Why Black People Need To Quit Marching And Start Addressing The Real Problem

This is not the 60’s. Marching is outdated and antiquated.

Marching is great exercise but it is not addressing the real problems with black people vs black people and black people vs everybody else.

What is the real problem?

There are several

  1. Unaddressed mental illness
  2. Behavior condoned by the family
  3. Blaming others for situations that could have been avoided had problems 1 and 2 been acknowledged

True story with rhyming names so I won’t get sued.

Feleesia suffers from paranoid delusions and prescription drug abuse. She thinks everybody is watching her when she’s sober and starts fights with police and local drug dealers when she’s high. She puts everyone at risk around her with flying bullets from the drug dealers and their drive bys.

Her family, 1. blames the police and 2.  acknowledges she has a problem but say they are “protecting her and won’t let anyone hurt her” It doesn’t matter who she hurts with her actions as long as she is not hurt. She’s in and out of jail.  Her parents are in and out of jail and half way houses. Her children are in and out of DFCS and jail and have repeated the same grade twice.

The County Judge sees her every week in handcuffs for petty crimes and knows there is a mental illness. He stated that a family member is the only one allowed to turn her in for mental illness evaluation or she has to turn herself in. Everybody else has to pay for a lawyer and present a case to the judge before she’s even considered for any mental health check up. She and her family don’t think there is a problem because jail, crime, DFCS and court are a part of their everyday life. Therefore the mental illness for Feleesia remains unchecked. The behavior is condoned.

Final result. Feleesia got high, challenged the police, they shot and killed her. Now the Black Lives Matter Movement is all upset with the police and her family is ready to sue the County. Not because she’s dead but because they think they’ll get some money.

Who is to blame for Feleesia? Does the Black Lives Matter people take time to look at the background and what led to the shooting before protesting? Are the police to blame for Feleesia’s unchecked mental illness, abuse of prescription drugs and crime sprees? Is marching really going to help anything?

I think not. Put the blame where it lies. Her family should have sought help before she was killed and not cry afterwards mad at the police.

There are thousands of Feleesia’s in the black community and thousands of black males with unchecked mental illness. The families condone the behavior and allow the mental illness to continue because “That’s my baby!”

Address the mental illness! It won’t stop 100% of the problems but it will make a significant impact in the black community when people are mentally stable.


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January 7, 2017 · 8:00 am

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