How many Africans in Africa go around calling themselves American African?

The one word answer to this question is NONE!

I have never seen on any news, African job application or African birth certificate anybody marking or writing in “American African”. Because its stupid and they know it.

I’ve spoken with 4 Africans and they stated that they do not understand why black people in America call themselves African Americans. One actually said its insulting because people here know nothing about Africa. Especially the fact that Africa is a continent and not a country. Africa has more than 56 countries inside of it.

Question #2. The Back to Africa Movement

Africans have heard by now that black people in America want to come back to Africa or connect with the “motherland” from where we were forcefully removed.

Has anybody from Africa or a group of Africans shown up on the coast of North Carolina in a boat, submarine, paddle boat, steam boat, speed boat, SS Minnow, cruise ship, row-boat, canoe, kayak, cargo ship, barge, raft, Titanic, or any floating device of any sort yelling “Hey distant cousins! We’re here to take you back with us!” and then wave a white flag and yell “Get on the boat! Plenty of room!” (rescue mission?)

Have any Africans set up a go fund me account stating that they heard on CNN that we want to come back to Africa so they can rent a jet liner, space ship, helicopter, small plane, hot air balloon, jet packs, floating shoes or any air travel that would get us back to Africa?

The answer is NONE! And we all know, that the Africans know, that we are missing from Africa and have been for a while. Like over 4 centuries!

So the question is if Africans know we want to come back to Africa why are they not helping?

And when we get back to Africa will we call ourselves “American African”?

And why would you want to go to a place where they know full well you’ve been kidnapped, they know full well your location, and they are not helping you to get back home?

And when you get back to Africa which country are you going to live in on the continent? There’s over 56 to choose from, and furthermore what are you going to do when you get to Africa?

Just some things to think about.



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January 18, 2017 · 8:00 am

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