap music in a car

Me: Why do you listen to this crap?

Guy: What crap! This is my jam!

Me: He’s disrespecting women, talking about drug use and basically being a big jerk. You enjoy this?

Girl: You taking it personal. It’s just a song. Nobody takes this stuff to heart.

Me: So you don’t think these lyrics are seeping into young people’s minds and running in the background?

Girl: No! Anybody who thinks that is just stupid.

Me: What about the 5 year olds I heard repeating these lyrics.

Guy: That’s the parents fault. You can’t blame a kid whose parents don’t monitor him.

Girl: We’re big enough to know that these songs are just songs.

Me: So neither of you see any problem whatsoever with the messages that are being sent by these songs!

Both: No! People blow it out of proportion! They’re just songs.

Me: What about non black people who listen to these songs and think this is how black people are? Based on these songs.

Girl: They stupid!

The Question

Are Rap Lyrics to Blame for black violence and over-promotion of the infamous N word?

If it’s the lyrics alone causing the problem and other people who are not black are also listening to the music then the problem should be wide-spread and not contained to black people. That’s not happening, therefore it cannot be the lyrics.

Is it the videos? Non black people watch the rap videos and still, there is no widespread violence so it can’t be the videos.

Is it peer pressure? Since the friends are acting this way and listening to them music they listen to it too? Not likely. Non black people listen as well and don’t have the problem.

Is it the environment? If the household environment promotes this kind of energy and is encouraged by the legal guardians or parents then yes it is a possibility that it is the environment.

Is it the parents or the neighborhood they live in? Given the conversation I had with the two in the car who honestly felt that it’s just music and whoever takes this to heart is “stupid”, that raises several questions, issues, and flags. Rap music is played over seas and they look at black Americans in a different light than black Americans see themselves. Black America does not see this.

The parents listen to this music avidly around the children. To the kids its just background noise just like the two said in the car. What’s not being realized is that kids are impressionable. They take what they hear to heart. Uninformed parents or parents who are lacking in attention won’t know this.

If a child from the age of being able to speak starts to hear and repeat that they should carry guns, do drugs, shoot or kill anybody who gets in your way and girls are here for sport, and is conditioned to this thought pattern from birth; does this not sound like a set up?

The Rap Music Industry

They just want to make money. Whatever else happens is not their problem. As long as their pockets are lined and people buy their music the perceptions, the arguments, the anger, and the questions around their morality is a null and void subject.

Is Rap music a positive functional type of music with family values to hold to? Some people think so. But no, its a dysfunctional mess that was introduced into an already dysfunctional society and based on the samples above it can have an effect on the psyche.

At the same time nobody is forcing anyone to listen to it or not to listen to it. Rap music lyrics are not the problem by themselves. However, Rap music plus the hood is a bad combination. The proof is when 5 year olds are at the bus stop calling each other B’s and N’s thinking this is a normal way to address someone before school. Is it the 5 year olds fault?

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August 20, 2015 · 6:41 am

Black History Fact: Singing Negro Spirituals During Thunderstorms In The Dark For The Lord

Black Southerners, Southern Indiana, Southern Ohio, and Southern Illinois people born before 1975 know exactly what I’m talking about.

During a light sprinkle or thunderstorm all appliances including televisions, air conditioners, radios, fans, stoves, clocks, and in some cases refrigerators were turned off and disconnected for fear of the Lord.

Baby Boomers parents and grandparents were born in the late 1800’s through the 1940’s. They lived through the late 1970’s and mid 1980’s. More often than not they were born out in the country sides and back hills and migrated to the city. They were deeply rooted in religion. 

During a rain storm the household had to migrate to the living room and sit in the darkness and remain silent while the Lord does his work outside. Some families had no talking at all. Other families sung Negro Spirituals while it rained.

Also, no going to the bathroom or flushing a toilet. You had to hold it.

Some of you are saying to yourselves right now:

I have never heard of this before in my life!!!

Either you were born after 1975 or you are not a Black person, or both. Or your family did not come from the back hills or countryside or your family had the money to have a lightning rod or some form of grounding that country people couldn’t afford or didn’t know about.

List of popular Negro spirituals sung during a thunderstorm

The songs were not limited to this list and some songs are not on this list but these were the most popular if you had to sit through a thunderstorm in darkness. Every single verse was sung for each song. Disney’s “Its a Small World” and all of its million versus has nothing on this! If you ran out of songs for any reason you have to remain silent until it stops raining. Lyrics to these songs are at the bottom of this post.

Negro spiritual table

Question: What if I refused to comply or sing or sit in the dark and I defiantly flushed the toilet?

It would not be suggested that you do that. They were very influential with a stiff backhand and believed the Lord required this. The end result of you refusing to cooperate with this tradition would have resulted in a slap so hard that Linda Blair in movie  “Exorcist” head spinning around wouldn’t hold a candle to the RPM’s of yours. You will be dizzy with stars (temporary retinal dislocation after effect) after your hang time in the air. When you come back to your senses you will immediately conform to the Lord’s will without a sassy mouth.

 Question: What was the purpose of this?

