The constant misuse of The term “White Privilege”

Everybody just hold your gray horses!

I will address the incomplete sentence of “Black Lives Matter” in another post. Right now we are doing this one.

There are too many definitions of white privilege and too many people using the term where it does not apply.

What is white privilege?

Situation 1.

There is a white homeless lady who lives in back of Big Lots. She has a shopping cart and is bullied quite a bit for being homeless by Mexicans, White, and Black people. Big Lots helps her out by letting her wash up before the store opens and the Chinese restaurant gives her food.

Is this white privilege?

Does it pertain to her?

If she has white privilege then why is she homeless?

This woman has been denied disability and her social security check is very low and is only once a month. Not enough for her to live on or even rent a house. She has no family.

Situation 2.

A white lady and a lady of color both arrive at a store 10 minutes before it opens. Both ladies sit in their car talking on the phone. The doors open to the store. Both ladies get out and walk towards the open door. The white lady got there first and went in first. The black lady went in behind her.

Is this white privilege?

Or did the white lady park closer to the door?

Should the black lady sue the store because the white lady went in first?


Both of these are bogus situations that have nothing to do with white privilege, yet, some extremist take the most minor situation and apply the term white privilege to it no matter how ridiculous it is.


Situations where white privilege appears to definitely be a factor.

The Jail Bird

Sherry, a white lady just got out of jail. She goes to the grocery store and steals $150 worth of food. She stuffed most of it in her coat and tried to run out of the store. She is caught by security who happens to be a black man. The stolen food is returned and she is told to leave the store and don’t come back. The manager writes the food off on his daily report. The police are not called. No report is filed against Sherry.

The Yogurt Lady

Tina, a black lady is on her lunch break from work. She goes to the grocery store to buy some yogurt. She puts yogurt in her basket. Another patron, a white person, calls the police and says Tina is stealing. The manager responds by allowing the police to empty Tina’s purse, and frisk her. Tina comes up clean on all accounts. The white caller insists that Tina stole something. The manager wants to file a report against Tina. The black security guard informs Tina that a white lady was caught stealing and let go with no report. The manager insists the earlier situation has nothing to do with this situation. Tina is angry about whole situation.

Point blank Tina asks, “Why was no report filed on the white lady who stole everything and just got out of jail, yet, all of this for me over a yogurt, plus a police report, and a frisk! I didn’t steal anything! I have money to pay for a yogurt! I’m on my lunch break!”

Tina’s Question

Tina’s question points directly to the manager’s upbringing and the white caller’s predisposition about black people. Tina proceeds to file a civil suit against the manager and the caller and she demands they look at the cameras and find the white lady who actually did steal and press charges against that lady.

The Manager

The manager does not understand what he did wrong and does not think he did anything wrong.

He believes he was simply following store procedure on Tina, even though, store procedure was totally ignored on Sherry.

The Caller

The caller was not in the store when Sherry stole everything. The caller insists she was just looking out for the best interest of the store and the community.

The caller does not understand what she did wrong. She swears she saw Tina stealing.

See Something Say Something

First of all you actually have to see something before something is said. Bogus made up calls seems to be the theme of the 2000’s. If I never hear this phrase again in my life I will be good.

This is an overused phrase by extremists who let their imagination run wild with fictitious sightings when nothing ever happened and was not going to.

“See Something Say Something”. The problem is they didn’t see anything.

The Privilege

  1. It was ingrained in that manager and the caller at birth that all black people are 100% sane enough to make conscious decisions to steal, rape, and kill.
  2. He was taught that it’s ingrained in black people at birth to commit crimes. Black people cannot help themselves because they are not smart enough to help themselves.

Even though these two concepts above conflict each other he totally believes it without thought or rationality to either ridiculous concept.

Psycologists in the 1960’s believed that black people were not capable of mental illness because black people were not smart enough to understand the concept of mental illness. This was actually in books and taught to the psychologists. 

This belief still exists today in many many circles. It is a demeaning, degrading, ugly, insulting belief aimed solely at skin color. There is no sound basis for this belief yet it carries on in America like an airborne virus.

How can you be 100% sane to make a decision and at the same time not smart enough? That is dumb, yet, some people believe it without question.

  1. Special Needs Persons

There are two special needs adults who live with their parents and attend an adult daycare facility for special needs people. Tommy is black. Henry is white. The mothers get along fine and the men are friends with each other. The mothers take the guys to the mall for lunch. Tommy and Henry both have an episode due to their special needs problem. Both men can be hard to handle during an episode. The mothers are trained on how to deal with the sons who honestly do not know any better. Henry calms down. Tommy is in the process of calming down. Henry’s mother helps Tommy’s mother with him at the mall.

However, the police have been called on Tommy and Tommy only.

The caller stated,

“An out of control negro is at the mall hitting and swinging at a white lady in the food court. Please bring back up he looks very very dangerous. I’m so scared.”

Keywords=Negro and White lady. Those keywords are enough to get any police department’s blood boiling. This is a direct hit on the “White Woman Syndrome”.

The caller did not mention there is another man and another woman with her. It’s presented as an intentional assault against the white lady by a random “Negro” in the mall.

The Police Arrival

The police come to the mall in full force with guns drawn based on the caller’s word. The police have no idea they have been misinformed. You cannot blame the police for acting on wrong information.

Tommy and Henry’s mother see the police and beg them not so shoot. They explain that both men are special needs and they have episodes. The police don’t back down and demand Tommy stop what he’s doing and get on the floor.

Tommy and Henry become excited by the police presence and the episode starts back for both.

Neither can follow or comprehend instructions because they are special needs persons in the middle of an episode. The police are intent on wanting to shoot Tommy because the complaint was on him. The mothers stand in front of the Tommy to protect him and disobey the police’s orders for them to move.

The Resolve

Finally, a half hour later and after causing a scene with news cameras, the police listen to the mothers. They finally understand that the men are special needs.  The police finally understand they have been misinformed. The police apologize and leave.

The police don’t give the callers fraudulent report a second thought.  They should have if you asked me.

The mothers, who are in tears, take the men back to their facility without eating lunch. The men are still having an episode. It’s been a horrible day for all.

All because one person, who had no background on a situation, was afraid of a black person in a mall and purposely gave incorrect information with “hot keywords” knowing that the police would over react.

The Lawsuit

The mothers eventually press the issue and file suit against the caller for making a false call on the men.

The caller states “See Something Say Something”

The problem is, what the caller saw was inaccurate! Someone could have been killed because of the false call.

Start suing the callers and leave the police alone!


See Something Say Something

The caller uses this phrase to justify the call to police. The caller hides behind this to protect themselves from the obvious wrong doing.

See Something Say Something has been taken to level by extremists that it was never intended to be. Here lately this phrase seems to apply only if the person is black.


The store manager and these callers were jerks before they came into the store and they will continue to be jerks after they leave the store. The store manager was a buttface before he was hired into the job. And will continue to be a buttface when he leaves the job.

What do we do about these buttfaces making it difficult for anybody to do every day living activities such as pump gas?

  1. We need an official definition of white privilege and stick to it. We need to specify what kind of white person it identifies and pinpoint who is benefiting and/or abusing his/her privilege.
  2. All white people do not have white privilege and this seems to be the root of the debate.
  3. We need to educate everybody on this subject so that we can create a healthy environment by singling out the buttfaces and reteaching them where their parents failed.
  4. We have to understand that some people are content with being ignorant and spreading ignorance. This is not aimed at them. This is aimed at people who want to make a difference and who want to resolve the situation so we can all live in peace.
  5. Stop suing police departments and start making these bogus callers face the music they wrote. If the caller knows that he or she could face consequences for being a buttface I gurantee you they will think twice before picking up the phone over something stupid like black people barbequing, or dancing, or trying to attend school.

Put yourself in others shoes. If you were in Target trying to buy some toilet paper and someone called the police on you because they were scared of you and you’ve done nothing to make them scared other then pick toilet paper off the shelf; would you appreciate it?

No you wouldn’t. Investigate the situation or take video on the cell phone to justify your call. Otherwise. Go jump in a lake!


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May 28, 2018 · 8:00 am

13% comments from racist white people on Yahoo Comments

13 percent comment

A person of color who was  from the Virign Islands who was clearly drunk and a 100% butt hole got on the plane and ordered more drinks. Then the butt hole proceeded to disrupt everyone’s flight and now faces criminal charges as he should. 

We all agree that he’s a butt hole. Right?

We all agree he should face the criminal charges. Right?

We all know that the Virgin Islands is a territory and he is not part of the 13% US Census for black Americans because he’s from the Islands.

We know this too. Right? Wrong!

Ignorant uneducated Americans do not know that the US Virgin Islands is a territory and this drunk butt face is not from the main land.

Yet, some ignorant Yahoo commenters who do not know the difference between TERRITORIES and BLACK AMERICANS insists on lumping all black people, even Africans who have never been to the United States, into the 13% population.

Look at these ignorant comments above from those cowards hiding behind a keyboard talking junk.

13% represents roughly 69 million people including babies, handicapped, mentally disabled, invalid and elderly people. Now tell me how a baby is committing crimes and drunk.

It is ignorant, insulting, demeaning, and it takes a mental case that should be locked underneath every jail to actually believe that 1 person represents 69 million people and that all 69 million people act like this 1 person. This sooooo dumb.

Grouping and generalizing and demonizing a 69 million people, including babies, invalid, and elderly is a horrible case of a special kind of stupid which these are above.

