The Ridiculous Theory That Black People Can’t Be Racist

Definition of Racism



Black people can’t be racist

This is exhausting. Really? Who in their right mind came up with this kind of TRIPE and ignorance and not only believes this idiotic trash but tells it to their innocent little kids? I wish I could actually be close enough to hear someone say this with my own two ears so I draw back and slap the ever loving Jesus and all pretend holiness out of their mouths along with their teeth! Do I sound angry?

I have three words for this kind of stupidity.

1. Dumb

2. Dumb  

3. Dumb

I think it’s dumb.

What is this even based on?

1.       Black people can’t be racist because they don’t have the means/power to actually carry out what it truly means to be racist.

2.       Black people do not have the power to exert a large-scale social, economic and/or political discrimination against anybody

3.       Black people don’t have enough power to oppress the oppressor while being oppressed


I didn’t see any of that in the definition of racism. Did you?


Let me break it down for you with this interactive mind exercise

1.       Think your childhood and what color your immediate household was. (mine were black)

2.       Think about growing up and going to school. What color were the kids you interacted with most. (Mine were black)

3.       Think about from the time you were born until now how many family and friends that you interacted with personally on a frequent basis made you so mad you wanted to beat them within an inch of their life and what color they were (mine were black)

4.       Now think about your immediate household today, whose in it and what color they are (I have black people)

5.       Out of all the people you’ve ever been mad at in your life that you interact with on a daily basis what color are they? (mine are mostly black)

If I’m going to twist a definition of racism then by my own crazy logic I should be racist against black people.  Those Negros made me so mad on a daily basis it wasn’t even funny! Some of those Negros told me flat out that they were superior to me and treated me as an inferior. I was treated like trash!

So why would I need to hate white people when most of my life black people were the ones treating me horribly? Doesn’t make sense to me.

Why did I write those questions and make you answer them?

Because I’m proving a point that black people are racist against other black people first. Black people will sabotage and hold other black people back from succeeding or anything positive based on the theory that “I have to be the best N-r” or “I am the HNIC” or “I’m the one to look at not those other N’s.”

I’m also proving a point that racists groups such as Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, and other black groups that operate on hate are doing so under a BIG-A UMBRELLA of racism.

The basic definition is hating someone because of their skin color that you view as inferior.

Yes Black people can be racist. It has nothing to do with anything except for hate. The Black Panthers and the KKK stand for the same thing. Separatism based on hate of each others skin color. Why they don’t get along I don’t know. They should.

The next time somebody tells you black people can’t be racist. Show this to them, have them do the mental exercise and have them write to me directly!




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October 21, 2016 · 8:00 am

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