 Afraid that the lightning would strike any running appliance, or water and burn the house down. Afraid that if lightning strikes the house then you’ve angered the Lord. Thus, the reason why you were to remain quiet or sing Negro Spirituals that is pleasing to the Lord.

Question: This is totally ridiculous you must be making this up

No. I am not. Some people still do this today. It’s rare but it happens. Todays houses and apartments are grounded and we don’t have worry as much about lightning strikes. Before 1885 electricity was rare. Those people born in 1885 through the early 1940’s lived in houses with electricity and no grounding. Lightning struck appliances all the time. The solution was to not give it a reason. So turn everything off and be quiet and the lightning strikes somebody else who left their radio on. If the lightning can’t see you, he can’t strike you. Kind of like hiding.

Question: I am black, born after 1975, lived in the south and I’ve never heard of this

You were in a nicer neighborhood, out of the country hillside. You were privileged enough to have a lightning rod or your family could afford grounding if they knew about it. Or grounding came with your house and you didn’t know about it. Most black people didn’t have that kind of money back in the early 1900’s through the 1940’s. They made do with what they knew.

Question: I’m white and my family did this so it’s not limited to blacks

There were plenty of other people including white people who lived in the black neighborhoods. Chances are they were just as poor and couldn’t afford the grounding on the house. Lightning struck white people too. But they didn’t sing Negro spirituals to ward it off. They probably ducked and ran away scared and more than likely cussed outloud. They were also allowed to talk and pee.

Question: What about flashlights and lanterns if you can’t have lights.

 You only light those if absolutely necessary. Otherwise you sat in the dark and stayed quiet with everybody else or led a Negro spiritual.

Question: You said people born after 1975 have never heard of this. Why wouldn’t they?

More than likely they did not experience this first hand. They would only know if someone told them about it.

The Baby Boomers (WW2 kids)  who are the children of the Silent Generation (The Depression and WW1 Babies) were more educated about thunderstorms and grounding. They put more emphases on protecting the house with the latest technology rather than singing Negro spirituals to ward off the lightning and please the Lord. Yet had to conform to the Silent Generation who wished to continue this behavior.

The Hippies, who are the kids of the Baby Boomers, were more educated than the Baby Boomers. Yet had to conform to the Silent Generation who was still living and wanting to sit in the dark.

Generation X, who are the children of the Baby Boomers, were still subjected to the few people alive from Silent Generation who made us sit in the dark during a thunderstorm. By 1975 the Silent Generation was either in a Nursing Home, dead, or the Baby Boomers no longer conformed to their parents and grandparents demands of the thunderstorm dark sitting.

Millineals who are the grand kids of Baby Boomers have no idea about turning off appliances and singing Negro Spirituals while the Lord does his work. Only a handful of the Silent Generation is left. (those born in the late 1930’s and a few still alive from the 1920’s) The Generation X’ers, who are the Millineals parents, aren’t having it. Singing Negro spirituals in the dark during a thunderstorm is a thing of the past.


Lyrics to Negro Spirituals Sung During Thunderstorms

Old Dan Tucker

I come to town de udder night,
I hear de noise den saw de fight,
De watchman was a runnin roun,
Cryin Old Dan Tucker’s come to town,
So get out de way! Get out de way! Get out de way!
Old Dan Tucker, Your too late to come to supper.

Old Dan Tucker was a fine old man,
Washed his face in a frying pan.
He combed his hair with a wagon wheel,
And died with a toothache in his heel.

 Get out of the way Old Dan Tucker,
It’s too late to get your supper.
Supper’s over and dinners cookin’,
Old Dan Tucker just stood there lookin’.

Old Dan Tucker rode into town,
Riding a billy goat, leading a hound.
Hound dog barked, and the billy goat jumped,
Old Dan Tucker landed on a stump.

Old Dan Tucker he went to the mill,
To get some meal to put in the swill;
The miller swore by the point of his knife
He never had seen such a man in his life.

Old Dan Tucker, he got drunk,
Fell in the fire, and kicked up a chunk.
Red hot coal popped in his shoe
Lord almighty, how the water flew!


Kumbayah,myLord Kumbayah
Kumbayah,myLord Kumbayah
O Lord, kum ba yah
Someone’s singing, Lord
Someone’spraying,Lord Kum ba yah
O Lord, kum ba yah

 Pick a Bale a Cotton Pick A Bale a Day

Oh my soul, gonna pick a bale of cotton
Oh my soul, gonna pick a bale a day
Oh my soul, gonna pick a bale of cotton
Oh my soul, gonna pick a bale a day
Jump down spin around pick a bale of cotton
Jump down spin around pick a bale a day
Jump down spin around pick a bale of cotton
Jump down spin around pick a bale a day

 John Henry

Well John Henry
was a little baby Sittin’
on his daddy’s knee
He picked up a hammer
and a little piece of steel And cried,
“Hammer’s gonna be death of me,
Lord, Lord Hammer’s gonna be the death of me”

Wade in the Water

Wade in the Water,
wade in the water children.
Wade in the Water.
God’s gonna trouble the water.
Who are those children all dressed in Red?
God’s gonna trouble the water.
Must be the ones that Moses led.
God’s gonna trouble the water.
Wade in the Water,
wade in the water children.
Wade in the Water.
God’s gonna trouble the water.
Who are those children all dressed in White?
God’s gonna trouble the water.
Must be the ones of the Israelites.
God’s gonna trouble the water.
Wade in the Water,
wade in the water children.
Wade in the Water.
God’s gonna trouble the water.
Who are those children all dressed in Blue?
God’s gonna trouble the water.
Must be the ones that made it through.
God’s gonna trouble the water.
Wade in the Water,
wade in the water children.
Wade in the Water.
God’s gonna trouble the water.