When white people fight on an airline, which happens frequently, I don’t see these comments. I only see these comments when someone of color is involved in an incident.

What about all the other black people on the plane who were not acting this way and who were enjoying their flight until this butt hole interrupted it? Yelling out 13% suggests that even the honest hard working sober black people are in agreement with this behavior.

There is not a word on earth to describe how incredibly stupid these commenters are every single day on FACEBOOK and YAHOO COMMENTS.

Yahoo does nothing to stop or reprimand these idiots from spreading this stupid nonsense and false ideas and information clearly fueled by Fox News Network.

Raliban (This is an islamic name but hey, whatever)  Dave, Lorraine I’m sure you punched in the mouth quite a bit.

I’d like to punch you myself. But I normally don’t touch trash!

You dummies and the other thousand dummies like you will answer sooner or later for your messed up inaccurate belief systems which you hold so dear. I can’t wait for your world’s to be shattered. It will be a glorious day!


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May 27, 2018 · 12:05 pm

Black Lives Matter Is An Incomplete Sentence

It should be Black Lives Matter “TOO”


“TOO” should be added on the end of it.

Adding the “TOO” with the incomplete sentence gives it a whole new meaning.

Without the “TOO” the incomplete statement reads as only black lives matter and everybody else’s life  does not.

With the “TOO” It implies that all lives matter, however, Black lives are overlooked as unimportant.

“TOO” adds value to the sentence and brings to light that someone is being left out.

Example of “TOO”

I WANT A COOKIE! This implies that you deserve a cookie when no one else does.

I WANT A COOKIE TOO! This implies that everybody has received a cookie except for you and you want to be like everybody else and have a cookie. You want equal justice on that cookie!

Black Lives Matter TooThis complete sentence actually meets the criteria of what they are trying to say and the point they are trying to get across.

Story Example:

A white guy goes into the bank and pulls a gun. He’s tackled by security and held until the police arrive. He goes to a fair trial with a jury. They find out he was only trying to feed his family after losing a job and a house. He is found guilty. Then he is sentenced to prison for robbing a bank. Justice is served for the crime he committed.

A black guy, who lost his job and home and is trying to feed his family, goes into the bank and pulls a gun. He’s shot and killed by security. Everybody says that’s what he gets for robbing a bank. No fair trial. No sentencing. Security was the Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Security is hailed a hero for shooting and killing him. He’s praised by the president and does interviews on Fox News 24 hours a day for the next week. Plus given a peace reward and tickets for an Alaskan Cruise.

Both men committed the same crime for same reasons. Only one lived to tell about it.

The world gets to hear the white man’s side of the story.

The black guy never had a chance to tell his.

His life didn’t matter as much. His life did not matter “TOO”.

This is the main point of Black Lives Matter, however, the incomplete sentence throws the meaning off.

The “TOO” Should be added.

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May 25, 2018 · 11:01 am

What the black church does not understand about Sin vs Mental Illness

Yes I’m still burned up at the black church for recognizing $100 bills of parishioners instead of helping them with mental illness.

Sin vs Mental Illness

The ‘sin’ in the Bible is actually undocumented mental illness. Those people were not sinners. They were mental patients who were handled horribly and incorrectly.

Those mental patients in the Bible were

  1. Stoned to death
  2. Impaled
  3. Crucified
  4. Maimed
  5. Hung
  6. Flogged
  7. Beat to death and tied to pillars
  8. Burned at the Stake
  9. Strangled
  10. Assaulted beyond belief

The mental patients in the Bible who were mislabeled as sinners were more than likely sociopaths, anti-social personality disorders and some may have been on the autism spectrum through no fault of their own.

The perfect brain consists of 50% white matter and 50% grey matter. The autism spectrum is on the grey matter scale. The sociopathic spectrum is on the white matter scale.

People like Jim Jones, Charles Manson, and Ted Bundy are on the white matter scale, meaning, that they have a higher percentage of white matter rather than grey matter. The frontal cortex is damaged. Either they were born that way or had an organic brain injury. This leaves people on that scale unable to empathize or rationalize right from wrong. Shortly stated- Their brains don’t work right. They need help.

The autism spectrum means they have more grey matter than white matter. They are gifted. As we see in the Bible gifted people are stoned or burned.

Those ‘sinners’ in the Bible needed help. Not stoning. Praying for them or as the book of Romans states ‘leave them to themselves because they refuse to obey’. They can’t obey! They have a brain disorder.

God flat out abandons those people in Romans whose frontal cortex was not functioning properly. Didn’t God create them?

Sampson of Sampson and Delilah is a classic case of an autistic man who felt no physical pain, and overall wasnt to bright, who had the misfortune of getting involved with a woman who had too much white matter. Clearly Delilah had an anti-social personality disorder. She felt no remorse for anything she did to anybody.

Job from the book of Job was checked out mentally. In today’s world he’s one who asks you for a quarter at 5 Points Marta station in Atlanta while telling you the wondrous works of the Lord.

Lot and his daughters would be in prison and their kids would be in DFCS.

Adam and Eve would be in lock up with Balaam from Numbers for talking to serpents and donkeys.

Jephthah’s daughter was a spoiled brat who by today’s standards would have been in alternative school or expelled for her bratty behavior. Juvenile detention is more like it.

and Nebuchadnezzar’s whole dinner party would be on medication for seeing a hand writing on a wall. Mass hallucination.

What the Black Church Needs to Realize

Black churches need to realize that mental illness exists. Praying against sin is really praying against someone else’s unchecked or undocumented mental illness. Mental illness cannot be prayed against or changed. It can only be managed or helped with medication and a mental health professional.

The Stigma on mental health in the black church and community

Black people refuse mental help, even when they have insurance on the job to pay for it. The reason is they don’t feel like the stigma.

They don’t want to be labeled as crazy.

They don’t want to be accused of ‘acting white’.

They don’t want don’t want to appear to turn your back on Jesus who is supposed to fix it while you sit there praying.

So in order to avoid the stigma when you know something if flat out wrong just go ahead and to sit around really crazy rather than be ousted from the community for helping improve yourself.

This makes sense to who???

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March 28, 2018 · 8:00 am

Why is there so much crime in the black community?

Answer: Because Mental illness in the black community is unbridled and rampant

Here are the two main reasons.

#1. The black church

#2. Africa. Yes I am blaming the whole continent of Africa.

The Black Church’s answer for mental illness consist of 3 initial words.

  1. Pray
  2. About
  3. It

The catch 22 in the black church

  1. If you trust Jesus then you won’t go to ‘white folks’ for therapy.
  2. If you go to ‘white folks’ for therapy then you don’t trust in Jesus.

The Stigma if you go to ‘white folks’ anyway

  1. You are ‘crazy’ if you seek mental help outside of the church and Jesus.
  2. You are supposed to have the church and the pastor pray for you so you won’t look crazy.

Racism in the black church

  1. The black church will tell you that ‘white folks’ just want your money and tell you anything posing as an ‘overpaid hand holder’.
  2. If you go see therapy then you are “acting white”.

Question: What kind of sense does this make?

Answer: None what so ever

Racism in the black community

To protect the person I’m using the letter R.

Person R was 5 years old in 1972. A white lady day care worker told Person R’s mother that he had a developmental disability. Person R’s mother cussed out the lady and said she was just saying this because he is black. She then withdrew him from that daycare and placed him in a black daycare where no questions were asked.

Person R is now in his early 50’s and just found out that he has had a mental disability his whole life that went unchecked. He was glad to hear it because it answered so many questions. At the same time he was sad because he could have received help at an earlier age.

Because of racism his mother robbed him of receiving the help he needed 46 years ago. He’s now receiving the help and doing well. His mother has passed away so he cannot address the issue with her. He is angry but working through that anger.

How many more Person R’s do we have around here?


Why do I blame the whole continent of Africa and all 54 countries inside of it?

Because the concept of mental illness in Africa is null and void. Its non-existent. There is no such thing. We are the descendants of that flawed belief system and its stuck in our DNA to pray about everything or ward off a spirit.

The slaves brought this flawed belief system with them and it’s been taught here in America for over 400 years.

It’s a wrong theory.

There is no spirit and somehow the whole continent in today’s time missed the Bible verse James 2:26 – Prayer without works is dead.

69 million black Americans also missed that bible verse, even though, they go to church every Sunday for the social event.

We need to remove this flawed belief and start recognizing mental illness in the black community or its just going to get worse.

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March 25, 2018 · 8:00 am

Black Churches and Glorifying the Bible with Mental Illness

I’ve had 4 shout outs with black churches at a picnic over this subject and this subject alone. Here we go again.

Using the Bible as a reference for mental illness is never a good idea because the concept of mental illness is not addressed in the Bible.

Here Are Some Solid Examples of Mental Illness and Brain Disorders Not Being Addressed In the Bible

Abraham sacrificing his son

If I decide to sacrifice my son today I would be in a mental institution with a white jacket and long white arms. I would also be heavily medicated with pills and IV’s. I would also be charged with kidnapping, since I would tie him to a rock, attempted murder, since I would have a dagger of some sort to kill him with, luring under false pretenses, and animal cruelty since I would have tied a ram in a bush to jump out at the last minute. Mentally I would be diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and throw some bi-polar on top of that.

However, Abraham is hailed as a biblical hero for trying to kill his son after a schizophrenia episode of hearing voices in thin air.

