One Person’s Religious Belief Shattered By The Church. He Never Went To Church Again.

Problems in the black church exposed

The name has been changed to truly protect the innocent. This is a true story based on a real person.

Stanley grew up in the church. He led the choir, played the piano, ushered, and was involved in all ministries. Every conversation with Stanley involved Jesus name and he prayed before every meal, and upon waking up and going to sleep. His belief was to pray to God over everything and it would be fixed through him and only him. He was outspoken on his beliefs and switch several churches because of his beliefs.

When Stanley turned 50 he found out he had a medical problem. He equated the medical problem as nothing more than Satan trying to get him down. He prayed and rebuked Satan and considered the medical problem done. He went to ER three more times and was given medication. He refused the medication and prayed about it like he always did stating that God was his medicine. After the prayer he considered himself healed.

The final trip to ER he had a stern warning from the doctor that the medical problem had gotten out of hand. If he does not follow directions this time he will die. He was admitted into the hospital for 2 weeks. He got out and went to church to talk to Pastor. The Pastor convinced him that the doctor and Satan were working together to keep the illness. If he prayed harder then those two will go away and the illness will disappear.

Stanley ignored the Pastor and followed the doctors instructions. His health improved. The Pastor chastised Stanley after learning that he followed the doctors orders and not his. Stanley told the Pastor that he listened to him that he’d be dead. The Pastor did not take kindly to Stanley’s words. Stanley decided that his health was more important than pleasing the Pastor. There was a great fall out between Stanley and the church. After 50 years of going to church Stanley quit. He never set foot in any church again.

Stanley’s beliefs had been challenged and shattered. He felt betrayed by the church and by God to some degree. He still prayed because he enjoyed praying. His health is fully functional at this point.

The point is the church cannot heal anyone alone and some Pastors feel they are God. Stanley found out he needed more than prayer and the Pastor. There are plenty of people like Stanley in the church putting their faith and worship into the Pastor and neglecting themselves.


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February 1, 2017 · 5:00 am

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