 Old Black Joe

Gone are the days when my heart was young and gay,
Gone are my friends from the cotton fields away,
Gone from the earth to a better land I know,
I hear their gentle voices calling “Old Black Joe”.
I’m coming, I’m coming, for my head is bending low:
I hear those gentle voices calling, “Old Black Joe”.

Go down Moses

Go down Moses Way down in Egypt land
Tell ole Pharaoh To let my people go

 Mother, is master going to sell us tomorrow

Mother, is master going to sell us tomorrow
Yes, yes, yes! O, watch and pray
Going to sell us in Georgia?
Yes, yes, yes! O, watch and pray
Farewell; mother, I must lebe you
Yes, yes, yes! O, watch and pray
Mother don’t grieve after me
No, no, no!  O, watch and pray
Mother, I’ll meet you in heaven
Yes, my child! O, watch and pray

 Joshua fit de battle ob Jerico, Jerico, Jerico

Joshua fit de battle ob Jerico, Jerico, Jerico
Joshua fit de battle ob Jerico An’ de walls come tumblin’down.
You may talk about yo’ king ob Gideon
You may talk about yo’ man ob Saul
Dere’s none like good ole Joshua
At de battle ob Jerico

Pass Me Not

Pass me not, O gentle Savior Hear my humble cry
While on others Thou art calling Do not pass me by
Savior, Savior Hear my humble cry
While on others Thou art calling Do not pass me by
Let me at Thy throne of mercy Find a sweet relief
Kneeling there in deep contrition  Help my unbelief
Trusting only in Thy merit
Would I seek Thy face Heal my wounded,
broken spirit me by Thy grace
Thou the spring of all my comfort More than life to me
Whom have I on earth beside Thee?
Whom in heav’n but Thee

Before I’d be a slave I’d be buried in my grave

Before I’d be a slave I’d be buried in my grave
And go home to my Lord And be saved
And before I’ll be a slave,
I’ll be buried in my grave And go home to my Lord And be free
No more weepin’, no more weepin’ no more weepin’ over me!
And before I’ll be a slave,
I’ll be buried in my grave And go home to my Lord and be free.

Down By The Riverside

Oh, hallelujah to the lamb Down by the river
The Lord is on the giving hand Down by the riverside
Oh, we’ll wait ‘till Jesus comes Down by the river
Oh, we’ll wait ‘till Jesus comes Down by the riverside
Oh, we are pilgrims here below Down by the river
Oh, soon to glory we will go Down by the riverside
Oh, we’ll wait ‘till Jesus comes Down by the river Oh,
we’ll wait ‘till Jesus comes Down by the riverside

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Comin’ for to carry me home Swing low,
sweet chariot
Comin’ for to carry me home
I look over Jordan and what do I see
Comin’ for to carry me home
A band of angels comin’ after me
Comin’ for to carry me home
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,
Comin’ for to carry me home
Swing low, sweet chariot
Comin’ for to carry me home

Follow The Drinking Gourd

 Follow the drinking gourd
Follow the drinking gourd
For the old man is a waitin’
For to carry you to freedom
Follow the drinking gourd

When the sun comes up
And the first Quail calls
Follow the drinking gourd
For the old man is a waitin’
For to carry you to freedom
Follow the drinking gourd

Follow the drinking gourd
Follow the drinking gourd
For the old man is a waitin’
For to carry you to freedom
Follow the drinking gourd Chorus

The riverbank will make a mighty good road
The dead trees show you the way
Left foot, peg foot travelin’ on
Following the drinking gourd

The river ends between two hills
Follow the drinking gourd
There’s another river on the other side
Follow the drinking gourd

Follow the drinking gourd
Follow the drinking gourd
For the old man is a waitin’
For to carry you to freedom
Follow the drinking gourd

Question: They sung all these song just because it was raining?


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August 17, 2015 · 9:40 am

Atlanta Georgia: 5 points Marta Station, Kenny’s Ally and the Slave Trade With Video

Before some of y’all get mad and start acting up just hear me out.

Go to Georgia State University History Department on the top floor and ask for the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps from 1884-1922.
Then go to the Atlanta Public Library to the reference section and the genealogy section and look at city maps from 1853, 1863, 1865, and 1870. All of what I am about to say can be researched, and verified by pulling maps, reading old newspapers, and doing your own research at libraries and reference tables.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

According to the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps of 1884 the slave auction blocks were still in place in Kenny’s Ally and Forsyth and Alabama Streets. Also, slave drop offs, pickups, and selling points had not been removed in downtown Atlanta.

