Why do Black Churches TRIP So Hard On Halloween

Disclaimer: Quite a few black churches do celebrate Halloween and make it fun for the kids. This is aimed at those who trip in unreal dimensions over something that’s really not that serious.


Halloween has absolutely nothing to do with religion. It has nothing to do with Satan, demons or any part of the occult.


Halloween started around the world thousands of years ago in every country as a fall food harvest fest. There’s another one in Spring for the reaping of the winter crops. Today we call it Easter! But Easter didn’t start out that way.

The Celtics had a Celtic Harvest Festival that the church turned into something that involved dressing up, partying, and giving out candy to kids. The Celtics also carved faces on to fall vegetables.

Even though the church turned it into something fun for everybody it still has nothing to do with religion.

Hallelujah Night and Rebuke Satan Night

Why not make it a Netflix night if you are that offended by a night of dress up for kids who just want candy.

Don’t the kids get candy at Easter? Does Easter candy have anything to do with Jesus, Satan, or Religion? No, and neither does Halloween candy.

Why hold church service every Halloween to rebuke Satan when in reality he has nothing to do with it. He has better things to do like tricking Christians into thinking that he has something to do with Halloween when he doesn’t.

They better not knock on my door

Keep your light turned out. If the kids are bad and prone to egging houses put a camera in the window with a note that says “Streaming to the local police department” and turn on a red light to make it look like its recording. Otherwise, don’t answer the door when they knock.

I hate kids!

All the more reason to keep the light turned out and don’t answer the door. They will go away. There are more houses in the neighborhood than just yours and they don’t want to miss the candy at the other houses. Continue with your life it’s not that serious! Nor is it worth getting yourself worked up to a heart attack just because a cute little storm trooper rings a doorbell wanting candy.

They are Kids

Kids are kids and candy is candy any day of the week.

Let the kids have fun! Stop tripping out over Halloween!


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October 30, 2016 · 8:00 am

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