Mentally Ill Black Men Being Shot By Police. Why?

I just learned that people are being told:

1.       Black people do not and cannot suffer from depression

2.       Black people do not and cannot have mental problems

3.       People are being taught that mental illness and depression are exclusive to white people

So IF black people cannot suffer any mental illness whatsoever THEN this means all black people are 100% sane individuals. (That is quite a stretch don’t you think)

When I heard this I was shocked. I was in disbelief. I am saddened that people actually believe something as ludicrous as this.

Who would believe like this?!?!?! Apparently a lot of people.

Is this the reason why when a white person kills everybody in a movie theatre he’s taken alive because of mental illness?

Is the is the reason when a black man, who has mental illness and cannot follow police orders because of the mental illness, is shot and killed for jumping naked out of a window?

Is this the reason why police officers get away with murder 99% of the time?

Is this why when a black person who may be having a violent fit from mental illness is shot and the police find out after the fact that he/she was suffering from a mental illness episode?

All because of a ridiculous belief that black people cannot suffer from any mental illness?

Question: Where did this idea come from?

Answer: The 1960’s. There was a book written for counselors (keep in mind there were no black therapists in the 1960’s) that clearly stated that only white people suffered mental illness and should be seen for any mental help. It also clearly stated that Black men and Women were not smart enough or had enough brain power to suffer any mental illness.

This incorrect belief has been taught and retaught for generations and now we are operating on a lie that is seen as being the truth.

There is not one book in particular that blatantly states this. There are several that blatantly state this. As a nation we need to change this belief and remove the offensive words from these books. 


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October 14, 2016 · 8:00 am

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