Mark 7:30 – The Epileptic Fit

The girl had a “demon” that they called an “unclean spirit”. Epilepsy was unknown at that time and it is not a mental illness. It has to do with the brain. Anything they did not understand in the Bible was referred to as a demon or unclean spirits. The girl clearly had epilepsy. In today’s world she would receive medical help and her parents educated on what to do if this happens.

Romans 1:24 – Mentally ill population

Most of Romans speaks of the sociopath spectrum which consists of anti-social personality disorders. White matter vs grey matter in the brain. Too much white matter causes a person to behave against society and they have to remorse for anything they do. Again. Mental illness is not a concept in the Bible.

This leaves the question of why would God create someone with mental illness, then punish the person he created for not following the rules, when the person cannot follow the rules to begin with, because they were born with a non-functioning full brain?

The Book of Hosea – That wife Gomer

Classic case of a sociopath paired with an empath. Hosea was a hard working straight shooting honest respectable man trying to make a living for himself in B.C. times. He follows the rules of society. Gomer was a straight sociopath, pathological liar, loosy goosy on the streets, and had no remorse for her actions and disrespected Hosea every chance she got. Gomer needed behavioral therapy and some kind of lithium. Hosea was uneducated on mental illness, therefore, he could not give her the help she needed.

The Bible gives a happy ending, however, with sociopaths there is no happy ending. Gomer never changed her ways. Without help or isolating them they will make your life miserable because they have no remorse. This particular story of Hosea and Gomer gives a false hope and is a bad representation of a relationship with a mentally ill person. It’s not all rainbows and roses as this story leads you to believe.

Sampson had autism and he was kind of slow to not see through Delilah’s tricks.

Job had some retardation. To go along with a bet between God and Satan to mess you up like that and say its in the name of the Lord when Satan is clearly involved means that you have a mental disturbance.

Yet, black churches will use dysfunctional Biblical relationships like these as role models for praying away a spirit.



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March 21, 2018 · 8:00 am

Question: Why Do American Women Flush Public Toilets With Thier Foot and Stoop Over The Seat?

Answer: Because of Segregation

How and why did segregation change something as trivial as toilet flushing in American Women’s bathrooms?

During Segregation

There were separate bathrooms, water fountains, sinks and locker rooms. White women and Black women sat on the toilet seat in the segregated bathrooms without giving it a second thought. They flushed the toilet with their hands like normal people without issue.

It was thought that the white bathroom had all white women so its okay. The colored bathroom had all colored women so its okay.

After Segregation

White women and colored women now have to share a bathroom. Each party thought that the other party was filthy in some form.

The white women thought that the black women had a different monthly period than themselves. And the black women thought that white women’s periods were different then their own.

The white ladies did not want to sit on the toilet after a black lady, especially if there was a period going on, and a black lady did not want to sit on the toilet after a white lady, because of a period.

They also did not want to touch the toilet handles after each other for fear of catching something filthy or because one of the party’s may touch the handle with period blood still on her hands. Or she didn’t change her ‘belt free’ right and you never know so just don’t touch anything after her.


Do not sit on the toilet. Stoop over it and pee. If a lady of a different color was waiting to use the toilet and you happen to ‘spray’ the seat don’t wipe it off for her.

If you are on a period go ahead and flush but if some sprayed on the seat, leave it there.

Do not flush the toilet with your hands because you don’t know if someone from the other party may have touched it. You don’t want their ‘nastiness’.

Do not touch the sink handles or use the soap because the other party may have touched it.

This makes sense to who?

Around the time of segregation women were teaching their daughters this public restroom habit of not touching anything because ‘she’ may have touched it and she has a period.

Those daughters in turn taught the granddaughters this habit stating ‘germs’.

Now the great granddaughters of the original teachers are carrying on this habit with no history to why they are doing it.

But guess what ladies! Women still have to pee and we all have periods! There is no way around it.


Today there are toilet liners in the bathrooms to separate you from the last person who sat on the toilet. I will have to say that toilet liners #1. are too cold and #2. does not stop the ‘spray’ from the previous person. You still have to wipe someone else’s pee off the seat which is totally disgusting.

Also there are still women under the pretense of ‘do not flush’ so the other person can be offended when they go to the bathroom.

I called a woman out on this once at work. She got up and walked out leaving everything in the toilet, and the toilet liner, and toilet paper, on the toilet. I demanded she go back and flush the toilet and clean up after herself! She was 54 years old. Old enough to know better.

We had a heated argument at the sink. Another lady came in. I told on her to the other lady. There was a battle in front of the stalls but we got the lady to at least flush the toilet. She just flat out did not want to flush the toilet stating that she was in a rush. She refused to remove the liner and the paper. She ran out of the bathroom mad and cussing at us. Called us childish. And she’s the one we had to make flush a toilet! Go figure on that one.

So we reported her to HR as a Bio Terrorist because not flushing the toilet after she let loose like that is Bio Terrorism in the ladies bathroom. You don’t want those fecal matter particles flying around because someone truly had no home training for 54 years!

Ladies, this is how we have start handling these non toilet flushers. Confront them as a group and use force if necessary. Make her understand that this is unacceptable and we’re not having it!

And another thing. Flushing those toilet liners does stop up some public toilets making the stall out of order. Crumble it up and put in the tampon box or something.

Stooping over the women’s toilet

This habit that started in America during integration has caught on around the world. There are now women in other countries doing this with no history as to why they are doing it. Its just the thing to do. In today’s world its to protect from ‘germs’.

Where were these ‘germs’ during segregation? Where were those germs 1000 years leading up to segregation?

If you have to do #2 or if you are on your period and have to handle business

Every woman has been caught at some point or another in 1 or both situations above. I know I have. You go in the bathroom, the toilets are all nasty because they’re not flushed, and your pad is overflowing or your tampon is falling out quickly or just making you mad. You then have to clean up another heifers mess just so you can take care of you. Its not fair to you or anybody else coming in behind that kind of Bio Terrorism. 

At that point you have no choice but to use that cold toilet liner, sit down and do what you have to do.


There’s always those TWO.

You know the 1 who comes into the bathroom on the phone and immediately goes to the stall next to you even though there are 1 million other stalls. And talks on the phone as loud as she can about absolutely nothing.

Then the other one who comes into the bathroom and has to stand in the mirror and put on make up for 8 hours and looks no different than when she first came in there.

Meanwhile you’re ripping pads or opening tampons and doing number two all while the person who is on the other end of the phone in the next stall can hear you poop, rip a pad, and flush the toilet.


If I could shoot women who do this I swear to God I would!

Just for kicks. I flush the toilet repeatedly to mess up her phone conversation. I started to throw a tampon once but I couldn’t waste a perfectly good tampon still in the wrapper!

There should be laws against talking on phones in the bathroom. Its just so tacky and inconsiderate.

Last: Flushing with the foot

Before segregation women did not do this. After segregation foots were flying.

Even the biggest girl will get that foot up there to flush the toilet. Why? She doesn’t even know why.

I’ve been in bathrooms where there are signs that say do not flush the toilet with your foot. The girls do it anyway.

But here’s the dilemma.

I saw a whole soccer team in the bathroom with mud and grass on their shoes. They flushed the toilet with their foot. Everybody that came behind them had to wet paper towel and clean off the handle before using the toilet.

The other dilemma is the handicapped and midgets.  The handicapped cannot flush the toilet with their foot depending on her handicap. Wheel chairs, cerebral palsy, or no legs at all is an issue. Is it fair to them to have to touch a handle where your dirty shoes have been?

Midgets are too short and even with a jump kick a midget cannot flush with her foot. The handle comes up to her waist. What is she supposed to do?

The women’s bathroom situation is totally out of hand across the world

Because of segregation in America we have countless ignorant scenarios around the world.

We are human and we have to pee. Women have that extra factor of monthly terrorism.

Women are terrorized at every public toilet from some female jerk not wanting to flush a toilet or clean up her own spray.

What is so dang ole hard about flushing a toilet!!!!!!

Why is it so difficult for these tricks to look back when she leaves a stall!!!!

Malls, Restaurants, Libraries, Church, Schools, Six Flags, Stadiums, Expos, you name it! If women are there doing what their grandmothers taught them then we just have to understand that we will be offended for the rest of our lives in the women’s bathroom.



Every woman’s period works the same way regardless of what color she is or what country she’s in. The way a woman handles it is a different story. Some girls were simply not taught how to dispose of maxi pads properly and that has nothing to do with her color and everything to do with poor parenting.

Women suffer with cramps, heavy flows, fibroids, ovary and fallopian tube issues, tender breasts, PMS, we all hate men for 4 days, and pregnancy. None of these issues are different just because she’s Black, White, or Asian.

To refuse to flush a toilet with hands or touch faucets all because somebody thinks somebody else has a different period is ignorance at the highest level!


For you women who refuse to flush a toilet in public! What kind of filth does your house look like???? Do you flush your toilet at home or leave it looking like you do at the public restroom? Then you bring food to a pot luck at work or church? I won’t be attending or eating anything you fix.

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January 8, 2018 · 8:00 am

The Stupidity Of The Term African American. Round 2!

The Rumble Continues!!


Over the term African American!!

I have a United States Government issued Passport that says United States of AMERICA!


It does not say United States of African American!

I truly hate that label.

Some people were offended at my original post on this term and all I can say is: Yall missed the point!

I refuse to be labeled African American. The term African American will not be used on this site by me. And on any job application I fill out I scratch out the word African and circle the word American as my passport correctly suggests. And no where on my birth certificate does it say African American.

Africa was not called Africa until somewhere around 262 BCE. A Roman explorer went the land of KEMET and renamed it Africa after himself.

