Trigger Words from the black church. (Trigger words are either single words or a combination of words or words with a particular tone that incite a negative emotion in the person receiving the message that can cause the person who is saying these words major bodily harm)

“Pray about it”

“You didn’t pray hard enough”

“Grow up”

“God WOKE me up this morning! Somebody didn’t get up!” (insinuates that the dead person was not important enough to God to wake them up but the person who said this is more loved than the dead person. I have an issue with that.)

“Get Over It” (Major trigger word because this is stating that your feelings are not only minute and don’t exist but you shouldn’t feel anything you are feeling because your not allowed to feel it because you’re below human status)

Those are 3 separate blogs right there which will be rolled out soon.

First here is a scenario of one of many many many issues with the black church.



Everybody at Shouting Shoes Baptist Church in Kentucky knows that Tom does not miss a Sunday. Parishioners have complained to the Pastor about Tom’s openly cussing his children out before service and slapping his wife in the girls bathroom because he felt she used too much soap washing her hands. They have also complained to Pastor Smith about the 357 Magnum Tom brandishes in the parking lot whenever anybody parks in his spot. And how Tom punched a visitor in his stomach for getting too many pieces of chicken at the ‘Christmas Holiday Explosion for Jesus’ children’s event.

Church members have begged the ‘personal development ministry’ for a counselor to come to the church or for the pastor to put Tom out. People were scared to come to church because of him. Church members have left because Tom keeps throwing full communion bowls at the back of their head and laughing as the bowl ricochets off into the wall. Tom clearly needs mental help. He’s abusive towards his family and everybody else.

However, Tom is the biggest tither, the loudest shouter, best singer, and wins the holy ghost contest every Sunday. At the mention of the name Jesus he falls to the floor in full convulsions crying and writhing about the wondrous works Jesus did in HIS life. Tom wears $3000 suits, has an immaculate appearance and his shoes shine so bright that the hubble space telescope often mistakes his shoes for another distant galaxy!

Tom likes to put on a show and have an audience and look good while doing it. (narcissistic sociopath)

He’s active in all ministries including the ‘washing of choir robes ministry’. Pastor Smith gets an extra $1000 cold green cash in the collection plate each Sunday just off Tom. So as far as pastor is concerned Tom has no problem. He’s paying the church mortgage every Sunday and he’s the best member. Pastor is tired of the ‘complainers’. Just tired.

Pastor Smith’s advice to the scared complaining church members is:

“If you feel Tom has a problem you need to pray for Tom. Pray that God binds that spirit of whatever you see Tom doing.”

Until Tom finally shoots Pastor Smith with the 357 ain’t nothing gonna be done about poor old crazy Tom at the church.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of my top issues with the black church. Ignoring mental illness. Especially when its blatant and apparent.

1% of black churches offer mental help or have a mental health program. The other 99.999% have boatloads of members like Tom. Crazy!

Why does the black church encourage prayer over mental help for members?

  1. You’re supposed to pray about it.
  2. Seeking a health care professional is a slap and disrespect to Jesus Christ himself. Jesus doesn’t like it.
  3. A stigma or label is placed on the church member that he/she is “crazy” if they seek a mental health professional
  4. The belief system that if you really really really love Jesus and he has your heart and you really really really trust in God that you will never need mental help. God will just fix it and then it’s all rainbows. Trust him.
  5. Mental health care is for white people because they’re crazy. Black people are supposed to pray on it.
  6. You could face being ostracized or thrown out of the church because you sought mental help instead of relying on the ever loving hand of God.

So how are black people supposed to get mental help if the church is discouraging it?

The simple answer is. THEY DON’T! THEY CAN’T! and THEY WON’T!

It’s too much of a risk to be excommunicated from everybody you’ve ever known just because you admitted that you have a problem and actually take steps to seek the help you need.

Black churches who support crazy folks like Tom seem to always forget about this verse

James 2:20 – But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead

So Tom is supposed to only trust in Jesus and do nothing towards getting any better even though the Bible clearly states something different.

Many many articles have been written by other black people just on this issue alone. Until the black church sees a need and encourages mental health the black community will continue to be plagued with unsolved and unresolved problems over stupid little things.

Example: Tom beat his wife for using too much soap in the girls bathroom at church.

It wasn’t even his soap!!!



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January 14, 2017 · 8:00 am

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