Black Pastors Refuse To Call DFCS Tell Abused Kids To Obey Mother and Father

Problems with the black church exposed

Black Pastors telling children to Honor your father and mother and quit complaining about the physical, mental, sexual, verbal, and psychological abuse from your parents. Just pray about it and shut up.

Exodus 20:12- “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

There are over 50 verses in the Bible on disciplining children. During Biblical times children had no rights, were property, and were viewed as a secondary issue much like the animals of the Bible. To use the Bible as a form of disciplining children when nothing in the Bible addresses child abuse is not only conflicting but out of order for any pastor.


LaSheena and her brother FuShawn come to church often with fresh bruises, sad faces, crying, and sit in the back with their heads down. This is a weekly occurrence for the children. Every now and again the parents are asked what happened and they reply nothing. “They mad cause they can’t play with their friends.”

Children always go to an adult they trust and tell them what’s happening. What the adult does with that information is usually the problem. LaSheena and her brother go to the pastor for help. They state clearly that the father “messes” with LaSheena and “Messes” with FuShawn. When they resist the father they are beaten severely. When they run to the mother for help she doesn’t help. She locks herself in the bathroom and won’t answer the kids screaming for help. The father gets his way and abuses the kids.

A few black pastors address the issues with the parents and 100% of the time the parents lie about it and say the kid did something to deserve the beat down they got. Then the children are beaten again for telling. The kids go back to the pastor (who always believes the parents) and tells the kids “You were bad so you were punished. You lied and you were punished. Remember the Bible says honor your father and mother.”

The children have no where to turn.

What is wrong with this picture!!

For starters authorities should have been called and DFCS should be involved instead of telling an innocent child they are a liar and honor the Bible! But the pastor can’t have the church looking bad now can he?

#1. Black churches are so busy saving souls and raking in money that they have no time to actually study signs of abuse and act on it. How can a pastor save a soul if he’s ignoring the innocent and praising the guilty!

#2. The children know they are telling the truth and now they know that they will receive no help from those that are supposed to care. This creates an abandonment issue, trust issue, hatred for Religion that failed them and they will act out in school and other public places.

#3. The children need help in dealing with this trauma they constantly face from a parent. The parents need help and jail time for ruining their own kids. Praying about it is not going to help any of them. The church that’s supposed to be steering away from Satan is promoting the opposite.

#4. How do you think the children will view the church, Bible, Jesus and everything else after being discounted and thrown back into a situation they’ve cried to get out of.

Then when the parents show up on the news the first thing the pastor and church members will say is:

“They were a model family. We had no idea. We never would have thought this. The kids always seemed happy. We’ll just pray for them.”

What’s my point?

How can black churches promote saving souls when the smallest souls are ignored? The answer is THE KIDS CAN’T TITHE! Kids are not contributing anything financial to the church. The parents are. So why listen to those who cannot be down for the cause.

**Note: This is not all black churches but a pretty good percentage of them condone the behavior of the abusive parent and damn the child in the process all in the name of the Bible.**


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January 21, 2017 · 8:00 am

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