Italian General Scipio Africanus clearly saw that people were living happily on the Serengeti and calling themselves something else and he took it upon himself to rename the whole thing Africa, after himself, citing that he discovered it. It didn’t matter that people were already there.

Sound familiar?

Amerigo Vespucci discovered the main land in the west and called it America while Christopher Columbus gets all the credit and Amerigo is left in the cold.

Other names for Africa before it was called Africa were:








And Ethopia

All the more reason why  African American makes no sense!

They were not calling themselves African.

The title should be Kemet American, or Hesperia American and so on.

Why did Sipio Africanus change the history of the continent?

From what I could find in my research.

He felt like it. Knew he could do it without any opposition. And did what he chose.

So does the term African American fit?

No. Its not even the original name of the continent. Plus, Jesse Jackson pushed this agenda to further separate black people from the rest of the country and keep in line with his perfect world of a Bi-Polar segregated racists America.

This label of African American is all his doing!

Stop giving into Jesse Jackson! He, and he alone, has done the most damage to America with the target audience of damaging black people the most!

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October 2, 2016 · 8:00 am

The Ku Klux Klan can and should be legalized

Here is how it should be done.

It should be a Federal Group.

Meaning the official application for the KKK should go through the Federal Government with an application fee of $100 cash for processing, filing, and placing the name on the official Klan register. Application fee is non refundable. All applications will be accepted as long as the $100 cash is paid. Then the applicant will proceed with the interview process.

The applicant must be 18 years old before the application will be considered.

The interview process must prove that you are white and you are Christian.

Proving you are White

A. The potential applicant must list his/her heritage going back 10 generations. Every name must be listed or the application will be denied. Fabricated names result in automatic denial.

Names and ethnicities of maternal and paternal grandparents only. If a country of Origin can be named it will help.

B. Once the genealogy chart has been turned in he/she must participate in 4 separate DNA tests confirming that all forefathers and great mothers were from a White country or a country that is 99% White. The official country list guideline will include the following White countries:

  • Greenland
  • Iceland
  • Scandinavia
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Northern Russia
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Denmark

Countries that do not count as White

Germany, UK and Ireland, Poland, France, Romania, Italy, Canada and Ukraine cannot count as white because of the high African, Asian, and Jewish population (more than 5%). Canada has the First People’s (Natives), Africans, and Black Americans. The potential for pure whiteness in these countries will be diminished.

If the DNA test shows any other country than the ones listed above then the KKK membership will be automatically denied. Once the membership is denied the potential applicant will be sent a letter stating that he/she is not white, the reasons why, and their name placed on a list of non whites who applied to the Klan.

Proving you are a Christian

a. A multiple choice Bible test will be given with 200 questions from the Old and New Testament. True and false and choose the right answer. 185 questions must be answered correctly or your application will be denied.

b. A 300 word essay must be written on why you feel you are a good White Christian as opposed to some other Christian.

c. A face to face interview will be held with the administrative assistant to the group where you will state what you will contribute to America as the DNA proven superior white race.


Once all tests are completed and essays approved the applicant will be rewarded a certificate. Their names will be placed on an official registry along with the copy of the certificate and a monogrammed Confederate Flag with your name will be handed to you as a free gift. You will also receive a discount Wal-Mart purchase towards a rifle.

(not everyone who has a confederate flag is Klan, however, all Klan seem to have a confederate flag)


Your tax-deductible monthly dues of $20, or annual dues of $216 (10% discount for paying up front) will be required to retain the membership and certificate status. If you do not pay your dues by December 31st of each year you will be asked to return your certificate and your confederate flag as a reprimand for disrespect. You can keep your gun.


Required monthly meetings and one required annual convention with a documented check in will be required to keep membership and certificate status. You must bring your certificate and confederate flag to the annual convention.

Where is the logic in this?

None. Just like the hate group. But if the government knew that they could make money off of this they most certainly would. This would be the first step in many steps to getting started.

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June 27, 2016 · 8:00 am

Jesse Jackson’s Role In The Death Of Martin Luther King

April 3, 1968 Jackson stands with King on the balcony.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              April 4, 1968 Jackson is not on this balcony at all.

April 4 1968 FBI Agent holding KingApril 3 1968 King and Jackson





Jesse Jackson’s Role In The Death Of Martin Luther King

Simply put, he didn’t have one. He had absolutely nothing to do with King’s assassination in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Nothing.

Jesse Jackson was hiding behind an above ground swimming pool several feet away from where Martin Luther King was assassinated. He cut himself running from the sound of gun shots and used his turtleneck to wipe his own blood. He blatantly walked on to the balcony and collected King’s blood to add to his turtleneck as Andrew Young stated several times.

Later, he would take the opportunity to jump in front of cameras claiming that King died in his hands on the balcony.

Like they say in Georgia. A lie don’t care who tell it!  Mr. Jackson sure does fit that phrase.

Proven Undisputable Facts:

Fact: Jackson was relatively new in King’s movement and had not known him that long personally.

Fact: King had stated he received bad vibes from the new comer Jackson.

Fact: Jackson did not get along with King that well, yet, King had enough grace about himself to let it slide and distance himself from Jackson.

Fact: On the Balcony were Andrew Young, Ralph Abernathy, Hosea Williams, Henry Groskinsky (photographer), and Ben Branch (musician ), Army Veteran Marrell McCollugh (The man holding King’s head while he died).

Fact: Over 10 people witnessed Jackson hiding and running out from behind a raised pool and heard him say “Don’t you talk to the press, whatever you do.”

Fact: He went to Theology school and failed so bad he dropped out. After he dropped out he referred to himself as a Reverend with no credentials to back it up.

April 5, 1968:

Jackson appears on the NBC Today Show still in the blood stained shirt. The lies continue on television and he proclaims himself some sort of a national black leader. Since April 5, 1968 Jackson has used Martin Luther King’s good name for his own gain and profit, to manipulate emotions of the less intelligent, to make himself a millionaire, to rob people of religious beliefs and money, and has used false charisma to keep the charade going forever.

Jesse Ousted:

He’s been ousted 100 times over and does not care. Why doesn’t he care? Because he has tricked and duped so many people into believing that the ‘ousters’ are nothing more than jealous lying trouble makers. He’s always the victim to feel sorry for. Right? The more he’s ousted the more he can cry victim.

The most popular ousters are listed below:

“Shakedown” exposing the real Jesse Jackson Author Kenneth R. Timmerman

“Unmasking Jessie Jackson” Angela Parker, Chicago Tribune, 1971

“Jesse Jackson. The Man The Myth The Movement” America’s David by Barbara Reynolds

Truth Tellers Harassed Out Of Town:

The people above were harassed and threatened by Jesse Jackson lovers who #1. Know the truth and refuse to admit it #2. Don’t know the truth and #3. Actually believe he’s a real Reverened and an honest guy sent from God.

They do not know the level of what kind of fraudulent manipulative liar he truly is.

Traits Of Sociopaths: The first move is to have a sob story to hook the victim.

Opportunistuses any tragic or misfortune of another person to promote or propel him/herself into the spotlight and make it all about them.

Pathological liarOnce the spotlight has been obtained and a captive emotional audience is present every word he/she speaks will be seen as the truth because people need something to believe in after their hope has been taken away.

Charismaticappearances are everything. Sociopaths appear how they must appear to fit the circumstance and keep him/herself in the lured victims sight. Jackson requested a limo to take him to NBC while still wearing the same bloody shirt from the day before. Then put on a dog and pony show for the viewers and right after that all endorsements rolled in like a tidal wave.

Arrogance Self serving. Self centered. And anyone who gets in the way or disagrees with my greatness shall be excluded and shamed for not recognizing my greatness. No one is better than me and my followers are beneath me where they should be.

Thrives On Negative SituationsSociopaths like this thrive on anything going wrong. If they can’t find a bad situation they create one themselves. Bad situations gives them a chance to step in and be the hero for a never ending source of narcissistic supply which Jesse achieves from his followers. When the supply runs out, so does he and he finds new victims.

Why Are People Still Supporting This Man Who Is Clearly A Fraud?

#1. They cannot bring themselves to listen to or believe the truth about the dark deeds he’s done.

#2. He claims to be a Reverend. In the black community Reverend’s and Pastors are people of power and if you say you love the Lord. You’re in. Jesse knew this and used it to his advantage to rob blind followers using their faith.

#3. His followers have not heard the full story and are doing what they’re parents told them to do.

#4. Some black people honestly feel there needs to be a black leader for them. Jesse says he’s it so they do what he says without question.

#5. Jesse talks a good game, is very convincing, and knows how to manipulate others and cry on que to get an emotional response and keep them hooked emotionally.

What about the good stuff Jesse did like the non profit PUSH, Rainbow Coalition, and helping free prisoners over seas, and speaking out a Jena, and helping President Carter and Clinton, and all of the wonderful things he did for the country?

Jesse likes to highlight his good deeds and receive praise and hide the evil dark deeds in the closet. Every sociopath does this. It’s the “Look at me the good guy” routine.

For every good deed you see him do there’s 10 more bad deeds that outweigh those.

So the question is do we continue to oust him when all he’ll do it use it to his advantage for further emotional manipulation?

Or continue to praise him and stroke an already out of control ego?

Either way he’s going to rot in hell with his self-made solid gold halo that his followers worship.


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February 3, 2016 · 9:00 am

Black History Fact: 1780 Slave woman Mum Bett uses US Constitution to win her freedom

Mum Bett

Mum Bett sued her slave owner. She won and was freed.