The Kenny’s ally auction block was located where the Welcome To Underground sign is now, next to the escalator goes down to the Underground Shops.

The 5 points block was located at Forsyth and Alabama Streets across from the 5 Points Marta Station. The blocks have been removed but the spaces where the blocks were is still empty today.

Google Maps

I used Google Maps as an overlay to the Sanborn maps to see which streets and railroad tracks are still in existence today. The railroad tracks that go under CNN, behind the old Atlanta Journal Constitution building and continues to The Underground are the same railroad tracks that carried carts full of slaves. The train route has not changed. They had a slave drop at Forsyth and Alabama Streets and at Kenny’s Alley.

Click on this link to see the slave store/slave holding pin on Atlanta’s Whitehall Street from 1863. The building in this picture is where slaves were held in pins and also auctioned before being transported to Kenny’s Ally or Forsyth Street. General Sherman burned
this and other buildings during his famous march on Atlanta.

Garnett Street 1863

According to the 1863-64 maps Garnett Street and Whitehall Street intersected. The business district was at the corner of that intersection. After overlaying the maps again that intersection has been replaced with the Greyhound Bus Station and the Garnett Marta
Station today.

Click on this link to see the Sanborn maps. If the link does not work type in Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps. After you get into the link you have to type in each street name, city, and sometimes the year in order to view the map.

Post Slave Meeting Spot. Alabama & Forsyth Streets

After slavery ex-slaves wanted to be united with their families. They decided that Alabama and Forsyth streets would be the official meeting place. According to the archives and the Atlanta History Center that corner has been the meeting place since the end of slavery.

That location is extremely close to where the original auction block was located. Today there is no auction block.

However, black people still stand there all day long waiting on family members, friends, or meet people. I have stood there too waiting on a ride after work but was not a part of the loitering crowd.

At Kenny’s Ally, Whitehall Street, and 5 Points there is no marker, no sign, and no post, stating the initial use of these areas. There is no marker near the Garnett Train station or anywhere around that area identifying where the slave holding house and auctions took
place. Many people have no idea how close they are to history and that they are standing on a hot history spot.

A history of a train stopping, people being pulled off in chains and shackles, and led straight to auction block and sold. Sometimes they were stripped naked, beaten and whipped, held in a pen, or in some cases killed in broad daylight if the ‘cargo’ did not cooperate during the auction.

The Marta

A train still stops there delivering black people from around the world to that spot. Its called MARTA.

5 Points Entertainment- Unofficial Gold Chain Franchises 

While researching this I had one question. For those same two questionable bad customer service gold chain selling reps. Who walk around with a shoe box with those weak, tired, sad, sorry, spray painted fake gold chains and cussed me out when I would not buy one. And to all the other colorful characters who stand there all day not catching the bus, not working, and just hanging
out bothering working people.

Do they have any idea or the slightest clue as to why they are standing in, or choosing, that particular location to wait for their friends and act up all day? Do they even know the history of that spot?

If they knew the background as to why they were standing there, would they still  cling to that corner?

Should the brown signs be placed in downtown Atlanta identifying where the auction blocks, slave holding, and original buildings were?

AJC.COM Video on 5 points Marta Station Slave Trade


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Why Reparations Makes No Sense

Warning: Highly Controversial/Highly Debatable/Heated Subject

Slavery goes back before Biblical times and nowhere in the Bible did it say that anybody was black or from Africa.

The following people would and should receive a reparations slavery check.

1. Michelle Obama, her mother and daughters.

2. Descendants of Native Americans who were enslaved for a short while.

3. Descendants of White Slaves. This is different from indentured servants.
They were really slaves who were white people.

4. Free Blacks who came to the United States as Free Blacks and were never enslaved and
their descendants were not enslaved either. They would receive reparations just
because they are black. That’s not right now is it?

5. Any white person, who is a descendant of a black person, who was passing
for white and never told the family they were actually born a black slave who looks white.

6. Descendants of the Africans who actually made it back to Africa either on
their own or with help.

7. Black WWII soldiers who were descendants of slaves who had babies during the war with
women overseas. This would include all countries.

8. Entertainers and famous people like Stevie Wonder, Colin Powell, OJ Simpson,
Flava Flave etc…

9. Descendants of escaped Slaves who joined the Northwestern Indian Tribes.
Those tribes would receive a check.

10. Descendants of the Black Alaskan Highway Men who worked on the Alaska Highway.

11. Descendants of escaped slaves who made it to Canada.

12. If a slave was freed by papers or bought his own freedom then his descendants
should not receive a check. Because he was legally free. But will still get one
just because they are black. That’s not right now is it?

13. Asian people who were forced to be slaves for some reason or another during slavery.
This means Asian people should get a check.

14. Me and my whole family.

15. Ireland. The whole country. Because some where brought here as slaves and were sent back. They are due reparations checks.

16. Hawaiians. Captain Cook enslaved many or at least tried very hard to make them slaves. They are due a check just because of the attempt to be enslaved.

17. The IRISH were brought to the US and enslaved for about ten years. They would receive a check as well.

Good luck!!!

