Open Discussion: God Woke Me Up This Morning! Somebody Didn’t Get UP!

Problems with the Black Church exposed.

God Woke Me Up This Morning! Somebody Didn’t Get UP!

This is clearly based on fear designed by the black church to hold members in a mental state of I’d better get right or one day God will hate me enough to not wake me up.

Does this mean that God is now playing favorites?

The ones he likes gets to wake up while those fallen from grace die?

I guess God hates my grandparents.

How did this not make someone a horrible person for stating that God has exalted him or herself in favor gloating that someone else failed short of one breath forever?

Some take this statement to mean another chance to act right just in case they failed the previous day in pleasing God. If you don’t know what you did to upset God yesterday then how will you correct the mistake today?

Everybody dies. At some point the person who said this will die. By this logic this can only mean that God will hate them enough some day to not wake them up and someone else will be yelling “God woke me up! Somebody else didn’t wake up!” And it will be you. One day.

Any body in reasonable good health who hasn’t upset a drug dealer, the mafia or offended an Ex in the last couple of weeks has a high percentage chance of waking up. To yell the obvious every single morning and twice as loud on Sunday morning is not only illogical but obnoxious as well as a waste of time.

By this logic if a child dies will YOU still be happy that YOU woke up and the child didn’t? Is the child’s bad fortune enough for you to give this praise, “I woke up and somebody didn’t!”  If someone has a relative die recently, like today, and someone is yelling this whole statement it can be very offensive.

Even though you woke up this morning whose to say a mack truck, bus, or piano won’t hit you and kill you later today?

Atheists wake up too and they don’t believe in God. So who woke them up? And the atheists do not go around announcing that they woke up because its pretty obvious because you’ll see them walking around.

Before the Bible was written we had Zeus, Zoestra, Mithras, The Titans and so on….. I’ve never heard any history lesson where somebody in 443 B.C. yells out “Zeus woke me up! The Titans woke me up!” Zoster, Inki, The Sumerians or anybody else woke me up. Why do it now?

What purpose does it serve other than to put fear into others that they may not wake up because God didn’t see them worthy?

Important note: If the whole idea of church and the end result is to be with God then the person who didn’t wake up is in his presence while you are not. So who actually won? Think about it.


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January 30, 2017 · 8:00 am

One response to “Open Discussion: God Woke Me Up This Morning! Somebody Didn’t Get UP!

  1. Steven Gates

    I like your posts.
    Let’s hope the message gets through to the people who need it.
    Keep up the the good work!

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