Hired a lawyer and sued her slave owner using her Constitutional rights and won

Massachusetts constitution, Article 1 leads to Court case Brom and Bett v. Ashley

Slave woman Elizabeth ( known as Mum Bett) Freeman could not read or write but found a lawyer to represent her and sue her master for freedom after hearing The Constitution read aloud.

“All men are born free and equal, and have certain natural, essential, and unalienable rights; among which may be reckoned the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties; that of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property; in fine, that of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness”

Elizabeth did the following because she wanted freedom:

  • Found a lawyer Theodore Sedgewick to take her case.
  • Received a deep cut on her arm defending her daughter Betsy from the slave owners wife who had a knife.
  • Filed against her slave owner John Ashley.
  • Won her case. Was paid a reparation.
  • Her daughter remained a slave for a short time but Elizabeth was free.

She was the first slave to be set free under the United States Constitution.

Her case helped Massachusetts to end slavery in that state in the same year. Her daughter Betsy was set free later that year.

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February 1, 2016 · 8:08 am

European Slave Licking And Hypertension In The Hood

salty slaves

Why hypertension is rampant in the black community?

I know what you’re thinking. Fat Back. Hog Malls. Pork. Potato chips. Funyuns and stuff. Salted Collard Greens. Fried anything. Reused grease in a Crisco can. All with a biggo glass of Kool-Aid! That’s actually 1% of the problem. Those things are not the cause. They also do not help. The real problem goes back to Africa.

Europeans Licked African Slaves

Not licks as in birthday licks. Licks as in Europeans stuck their tongues out of their mouths and licked the Africans face, neck, forehead, or chin leaving a wet wad of spit dripping down the African’s face. Disgusting. The reason for this was to test the salt content of the potential slave.

The slaves with lower salt content perished during the ocean crossing. Before they loaded the boat they potential merchandise with low salt content were sent home after a good licking. The higher salt content individuals were immediately loaded on to the boat. They survived the journey across the ocean.

What does this have to do with anything?

Salted Slaves that arrived in moderate health were incorporated into the plantations. To keep his slave healthy the owner continued to fill him with salt. Fast forward 300+ years and you have a society of slave descendants with uncontrolled hypertension.

Is black hypertension the slave owners fault?

Look at the facts. The high salt content existed before they were caught, licked, and loaded. Therefore, it would stand to reason that salt, health and diet were already a factor before a captor and a boat showed up with their tongues out.

What’s the solution?

High salt content was obviously a factor in Africa long before the slave traders arrived. A reasonable conclusion would be that its ingrained in the dna structure. If that conclusion is correct then hypertension would be a matter of a preconditioned disease that is hereditary.  This does not mean it cannot be controlled or monitored, however, due to genetics and lifestyle it’s certainly unavoidable in todays salty descendants that were forced on to a boat ride.

Salt in the black community

The hood does not have farmers markets, commercial grocery stores like Kroger, or small farms or greenhouses available for fresh fruits or vegetables to diffuse the salt. Bottled water is hard to find too. The hood has convenient stores on every corner interchanged with a liquor store. The convenient store has what? Salted snacks, sugary snacks, soft drinks, wretched hot dogs in a warmer, sorry pretzels and exactly 2 bottles of water that cost more than the soft drinks.

So if you are hungry in the hood and the nearest real grocery store is 15 miles away what is your option? The answer is to go to the convenient store and fill up on salty snacks. Therefore, aiding in the predisposed condition of hypertension.


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December 17, 2015 · 11:27 am

Are Rap Lyrics to Blame for black violence and over-promotion of the infamous N word?

Rap music has been under fire for decades over degrading women of all types, over use of the N word, and promoting violence in the black community and indirectly blamed for high arrests. Lets take a look at song lyrics by Dr. Dre and a song by Soulja Boy as an example and see if these accusations against Rap music hold water.

Dr. Dre song lyricsSoulja Boy Song Lyrics


Based on these small samples here women are not placed in a positive light or respected. Weapons, drugs, and a play on the emotion of jealousy appears to be present. Dare I mention their other songs such as “Booty Meat” and “Ghetto Fabulous”? No I won’t because they are actually worse than this.

Dissecting the problem with Rap Music in the Black Community

There’s a lot to be said.

#1. Money to be made

Rappers and music industry are in business to make money. They don’t care who they hurt, how many people get killed, go to jail, or how many women are disrespected, or how many 5 year olds recite their lyrics in the kindergarten bus about B’s, hoes, wasting somebody or smoking marijuana or F the police. As long as they get paid for the music and have a nice car to showboat in Hollywood its all good to them.

Short and simple. If people stop buying rap music, then they would not have a business. However, is Rap Music to blame for the violence, disrespect of women and the overuse of the N word in the Black Community?

#2. Target audience

In Marketing it is stressed to Know Your Audience. You would not market to an area with a demographic that is less likely to buy your product. To ensure your product sells you have to know whose going to buy it. Rap Music is purchased by young white boys, then black boys, and last females. This is a given statistic fact that can be researched and verified.

This poses a problem. If young white boys are purchasing the music then why are they not killing each other after listening to these lyrics? Yet, the other groups seem to take it to heart. So if it’s the lyrics by themselves causing the behavior this is a failed argument based on the target audience.

#3. Environmental – The Hood

I live in The Hood. Children as young as 4 and 5 walk around here and go to school singing these exact Dr. Dre and Soulja Boy lyrics I showed you above. Imagine those words above coming out of an innocent child’s mouth who has no idea what these things mean. The parents play the music around the child thinking it has no effect. The child grows up in that environment. Sometimes Rap is the only music the child is exposed to. It becomes common place and nothing is thought about it.

Across the street from me the elementary school kids get off the school bus calling each other the N word. Kindergartners!  These high school girls dress scantily after school to immolate the girls in the rap videos while the high school boys rap these lyrics above to the girls. The girls giggle and like it. To them being called the B word is a compliment. The environment from children through teenagers has conditioned them to think this is normal or perfectly fine to speak, dress and behave this way.

Am I saying everyone in the hood acts like this? No. But a good majority in the hood do. Back to the question. Are the rap lyrics themselves causing these kids to behave this way? The lyrics are not stating how to dress. Which means they have visual to go along with it.

#4. Parental Involvement

I’m a parent.  At age seven my kid was Daft Punk and Lenny Kravitz. He was one of the few black boys in the hood who liked jazz and classical music instead of rap. He heard the rap songs when his friends played it at their house but never really cared for it. Was it because I didn’t play it around him? Possibly. Or it just wasn’t in him to begin with. That’s another possibility.

I often ask myself two questions, “Why would a parent play this kind of music around a baby or child that can repeat what he or she hears?” and “When these kids are at school repeating these rap lyrics and the teachers hear them why are they not saying anything to the parents?”

The only answer I can come up with is the parents are not as involved as they should be with what their kids are listening to and when the school addresses anything with the parents I’m sure it turns into a fight. Therefore, the environment plays a large role again.

#5. Self Reflection

What are the young black girls hearing when they listen to these lyrics. They are hearing that “I should dress like a skank and shake my butt or a guy won’t like me”. What are the young black boys hearing? They are hearing that “women are here for sport, I have to carry a gun, sell or do drugs, and I need to break the law or I won’t get anywhere”. What are the children under ten years old hearing? They are hearing that “when I become a certain age this is what I must do in order to survive”. What are the parents hearing? Nothing. Because they are already conditioned to these thoughts.

What are young white kids hearing in rap music? They are hearing that “all black guys are thugs and all black women are good for is shaking her butt and likes to be called a hoe.”

#6. Conversation I had with a guy and a girl over rap music in a car

Me: Why do you listen to this crap?

Guy: What crap! This is my jam!

Me: He’s disrespecting women, talking about drug use and basically being a big jerk. You enjoy this?

Girl: You taking it personal. It’s just a song. Nobody takes this stuff to heart.

Me: So you don’t think these lyrics are seeping into young people’s minds and running in the background?

Girl: No! Anybody who thinks that is just stupid.

Me: What about the 5 year olds I heard repeating these lyrics.

Guy: That’s the parents fault. You can’t blame a kid whose parents don’t monitor him.

Girl: We’re big enough to know that these songs are just songs.

Me: So neither of you see any problem whatsoever with the messages that are being sent by these songs!

Both: No! People blow it out of proportion! They’re just songs.

Me: What about non black people who listen to these songs and think this is how black people are? Based on these songs.

Girl: They stupid!

The Question

Are Rap Lyrics to Blame for black violence and over-promotion of the infamous N word?

If it’s the lyrics alone causing the problem and other people who are not black are also listening to the music then the problem should be wide-spread and not contained to black people. That’s not happening, therefore it cannot be the lyrics.

Is it the videos? Non black people watch the rap videos and still, there is no widespread violence so it can’t be the videos.

Is it peer pressure? Since the friends are acting this way and listening to them music they listen to it too? Not likely. Non black people listen as well and don’t have the problem.

Is it the environment? If the household environment promotes this kind of energy and is encouraged by the legal guardians or parents then yes it is a possibility that it is the environment.

Is it the parents or the neighborhood they live in? Given the conversation I had with the two in the car who honestly felt that it’s just music and whoever takes this to heart is “stupid”, that raises several questions, issues, and flags. Rap music is played over seas and they look at black Americans in a different light than black Americans see themselves. Black America does not see this.