This information on this touchy subject was gathered from several sources, debates,
conversations, and heated discussions. Information was also found posted online,
in magazines, books, and from those who filed to receive reparations checks.

Information was also found from those who filed, against those, who filed to receive
the reparations checks.

Either the whole world receives a check or we drop the subject. It’s too much to sort out on who’s legitimately who.

Open discussion starts now:

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Question. Are Tanning Booths Racist? Answer. No.

Q. What brought this question on?

A. There is a known full KKK participating card carrying member in Kentucky who we’ll call Mike.

Mike goes to the tanning booth. Mike also wears sheets and burns crosses.

Some people question Mike’s motives at the tanning booth.

If he’s going to the tanning booth for brown skin and then why is he participating in the Klan?

While Mike’s behavior seems confusing others associate this type of scenario with tanning booths being a form of racism.

Tanning booths are not racist nor are they a form of any racism

Here are the reasons why:

Black people go to the tanning booth. A particular black male in Alabama, who is Blue-Black,  goes to the tanning  booth in Birmingham. Everybody asked him why.

**Definition of Blue-Black: A Blue-Black person is a black person that has skin so black that in the sun he actually lights up blue.**

There is a black female that goes to the tanning booth. She’s not blue black but she is dark skinned enough where it does not make sense for her to go to the tanning booth.

Tanning has been going on for thousands of years. Before the Klan was invented. Before tanning booths were invented. Before Orange Presidents were invented. People world wide tanned either on purpose by laying out or by accident by working in the sun. Any skin in any sun for any amount of time is going to get darker or have some effect.

Black people do have sunburns and lighter skinned black people need to wear sunscreen for skin protection.

Why are black people going to the tanning booth?

The black male I spoke about faced major backlash from the black community for going to the tanning booth. The manager of the tanning booth had actually refused him at first. Her point was he was wasting time and resources on something he obviously didn’t need. He already had a big tan. His point was if he wanted to pay the same price as everybody else to go into the tanning booth then she should let him. What difference does it make to her as long as he’s paying money? She was labeled as a racist and he was labeled as an Uncle Tom Sell Out.

The short story on him was that he hated black people starting with his mother. He had a white girlfriend. He denounced everything black including his own obvious skin. This is what caused the backlash from the black community. In the end he got a lawyer involved who talked to the tanning booth manager to get her to agree to let him in. As silly as this sounds he went to the tanning bed to try and get a tan.

I know what you’re thinking. The answer to your question is, NO, he did not look any different when he emerged from the tanning bed it had no effect. He was still Blue-Black.


The black girl that went to the tanning booth felt she was too light skinned. Instead of sitting in the sun she wanted to go into the tanning booth. She paid her money and went in without any kind of drama. Eyebrows were raised and people did stare but nobody really said anything to her. And no, she didn’t look any different when she came out.

The moral of that story is that tanning booths have no effect on black people.

Now we come back to Mike the tanning KKK member

Does he have the right to tan? Yes!

Is it racist for him to tan? No!

Does it make any sense at all? Well that depends on who you ask.

A KKK member going to the tanning booth makes just as much sense as black people going to the tanning booth.

Both are illogical, and the behavior is odd, but it’s their personal choice and who are we to make it for them?

I won’t be going but hey, more power to them if it brings them happiness.

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April 5, 2017 · 8:00 am

ObamaCare, Mental Illness, Abusing Jesus In Georgia


Mental Illness in the Black Community running rampant through these churches while using Jesus as a crutch and to gain $6000 a month for 260 bags of weave, 10 inch nails, and new cars all while collecting unemployment and using ObamaCare for hypochondriac episodes to bilk parishioners out of money.

The names have not been changed because VANESSA is not innocent.

Location: Lawrenceville Georiga

#1. The Act

Vanessa has memorized every single ailment known to man and has gone to over 500 doctors in the Atlanta Georgia Area putting on a show to gain surgery dates for unnecessary surgeries. She’s so convincing that the tests actually test high positives confirming that she has whatever it is for that day. She presents her ObamaCare Insurances and gets a date for the surgery and picks up her prescription pills for the pain and suffering until the surgery date.

#2. The Bilking

She calls herself a minister for her traveling church and collects money for Jesus yet she has not signed up for any 5013C and she pays no taxes on this so-called church. She goes as far as to have her husband push her into the rented space in a wheelchair hollering in pain. She preaches the word of the Lord and at the end tells of her upcoming surgery and begs for extra tithes and prayer. She nets around $5000 to $6000 a month after her performance.

#3. The Surgery

Every 6 months on schedule she has a surgery. Her church members crowd the waiting area praying and singing. When the surgery is done the doctor says they didn’t find anything wrong with her. But that’s not what she tells her congregation. She tells them that Jesus healed her moments before the surgery and that’s why the doctors didn’t find anything. It’s A Miracle!!! This is blatant abuse of Jesus.

#4. The Doctors

Several doctors have banned Vanessa around Atlanta and labeled her as a hypochondriac and a prescription pill abuser. She has also been banned from 2 pharmacies. But she tells her church members that Satan is afoot! The Devil is lie! The Enemy is sniffing up her tree! The Entity has arisen with 7 heads and worked on those doctors and pharmacies to ban her from needed medical help. They all agree and pray for the doctor’s wretched souls and give extra tithes to show the devil that HE can’t hold them down. The rebuke Satan when they need to be rebuking her.

