Open Discussion: Tithing Your Rent, Mortgage, Car Note, and Groceries

Problems in the black church exposed. Because people keep ignoring these behaviors.

True story. This happened in Louisville Kentucky. I cannot give the name or the name of the church.

Tithing Contest

This particular church published how much everyone tithed in the church bulletin each week. It was arranged by name. weekly tithes, and year to date tithes on the back page of the bulletin. The same people held the top 10 spots and tried to out do each other every week. A lady in the church kept coming in 11th place in the bulletin. Even though she had tithed her mortgage and car payment and worked and extra job she still could not get into the top ten tithers list.

It was announced that funding was needed for the new building committee. The top ten tithers tithed big and large. She didn’t have that kind of money to compete. She took out a loan for over $80,000 to give to the church. Pastor was over joyed. Her name was at the top of the bulletin and an announcement was made in church and her picture hung in the lobby. The top ten tithers on the list were put to shame.

The Fall Out

She couldn’t pay the loan back. She asked the Pastor behind closed doors if the church could help pay at least 50% of the huge loan. The church said no because they are still raising money for the new sanctuary. An argument ensued between her and the pastor and eventually her and the church. She was excommunicated. The money was already given to the church and spent. She couldn’t get it back but still owed on the loan. She took the church to court.

The Ruling

The judge ruled that she had acted on her own. Willfully given the money to the church as a gift. And the church was not responsible for her paying back the loan because they didn’t sign it. She did. She was left to pay back the loan for a church she no longer attended. She could not make the payments. He credit was ruined. Her house eventually went into foreclosure and her car was repossessed. She couldn’t afford any payments.

The Point

Tithing is not supposed to be a contest or to put yourself in debt to prove how much you love the Lord. Nor is any facility, religious or not, worth damaging your lifestyle or placing your family at any financial risk. Churches are always happy to receive any money you give and none of them have ever asked where or how you got the money.

Once you give it to them its theirs. Think before you act.

Any church posting how much money people have tithed in any part of the bulletin, website, twitter or otherwise is a corrupt church and should be reported.


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January 31, 2017 · 12:37 pm

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