The parents listen to this music avidly around the children. To the kids its just background noise just like the two said in the car. What’s not being realized is that kids are impressionable. They take what they hear to heart. Uninformed parents or parents who are lacking in attention won’t know this.

If a child from the age of being able to speak starts to hear and repeat that they should carry guns, do drugs, shoot or kill anybody who gets in your way and girls are here for sport, and is conditioned to this thought pattern from birth; does this not sound like a set up?

The Rap Music Industry

They just want to make money. Whatever else happens is not their problem. As long as their pockets are lined and people buy their music the perceptions, the arguments, the anger, and the questions around their morality is a null and void subject.

Is Rap music a positive functional type of music with family values to hold to? Some people think so. But no, its a dysfunctional mess that was introduced into an already dysfunctional society and based on the samples above it can have an effect on the psyche.

At the same time nobody is forcing anyone to listen to it or not to listen to it. Rap music lyrics are not the problem by themselves. However, Rap music plus the hood is a bad combination. The proof is when 5 year olds are at the bus stop calling each other B’s and N’s thinking this is a normal way to address someone before school. Is it the 5 year olds fault?

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August 20, 2015 · 6:41 am

Why The Term African American Makes No Sense

Before yall get mad hear me out. The term African American is a forced label. I refuse to be called African American because I am American. I am not the only one who is aggravated enough by this forced label to speak out against it.

**There are WHITE Africans who were born in Africa. So this term can be applied to white Americans given the logic of the term. Which means, we’re all African Americans!!**

#1. Africa is a CONTINENT and not a country. Africa has over 50 countries inside of the continent including Islands. To call someone African American and not naming which of the countries the African supposedly came from is an incomplete statement.

#2. Jessie Jackson pushed this term African American in 1990 to further his agenda of separation and hate against white people. Most of his followers either skipped geography or fell asleep during class. I say this because I have come across many many people that do NOT know that Africa is a CONTINENT. They believe it is a country with one president.

I have tried to educate people with a RAND MCNALLY ATLAS, Google MAPS, and Google Earth. I circled Africa and pointed out each of the countries. In each case I ended up in a heated debate and called uppity and stuck up. Just because I know the difference between a CONTINENT and a COUNTRY.

#3. I know 3 African Americans. One is from the Ivory Coast. One is from Morocco. One is from Nigeria. They were born in Africa. They came to America as adults. Thus, they are truly African Americans.

The term African American does not, and should not, apply to anybody who was born in America whose birth certificate has a city and state listed. If it does not say Africa, or list any country in Africa then I am sorry to tell you that you are not African. You are American only.

Map of Africa with countries.

African Continent

Below are questions that people keep asking.


My ancestors came from Africa on a slave ship. How does that not make me African American?


The Africans from the slave ship were not or addressed as Africans. They were not even classified as Americans. They were seen as property and chattel. They were labeled as disposable income and slaves with a price around their neck. Literally!

If they were not referred to as African Americans from 1694 through 1990 when Jessie Jackson pushed the agenda then why do you want to be referred as that label now? Why not be called Americans as opposed to comparison with a disposable slave?

What is so wrong about simply being called AMERICAN no matter what your skin tone is?


Well Irish people can be called Irish Americans and Native Americans can be called Native Americans so why can’t I be called African American?


Ireland is a country with Irish people in it. Africa is a Continent with countries in it and then cities and people. There is a difference.

Native Americans did not migrate to, or forced to, come to this country. They were already here. They are the Natives to this land that is now called America. Therefore they are truly Native Americans. Again, its not the same thing as African Americans.

Below is a list of African countries inside the continent of Africa.

List of Countries in Africa














If someone cannot show proof of, or name which country in Africa they supposedly came from, in their life time, then that label does not apply to them.

Side note: After Jessie got his hands on a poem entitled “I Can” by Johnny Duncan he took the phrase and ran with it and gave himself credit for the term African American. Now its on all applications wrongfully and falsely accusing people of being from Africa with no such evidence.

Additional side note: We established earlier that there are White people in Africa which, by default, extends the label of African American to White people. I have this to say to my fellow White Brothers and Sisters, Welcome! We love you. Begin immediately marking African American on all applications because it just makes sense! Spread the word.



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Atlanta Georgia: 5 points Marta Station, Kenny’s Ally and the Slave Trade With Video

Before some of y’all get mad and start acting up just hear me out.

Go to Georgia State University History Department on the top floor and ask for the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps from 1884-1922.
Then go to the Atlanta Public Library to the reference section and the genealogy section and look at city maps from 1853, 1863, 1865, and 1870. All of what I am about to say can be researched, and verified by pulling maps, reading old newspapers, and doing your own research at libraries and reference tables.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

According to the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps of 1884 the slave auction blocks were still in place in Kenny’s Ally and Forsyth and Alabama Streets. Also, slave drop offs, pickups, and selling points had not been removed in downtown Atlanta.

The Kenny’s ally auction block was located where the Welcome To Underground sign is now, next to the escalator goes down to the Underground Shops.

The 5 points block was located at Forsyth and Alabama Streets across from the 5 Points Marta Station. The blocks have been removed but the spaces where the blocks were is still empty today.

Google Maps

I used Google Maps as an overlay to the Sanborn maps to see which streets and railroad tracks are still in existence today. The railroad tracks that go under CNN, behind the old Atlanta Journal Constitution building and continues to The Underground are the same railroad tracks that carried carts full of slaves. The train route has not changed. They had a slave drop at Forsyth and Alabama Streets and at Kenny’s Alley.

Click on this link to see the slave store/slave holding pin on Atlanta’s Whitehall Street from 1863. The building in this picture is where slaves were held in pins and also auctioned before being transported to Kenny’s Ally or Forsyth Street. General Sherman burned
this and other buildings during his famous march on Atlanta.

Garnett Street 1863

According to the 1863-64 maps Garnett Street and Whitehall Street intersected. The business district was at the corner of that intersection. After overlaying the maps again that intersection has been replaced with the Greyhound Bus Station and the Garnett Marta
Station today.

Click on this link to see the Sanborn maps. If the link does not work type in Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps. After you get into the link you have to type in each street name, city, and sometimes the year in order to view the map.

Post Slave Meeting Spot. Alabama & Forsyth Streets

After slavery ex-slaves wanted to be united with their families. They decided that Alabama and Forsyth streets would be the official meeting place. According to the archives and the Atlanta History Center that corner has been the meeting place since the end of slavery.

That location is extremely close to where the original auction block was located. Today there is no auction block.

However, black people still stand there all day long waiting on family members, friends, or meet people. I have stood there too waiting on a ride after work but was not a part of the loitering crowd.

At Kenny’s Ally, Whitehall Street, and 5 Points there is no marker, no sign, and no post, stating the initial use of these areas. There is no marker near the Garnett Train station or anywhere around that area identifying where the slave holding house and auctions took
place. Many people have no idea how close they are to history and that they are standing on a hot history spot.

A history of a train stopping, people being pulled off in chains and shackles, and led straight to auction block and sold. Sometimes they were stripped naked, beaten and whipped, held in a pen, or in some cases killed in broad daylight if the ‘cargo’ did not cooperate during the auction.

The Marta

A train still stops there delivering black people from around the world to that spot. Its called MARTA.

5 Points Entertainment- Unofficial Gold Chain Franchises 

While researching this I had one question. For those same two questionable bad customer service gold chain selling reps. Who walk around with a shoe box with those weak, tired, sad, sorry, spray painted fake gold chains and cussed me out when I would not buy one. And to all the other colorful characters who stand there all day not catching the bus, not working, and just hanging
out bothering working people.

Do they have any idea or the slightest clue as to why they are standing in, or choosing, that particular location to wait for their friends and act up all day? Do they even know the history of that spot?

If they knew the background as to why they were standing there, would they still  cling to that corner?

Should the brown signs be placed in downtown Atlanta identifying where the auction blocks, slave holding, and original buildings were?

AJC.COM Video on 5 points Marta Station Slave Trade


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Why Reparations Makes No Sense

Warning: Highly Controversial/Highly Debatable/Heated Subject

Slavery goes back before Biblical times and nowhere in the Bible did it say that anybody was black or from Africa.

The following people would and should receive a reparations slavery check.

1. Michelle Obama, her mother and daughters.

2. Descendants of Native Americans who were enslaved for a short while.

3. Descendants of White Slaves. This is different from indentured servants.
They were really slaves who were white people.

4. Free Blacks who came to the United States as Free Blacks and were never enslaved and
their descendants were not enslaved either. They would receive reparations just
because they are black. That’s not right now is it?

5. Any white person, who is a descendant of a black person, who was passing
for white and never told the family they were actually born a black slave who looks white.

6. Descendants of the Africans who actually made it back to Africa either on
their own or with help.

7. Black WWII soldiers who were descendants of slaves who had babies during the war with
women overseas. This would include all countries.

8. Entertainers and famous people like Stevie Wonder, Colin Powell, OJ Simpson,
Flava Flave etc…

9. Descendants of escaped Slaves who joined the Northwestern Indian Tribes.
Those tribes would receive a check.

10. Descendants of the Black Alaskan Highway Men who worked on the Alaska Highway.

11. Descendants of escaped slaves who made it to Canada.

12. If a slave was freed by papers or bought his own freedom then his descendants
should not receive a check. Because he was legally free. But will still get one
just because they are black. That’s not right now is it?

13. Asian people who were forced to be slaves for some reason or another during slavery.
This means Asian people should get a check.

14. Me and my whole family.

15. Ireland. The whole country. Because some where brought here as slaves and were sent back. They are due reparations checks.