#5. Alabama

All of the doctors in Atlanta have not banned against her because all of them have not dealt with her yet. However, she’s working her way through Birmingham Alabama with these fake illnesses. She gets her surgeries there and her church members drive her there praying and singing to the Lord all they way on Interstate 20 East!

#6. The Questioning Parishioners

A handful of church goers have been questioning her each year over the repeated surgeries and illnesses. This was an affront to God, Church, State, and an invitation to dance with the devil himself in the church basement. Those church members have been banned for hating Jesus and spreading negativity. The remaining church members chastised the questioners and chalked it up to nothing more than Satan questioning their faith and using those bad church members as a test of faith.

There are many many Vanessa’s in many churches but the black church takes the cake.

**Not all black churches are like this**

Yes there are legitimate people who are really ill attending church. The legitimate people usually do not publicize, make a spectacle of themselves, and over do their illness in this way. The legitimate people usually start a support group or a non profit to help others in their situation. 99.9% of the time they do not make it all about themselves like Vanessa does.

You can identify the Vanessa’s in church because they always publicize some doctors visit pending or have a 1 up during testimony.

1 Ups during testimony go like this:

Lady: I was in a car accident and my arm was broke!

Man: I was in a bus accident and broke both arms!

Second Lady: I was hit by a truck and my head fell off! Thank God they attached it back in the ambulance!

Second Man: I was hit by a piece of space junk from the Challenger and lost both legs! I got them back and now I can dance! (Do the holy dance here)

Third Lady: I sunk on a cruise ship to Jamaica and was eaten by a shark! Jesus came and got me out and I was back at church on that Sunday ushering!

Third Man: I fell off a cruise ship and was hit by another one in the water! Dolphins rescued me and took me to Miami! Jesus is Good!

The lies get more and more ridiculous while the Jesus Abuse continues

Church is supposed to be a place of safe worshiping where members look out for each other and help one another. Its not supposed to be all about me and give me money while I abuse Jesus. Yet, churches like Vanessa’s continue to prosper on false promises and lies.

Her church members consider it to be a miracle that she healed quickly and the doctors found nothing wrong with her. I like to believe that nothing was wrong with her in the first place and she’s just a big greedy liar preying on others religious beliefs for her own personal gain of wealth and fame.

People like her need to be exposed, removed, and charged with larceny of religion!

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March 13, 2017 · 8:00 am

Why are Black schools failing?

  1. All Black schools are not failing. Some Black schools are on target and the kids are learning.
  2. Some Black children go to white schools and are being educated correctly.
  3. Some Black children go to private school where they are learning advanced subjects and doing very well.

Having made those three points I will get back to my question.

Why are Black Schools failing?

There is no easy answer to this question. We must look back into America’s history to find a chain of links that correspond to today.

In the Northern United States in the 1800’s black children were educated along side of whites in the school houses. In the Southern United States black children were slaves and were denied an education.

After slavery many black people migrated North and West. They received an education in the new towns after being denied in the South. Black people who  did not migrate from the South made individual choices to be educated or not. Many chose not for the fear of their white counterparts punishing them for wanting to learn.

In the early 1900’s black people in the North and West were educated while black people  in the South still were not educated due to fear. The term, “Acting White” came into effect.

If a southern black person tried to educate himself or attend a school and ‘read good’ then he or she was acting white. The mentality was that only white people were to be educated. Black people were not. This mentality was a continuation of the early 1800’s when slaves were not allowed to learn. The former slaves who still existed in the early 1900’s discouraged their young black people from learning based on old fears and outdated truths.

Mid 1900’s. Northern and Western black people were educated. Southern black people were starting to get an education and learn believing a future awaited them if they ‘knew stuff’. The seed that was planted by the ex-slaves was still going strong. Many southern blacks felt education was for white people and discouraged others from wanting to learn or shaming them by saying they were “acting white”.

After the Civil Rights Era. Northern and Western black people were educated. Southern black people were becoming more educated and enrolling in colleges and learning skills and trades. Those who were successful and opening their own businesses were ridiculed or shamed by other black people for “acting white” or “talking white”. There were still uneducated black people by choice in the south.

Bring this up to 2017 and some black schools that are failing.

Add in the following:

Southern blacks still telling people they are acting white by making straight A’s or getting scholarships to college.

Great Grandchildren of the slaves whose family history still consists of the belief that if you are educated you are acting white.

Parents not educated themselves because they believe that being educated is acting white, therefore, they can’t help their kids.

Priorities of the parents shifting from the kids education to keeping up with the Jones’s with big houses, shiny cars, 9 inch nails, 38,000 bags of weave, and now many TV’s can I have mounted in one spot on the bathroom wall.

Not showing up to parent teacher conference because they have to watch Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder.

Expecting the teacher and the school to do all the educating while the parents sit and watch TV. Not getting involved.