16. Hawaiians. Captain Cook enslaved many or at least tried very hard to make them slaves. They are due a check just because of the attempt to be enslaved.

17. The IRISH were brought to the US and enslaved for about ten years. They would receive a check as well.

Good luck!!!

This information on this touchy subject was gathered from several sources, debates,
conversations, and heated discussions. Information was also found posted online,
in magazines, books, and from those who filed to receive reparations checks.

Information was also found from those who filed, against those, who filed to receive
the reparations checks.

Either the whole world receives a check or we drop the subject. It’s too much to sort out on who’s legitimately who.

Open discussion starts now:

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Honor Thy Father and Mother VS Spanking VS Child Abuse in the Black Community/Church

Yes I’m still mad at the black church.

Disclaimer: In the paragraphs below. Not all black people act this way. Not all Black Churches act this way. Yes other cultures have the same problems I’m pointing out. However. Some Black American Churches take the cake on this one!

#1. Honor thy father and mother is the Fifth Commandment in The Torah and the Bible.

Exodus 20:12 reads Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee eternal life

#2. Definition of a spanking – an open-handed smack or slap to the buttocks of a child to correct behavior from negative to positive.

#3. Definition of a beating – An object or closed fist used to bash forcefully against any part of an object or any part of a person leaving welts, bruises, blood, physical, mental or psychological damage for years to come.

Discipline in the black community

Susie, a black child, acts up in a store. Her mother smacks her on the behind a few times and sternly tells her to stop it.  Susie stops it. Susie has not been abused. She’s simply been corrected.

Jane, a black child, acts up in a store. Her mother grabs her by the hair, pushes the girl to the ground, pulls her up by her arm and humiliates her in front of everybody. Then grabs a belt out of her purse and begins beating her until bruises and welts appear on her arms and legs. Then screams at her afterwards and dares Jane to cry or to see a tear so she suffer another round of abuse.

Jane has been physically, mentally, verbally, and emotionally abused in addition to humiliated and singled out in a public forum. Plus she’s learned to shut down all emotions associated with the abuse she’s just suffered. She’s been bullied and under a terror attack from her mother. And simply told to take it and shut up.

Susie and Jane’s mother believe they have disciplined the girls correctly. Both mothers are simply doing to their daughters what was done to them and they truly believe it’s for the girls benefit . Neither one sees anything wrong with the treatment of the children.

People say, “I’m glad my parents beat me. I’m a better person for it.”

Just because your parents did it doesn’t mean it was right. If you’re continuing the cycle then you are not a better person for it, you are part of the problem.

Addressing Child Abuse in The Black Church

Repeat Scenario around America

Little Johnny has a black eye. His older sister Tina has bruises up and down her arms. Paster Smith asks them what happened. They say their Dad beat them for missing the school bus. Pastor Smith says, Honor your father and mother like the Bible says. My parents spanked me too.”
“Pastor Smith he beats us everyday and nobody is helping us.” Says Tina
“Just pray about it and it will get better. Jesus fixes everything. Remember Exodus 20:12 and Proverbs 23:13-14.”

Pastor Smith should have called the Police to file a report and asked for DFCS to launch an investigation into the abuse instead of giving Bible verses. After all, they did have visible scars.

The Black Church is centered around the philosophy that Jesus and God will fix anything. You just need to pray and it will happen. If you do pray and it’s not fixed then either you didn’t pray hard enough or you didn’t believe in what you were praying. Or if your prayer wasn’t answered then that’s just God saying no and you have to live with whatever it is because that’s the way God wants it to be. Accept it, shut up and don’t complain. In other words, suffer in silence.

That whole idea flat-out contradicts James 2:14 Faith Without Works Is Dead. 14 What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? 

In the case of child abuse the Black Church discourages children telling on their parents or legal guardian for any abuse. The kids are either ignored or labeled as liars or told somehow that they deserved it. Even if its sexual abuse.

The black church also discourages sending anyone to any counseling outside of the church walls. Even if they do not have a counselor at the church to help you. If a black person seeks a psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, or any mental guidance from a paid professional he/she is subjected to the following:

#1. Labeled as crazy
#2. Ostracized and ousted for not trusting Jesus enough to fix it. And not praying hard enough about it. Either way its your fault.
#3. Fingered and targeted by the black community for “acting white”.

As a result you do not see many black people seeking professional help. It’s not worth the shaming and blaming from the community. Or the ousting from the church

The Black Church encourages using the Bible to justify child abuse and blaming the child for the abuse caused to him/her. Even if its sexual.

When it Comes To Child Abuse The Black Church Teaches

Exodus 20:12 which reads Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee eternal life
And Proverbs 23:13-14 which reads He who spareth the rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him correcteth him betimes. Withhold not correction from a child: for if thou strike him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and deliver his soul from hell.

Why is the Black Community so big into religion and complacent about child abuse

#1. Religion

Q. Why is religion such a big business in the black community?
A. It comes straight from Africa and was brought here during the slave trade. Africans traded the African God for the Christian God in hopes that he would free them from bondage. After 200 years of prayer black people were finally free proving that God is real and works. Based on that “he can do anything”. Oppression continued. The more oppression in the community the more prayer needs to happen. The more people praying the better the outcome. Thus, Mega Churches have the largest black supporters worldwide.

The preacher is believed to be a spokesperson for God and closer to God than the rest of the congregation. So if the preacher says spare the rod spoil the child and condones black eyes, broken bones, bloody lips, and other injuries that require an emergency room or a casket in the name of God then black people will go for it.

#2. Slavery

The extremely short version

 Ephesians 6:5. Slaves obey your earthly masters

Colossians 3:22. Slaves obey your masters

During slavery the slave master used these Bible verses to justify beating the black children sometimes to death in front of the parents and there was nothing the parents could have done about it without being killed themselves. He would roll up his sleeves and hike up his pants by the belt until his ankles show so his clothes would not get in the way of the whip, bat, or cat o nine tails during the Biblical flogging.

 If the child lived through the brutal bloody beating the slave master convinced the parents that it was for the child’s own good, says GOD. Eventually the slave master had the adult slaves beat the children in the same manner, hiking up sleeves and pants, to condition them to the mentality of beating black children.

After slavery the black parents continued the same discipline the slave master taught them because they had no other role model and they were told that excessive force was for the child’s own good. In the name of God.

The black community has had over 150 years to reverse the corrupt discipline that started with the slave owner using excessive force against black children. Instead this continues in the black community with black parents using the Bible, as the slave master did, and using God to justify the abuse that never should have happened in the first place.

Reasons for child abuse in the black community

1. It’s generally accepted because everyone feels the child deserves it

2. We are led to believe it’s just a part of black culture and there’s nothing wrong with it

3. Mental illness is not addressed in the black community, therefore, you have people with mental disorders raising kids

4. The courts generally throw out child abuse cases on black children because it is accepted as the norm by America. (this needs to change)

5. Religion, tradition, and drug use

6. Instigation from the black elders in the community. In each case there is always a grandparent or some older person instigating their adult child to beat the grandchild. If the grandparent was not present or instigating, the child abuse cases might lighten up.

In cases where the child is severely hurt or killed the grandparents need to face murder charges as well as the parent. Because the grandparent knew the child was being abused and instead of correcting the situation they instigated. They also continued the cycle and provoked it on to the grandchild.

What does the black community need to do

Stop blaming white people for our failures with our own kids and stop with continuing the slave route that was taught and conditioned for over 200 years in a corrupt institution with excessive abuse on innocent children.

Stop refusing to receive professional help due to a stigma in a community that ignores mental help

Learn the difference between a spanking and a beating, and stop using the Bible justify both!

Erase from your mouth the phrase, “My parents beat me and I turned out just fine!” because you DIDN’T! You are just as corrupt as the slave owners who started the cycle. And you’re certainly not helping your child to turn out fine by beating him/her into drug use, split personalities, mental disorders, teaching a continuance of abuse. Then ousting a child who dares to ask for help to reverse the mess you made in the first place because you don’t know the difference between spanking, beating, and allowing a religion to justify ruining your child. 

A CALL TO ACTIONon the part of Black America needs to happen. The points I’ve mentioned need to be addressed. How does Black America expect black children to succeed if you are tearing them down from birth with a systematic form a abuse introduced over 300 years ago by another system that was designed to fail the kids and condition the adults to failure as well. That corrupt system ultimately failed itself. So why is America failing the kids while continuing a corrupt practice from a long gone system.

Just. Stop it.

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Forgotten Black History Fact. The letter C in the phone book.

What is the “C”?

During segregation instead of having 2 phone books, one for whites and one for coloreds, the solution was to put a “C” next to the colored person’s name. This was mainly done just in case someone needed to call their maid, chauffeur, shoe shine boy, etc.. 

C is for Colored

This is a phone book from 1921 in Louisville Kentucky. If you look at the photo you will see a small “c” next to some of the names. This means this is a colored person. In the event that a white person and colored person had the same name you could easily identify which one you want to call.

The Phone Operator

In the 40’s there was no picking up the phone and dialing out. There was picking up the phone and yelling “OPERATOR”. The operator would then come on the line and ask who do you want to connect to?

If you wanted to call a colored person from the directory you would say the name and then the word colored behind the name. That way the operator would connect you to the correct colored person.

Example: “Connect me to Reuben Ewing. Colored.”

Why was there no “w”?

There is no “w” because the “c” should clear up who is who in the phone book. If there is no “c” then it is assumed you are a white person and its safe to call.

What if somebody’s middle initial was C? Like Stanley C Smith?

The “c” for colored was in a different font. It was consistent throughout the phone book. Middle initials were capitalized.

Which states had this “c” in the phone book?



West Virginia

North Carolina

South Carolina





Washington DC

Parts of Arkansas

Northern and Western states did not have this “c” in the phone book because they knew it was silly.

Did this pertain just to people of color or also to businesses?

This also pertained to colored businesses. 

What about Asians, Indians, Mexicans and so on?

They did not have a “c” next to their name. It was only for black people. There were very few of others around and most likely they didn’t have a phone so there was no need to put “i”, and “a”, and “m” and a whole alphabet in the phone book just to further segregate the ongoing segregation.

Why have I not heard about this “c” in history class or during black history month?

The history taught in schools is tailored and select. You must study outside of school if you want the truth.

Black history month is a joke that keeps on giving.

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What are some of the many definitions and meaning of White Privilege?

Definition 1. Wikipedia

White privilege (or white skin privilege) is the societal privilege that benefits people whom society identifies as white in some countries, beyond what is commonly experienced by non-white people under the same social, political, or economic circumstances. Academic perspectives such as critical race theory and whiteness studies use the concept to analyze how racism and racialized societies affect the lives of white or white-skinned people.

Definition 2. White Male Privilege

Some white males feel they are under attack and the term white privilege is aimed directly at them for the sole purpose of discrediting their very existence.

This is totally untrue, unjustified, and there is no sound basis or solid evidence other than some people’s insecurity to validate a statement like this.

Definition 3. Misleading terms & 911 calls

The term “Jogging”.

If a white person is jogging they are exercising. If a black person is jogging he stole something. 911 is called on the black jogger but not the white one.

The Term “Touring”.

If white person joins a tour (College, Museum, Vacation, Etc) its assumed they bought a ticket and are not checked. If a black person joins a tour their tickets are checked to make sure they are not crashing a tour. 911 is called on the black person.

The Term “Walking”

If a white person is walking down the street everything is fine. If a black person is walking down the street then that person is scoping houses and trying to rob. 911 is called on the black person.

The term “Scared”

It’s after night fall and someone is pumping gas. A pick up truck with Trump Pence sticker pulls up blasting country music and the white men are singing with the music. Okay.

An Old Cadillac with  mismatch colored paint and big rims pull up blasting rap music and black guys are dancing in the car. The police are called immediately.


The caller says they are “scared” of the blacks at the gas station. Meanwhile, the pickup truck with Trump Pence sticker is still blasting country music while they are singing.

4. Hot Words

The quickest way to get the police to respond to any call anywhere in america is to use HOT WORDS during your call.

  1. White woman
  2. Black guy, guys or several Negros
  3. Mexicans or Indians
  4. Latino gang or Cartel
  5. Black guy with a gun
  6. White woman struck
  7. White Male attacked
  8. There’s a black guy walking in my neighborhood
  9. There’s illegals in my backyard
  10. I see a black guy talking to a white female and its after dark

What is really going on here?

Too much to get into so I’ll try to summarize 4 of 1 million points:

1. Psychology. Human beings look for familiarity in environment and surroundings. If someone looks different or a human being is unfamiliar with another culture they tend to have a reservation about the other person who is unlike them. Rational, logical, sane people take it as is. Someone with a psychological disturbance or mental illness will panic and cannot handle someone being different than themselves and they call the police for no reason.

2. The primitive brain. There’s gray matter and white matter in the brain. There is a developed and underdeveloped brain. And there is the primitive or reptilian brain. One of the functions of the primitive brain is fight or flight reaction. Another function of the brain is to sense danger and protect your body from it.

The primitive brain does not think, rationalize, or plan anything. It just simply reacts. If a human being is operating with a primitive brain and encounters another human being who scares them they will call the police and cry on the spot. The primitive brain is always a victim.

3. Upbringing. Children are innocent and believe anything an authority figure tells them. Children have no idea if they are learning something incorrect. Children mimic and believe the behavior to be right because their parents say or do a particular thing.

Rational logical people usually figure something is wrong as a teenager. When someone chooses to carry these incorrect beliefs or is only surrounded by others who enforce these incorrect beliefs they find it hard to change their beliefs.

To change their beliefs means 1. They have to admit ma, pa, grandma, and grandpa were wrong. Then they have to take extra effort and say “if they were wrong about that what else are they wrong about?” And they have to say “if that was wrong then what’s right?”

It can be very scary and confusing for one to have to change what they believe. And, they don’t want to fall out of favor with ma, pa, granma, and grandpa. The easy way out is just to go along with what you already know and keep the love flowing from mentally retarded parental units.

4. Root of fear. Better the Devil you know than the Devil you don’t know. It’s much easier to stick to what you know even though it may not be right because the other side may be worse. Translation. Its better to call the police on that devil you don’t know and leave the devil you know be. Both are bad options but someone mentally stuck in this manner will continue to create problems for themselves and others.

Can you blame the police?

Yes and No.


No you cannot blame the police if they have been given false information, half of a story, or they are flat out lied too because someone with evilness in their heart felt the need to do so just to teach others a lesson.

Police follow orders. If they are ordered to do something they must do as they are told by their department.

Remember, a police department is only as good as the manager, chief, captain and so on.


Yes the police can be blamed if they have a report of a black male with a gun and they show up and there is a black male drinking a soda, talking on his cell phone, laughing on the cell phone and they police shoot him anyway based on a callers misinformation.

Yes police follow orders but at the same time there is an area where someone has to access whether or not the person needs to be shot. If someone does not have a gun and the caller says they did then there needs to be 5 seconds or so to determine whether or not there is a weapon.

If the police demand that the black male show his weapon and he says he doesn’t have one and the police shoot anyway then yes they are to blame.

If the police took the time to access that the black male is not a threat in any way they should just leave him alone.

The police should start filing charges against false reports and charging the lying caller with a misdemeanor or felony or whatever the proper charges are in that county.

I would prefer jail time for the false caller.

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May 31, 2018 · 8:00 am

How the continent of Africa aids to mental illness of Black Americans


Mental illness is and always has been a major major issue on the continent of Africa. Why? Because the concept of mental illness does not exist in Africa. The notion or idea that someone’s brain is sick or diseased is not a factor of any sort in Africa.

On the continent of Africa, which has 54 countries inside of it, they believe in demons, gods, and possession of spirits. If someone is not following the cultural norm and doing wrong or injustices then it’s a demon or a spirit. Not a mental illness. The demon must be “prayed away”, “beat out”, or exorcised from the person. The spirit must be lifted from that person.

Descendants of Africans in America

The concept of mental illness does not exist in the black church. If brother Thomas is robbing fast food restaurants to get tithe money then he’s under a demon spirit. Brother Thomas needs to “Prayed for”, “Beat up” or “liberated” from that spirit. You have to pray really really hard for Brother Thomas so the spirit will stop controlling his soul to do robberies.

The apple does not fall far from the tree. Ever.

It’s in Black Americans’ DNA to reject the notion of mental illness or seek help. Everything is a spirit. This came straight from Africa.

Here is what is wrong with that theory.

#1. The person is suffering from mental illness and praying for him or beating him up is not getting him the help he needs.

#2. Suggesting that the person is easily influenced by a ‘spirit’ suggests that he or she is too weak minded of a person and the spirit can easily take over him or her and stay there.

#3. Using slavery as an excuse for the spirit taking over someone in today’s time

You are allowed to be depressed because of slavery

  1. There were more free black people than slaves up through 1865. All someone has to do is go to a library and study the stats and read a few books.
  2. There were black people who came here free, married other free persons, and had free babies. Those black people are not slave descendants.
  3. Choosing to use slavery as a crutch and remain ignorant.

Using slavery for or against depression in the black community has got to stop

  1. Using slavery for depression in the black community

Susan is depressed. Her grandmother tells her we used to be slaves so it’s okay if your depressed. This does not help Susan in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

Susan was never a slave. Slavery has nothing to do with why she’s depressed. The kicker is; nobody ever asked her why she’s depressed. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is slavery.

This keeps Susan in a mental spot where she’s already comfortable. The grandmother is using slavery as a mask to cover up why Susan is really depressed. She doesn’t want to know. Susan needs to speak with a professional and find the real cause basis of her depression.

Using slavery against depression in the black community

Susan is depressed. Her Uncle tells her there’s no reason why she should be depressed. Our ancestors made it through slavery so you should be able to figure your way out of whatever it is you think you’re depressed about.

This is not helping Susan at all. She is not our ancestors. She is Susan. Her depression has nothing to do with the ancestors.

1. This is discounting Susan’s feeling all together.

2. This is pushing Susan further into depression.

3. This telling Susan whatever she’s depressed about is not a bad as slavery so she should not be depressed at all.

4. This is telling Susan whenever you’re depressed think about slavery and how much harder they had it and you won’t feel depressed at all.

Using Slavery against somebody instead of getting them the help they need is not only a disservice to the person who really needs help, it’s also very very ignorant.

The News

Nothing burns me up more than seeing young black men on TV every night for committing crimes that could have been avoided had they received the proper mental help at an early age.

Many have tried to get a handle on mental illness in the black community. The black church stops it every single time. Its time she shut that notion down and held black churches responsible for making sure everyone has proper mental health.

We can no longer accept the incorrect notion of “just pray about it”. That notion came from the continent of Africa and that notion is wrong.

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March 16, 2018 · 8:00 am