Parental Involvement in Black Schools is Very Very Low

These are the real issues on why some black schools are failing. Parents need to get involved in their child’s education or seek a free tutoring service if they are unable to help. However, lack of parental involvement  is not what’s doing the most damage to the children.

Black people need to stop telling black children to stop “Acting White” This notion is failing the children

I hate the term “acting white” almost as much as I hate the term “African American”

I can’t stress this enough! I hear it every single day from one black people!

The stupid antiquated notion that their child is acting white if he/she is succeeding in school is not only unhealthy for the child but also robs him/her from reaching any full potential. That phrase “acting white” serves as a put down to the child who wants to succeed. It sends mixed messages. The child is being told to make good grades because your future depends on it and those around him/her are telling them if you make good grades you will be shunned or punished for “acting white”. That is so stupid! Yet this is what the children are hearing.

Therefore, they don’t live up to their potential.

The term “Acting White” is a big big problem in the black southern community. Its too common place and taken as part of not being black if you’re acting white. Its angering to anybody who has a brain.

That term needs to be addressed, stamped out, done away with, and a penalty added to the parent or parent of other children who enforce this backwards mess. It has no place in society and never did. It only serves as another means of black people holding back other black people with one simple stupid phrase.


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February 10, 2017 · 2:19 pm

Should the Police be blamed for shooting somebody because of bad parenting?

To be clear. I am not talking about someone who is 100% guilty or someone who is challenging the police with a gun or a weapon. I am not talking about mistaken identity, accidental discharge, or profiling.

I am talking about little Johnny whose had a problem since childhood and the parents did absolutely nothing to correct, curb, solve or resolve his behavior. This is aimed at parents who shift the blame on everybody except for themselves.

Today’s Short Story

Little Entitled Johnny Gets Shot

So Little Johnny, AKA boo boo from the hood, was born to parents who did not give a freckle about Johnny. Mama was more worried about getting her hair and nails ‘did’ than Johnny’s education. Pops was more worried about his bent car fender on his jalopy than the reports Johnny’s teacher was sending home.

Johnny’s list:

  1. Teacher tells Johnny’s parents that he’s out of control in the classroom. Parents yell at the teacher.
  2. Principal suspends Johnny for bullying, causing distractions in class and explicit language to the janitor. Parents yell at the Principal.
  3. School counselor states to Johnny’s parents that Johnny needs help mentally. Refers them to a certified counselor to get Johnny help. Parents cuss out the counselor.
  4. Johnny fails a grade and his peers move on without him. Parents cuss out the school.
  5. Johnny drops out of school and turns to a life of crime and gets shot. Parents cuss out the police and threaten to sue the city. They say he’s a good boy.

Whose fault is it that Johnny got shot?

How many missed opportunities did Johnny’s parents have over the last 15 or 16 years to correct or address the problem to ensure that Johnny would be a successful citizen?

I know this sounds harsh but the tears these mothers shed after the fact could have been avoided if they had paid attention before the fact.

Question: What about the parents or single mothers who have tried with their kids and just can’t get through to them no matter what they do? What if the mother has reached out to everybody she can think of and the child just insists on continuing to do the wrong thing?

Answer: Someone did ask these questions directly to me. I am not a professional nor do I claim to be. I have seen mothers in this situation. They have resorted to boot camp, having their child arrested, and in one case taking their child to DFCS as an attempt to show the child that if the behavior continues that you will not be in my house any longer. These tactics seemed to have worked on those kids. It gave the kids something to think about and made them re-evaluate consequences and actions.

Question: What about the single or widowed parent, mom or dad, who has to work three jobs and tries to balance work time with kid time and just can’t make it work. Should that parent be blamed for their child getting shot due to neglect?

Answer: There are 2 answers to this.

Bad Parenting

A woman I no longer associate with had a son and a daughter. She was a single parent. She worked three jobs to make ends meet. To make up for her not being able to spend time with her kids she worked the third job to give them things. She honestly thought that giving them things would take the place of her not being there. She never mentioned the father. She finally save up enough to take off from all three jobs to take the kids on a vacation. She found out that the daughter was prostituting because she felt she didn’t have enough things. The son was arrested for drug dealing. The money she saved up went to bailing her son out and court dates and counseling to find out what was wrong with the daughter. The kids finally said, “Mom we just wanted you. Not things.” She half way understood what they were saying but then shifted the blame on to the absent father. Stating that if he was there she wouldn’t have to work so hard. She went back to working her three jobs and the kids went back to what they were doing. The son got shot and daughter ended up with three kids. In this case the mother is to blame.


Good Parenting

A woman who is not to blame is the single mother who worked two full-time jobs and could not make any of the parent teacher meetings or her daughters school events. To counter act this the mother called the teacher twice a week and explained her situation. She and teacher met on her lunch or during the teachers planning hour so she could help her daughter pass all the courses. When her daughter was not doing sports she was catching the bus to the mother’s workplace and staying there until it was time to go home. When the mother could not attend the school events she had a relative attend in her place and take pictures or a video so the mother could watch it later and congratulate her child on a performance well done. Even though the mother was working two jobs she found a way to balance work and her daughter so that she spent enough quality time with her. He daughter never got ‘things’ she had her mother. The daughter turned out well and went to college with her mother’s support.

What is my point for posting this?

  1. The police cannot be blamed for bad parenting
  2. If people would raise their kids the police wouldn’t have to
  3. We should have a law to hold parents responsible for failed or bad parenting because other people’s brats affect us all
  4. Put the blame where it lies, squarely on the family that failed to raise someone properly
  5. This line no longer works, “My parents raised me like that so I’m raising my kids the same way” Just because your parents did it wrong doesn’t mean its right. If you see your child getting in trouble frequently then the strategy you are using obviously isn’t working.
  6. The police should have a right to start suing parents who fail to raise their kids and give law enforcement a hard time
  7. Schools should have a right to kick a kid out after three times of parents not listening or trying to improve or help their kid
  8. This line should never be accepted, “I didn’t know she was doing these things. Nobody ever told me.” That’s a big fat huge lie. The parents always know they just don’t want to deal with it. In cases where their child is hurting others the parent should go to jail and serve just as much time because it started with them.

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February 7, 2017 · 8:00 am

One Person’s Religious Belief Shattered By The Church. He Never Went To Church Again.

Problems in the black church exposed

The name has been changed to truly protect the innocent. This is a true story based on a real person.

Stanley grew up in the church. He led the choir, played the piano, ushered, and was involved in all ministries. Every conversation with Stanley involved Jesus name and he prayed before every meal, and upon waking up and going to sleep. His belief was to pray to God over everything and it would be fixed through him and only him. He was outspoken on his beliefs and switch several churches because of his beliefs.

When Stanley turned 50 he found out he had a medical problem. He equated the medical problem as nothing more than Satan trying to get him down. He prayed and rebuked Satan and considered the medical problem done. He went to ER three more times and was given medication. He refused the medication and prayed about it like he always did stating that God was his medicine. After the prayer he considered himself healed.

The final trip to ER he had a stern warning from the doctor that the medical problem had gotten out of hand. If he does not follow directions this time he will die. He was admitted into the hospital for 2 weeks. He got out and went to church to talk to Pastor. The Pastor convinced him that the doctor and Satan were working together to keep the illness. If he prayed harder then those two will go away and the illness will disappear.

Stanley ignored the Pastor and followed the doctors instructions. His health improved. The Pastor chastised Stanley after learning that he followed the doctors orders and not his. Stanley told the Pastor that he listened to him that he’d be dead. The Pastor did not take kindly to Stanley’s words. Stanley decided that his health was more important than pleasing the Pastor. There was a great fall out between Stanley and the church. After 50 years of going to church Stanley quit. He never set foot in any church again.

Stanley’s beliefs had been challenged and shattered. He felt betrayed by the church and by God to some degree. He still prayed because he enjoyed praying. His health is fully functional at this point.

The point is the church cannot heal anyone alone and some Pastors feel they are God. Stanley found out he needed more than prayer and the Pastor. There are plenty of people like Stanley in the church putting their faith and worship into the Pastor and neglecting themselves.

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February 1, 2017 · 5:00 am

Open Discussion: Tithing Your Rent, Mortgage, Car Note, and Groceries

Problems in the black church exposed. Because people keep ignoring these behaviors.

True story. This happened in Louisville Kentucky. I cannot give the name or the name of the church.

Tithing Contest

This particular church published how much everyone tithed in the church bulletin each week. It was arranged by name. weekly tithes, and year to date tithes on the back page of the bulletin. The same people held the top 10 spots and tried to out do each other every week. A lady in the church kept coming in 11th place in the bulletin. Even though she had tithed her mortgage and car payment and worked and extra job she still could not get into the top ten tithers list.

It was announced that funding was needed for the new building committee. The top ten tithers tithed big and large. She didn’t have that kind of money to compete. She took out a loan for over $80,000 to give to the church. Pastor was over joyed. Her name was at the top of the bulletin and an announcement was made in church and her picture hung in the lobby. The top ten tithers on the list were put to shame.

The Fall Out

She couldn’t pay the loan back. She asked the Pastor behind closed doors if the church could help pay at least 50% of the huge loan. The church said no because they are still raising money for the new sanctuary. An argument ensued between her and the pastor and eventually her and the church. She was excommunicated. The money was already given to the church and spent. She couldn’t get it back but still owed on the loan. She took the church to court.

The Ruling

The judge ruled that she had acted on her own. Willfully given the money to the church as a gift. And the church was not responsible for her paying back the loan because they didn’t sign it. She did. She was left to pay back the loan for a church she no longer attended. She could not make the payments. He credit was ruined. Her house eventually went into foreclosure and her car was repossessed. She couldn’t afford any payments.

The Point

Tithing is not supposed to be a contest or to put yourself in debt to prove how much you love the Lord. Nor is any facility, religious or not, worth damaging your lifestyle or placing your family at any financial risk. Churches are always happy to receive any money you give and none of them have ever asked where or how you got the money.

Once you give it to them its theirs. Think before you act.

Any church posting how much money people have tithed in any part of the bulletin, website, twitter or otherwise is a corrupt church and should be reported.

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January 31, 2017 · 12:37 pm