ObamaCare, Mental Illness, Abusing Jesus In Georgia


Mental Illness in the Black Community running rampant through these churches while using Jesus as a crutch and to gain $6000 a month for 260 bags of weave, 10 inch nails, and new cars all while collecting unemployment and using ObamaCare for hypochondriac episodes to bilk parishioners out of money.

The names have not been changed because VANESSA is not innocent.

Location: Lawrenceville Georiga

#1. The Act

Vanessa has memorized every single ailment known to man and has gone to over 500 doctors in the Atlanta Georgia Area putting on a show to gain surgery dates for unnecessary surgeries. She’s so convincing that the tests actually test high positives confirming that she has whatever it is for that day. She presents her ObamaCare Insurances and gets a date for the surgery and picks up her prescription pills for the pain and suffering until the surgery date.

#2. The Bilking

She calls herself a minister for her traveling church and collects money for Jesus yet she has not signed up for any 5013C and she pays no taxes on this so-called church. She goes as far as to have her husband push her into the rented space in a wheelchair hollering in pain. She preaches the word of the Lord and at the end tells of her upcoming surgery and begs for extra tithes and prayer. She nets around $5000 to $6000 a month after her performance.

#3. The Surgery

Every 6 months on schedule she has a surgery. Her church members crowd the waiting area praying and singing. When the surgery is done the doctor says they didn’t find anything wrong with her. But that’s not what she tells her congregation. She tells them that Jesus healed her moments before the surgery and that’s why the doctors didn’t find anything. It’s A Miracle!!! This is blatant abuse of Jesus.

#4. The Doctors

Several doctors have banned Vanessa around Atlanta and labeled her as a hypochondriac and a prescription pill abuser. She has also been banned from 2 pharmacies. But she tells her church members that Satan is afoot! The Devil is lie! The Enemy is sniffing up her tree! The Entity has arisen with 7 heads and worked on those doctors and pharmacies to ban her from needed medical help. They all agree and pray for the doctor’s wretched souls and give extra tithes to show the devil that HE can’t hold them down. The rebuke Satan when they need to be rebuking her.

#5. Alabama

All of the doctors in Atlanta have not banned against her because all of them have not dealt with her yet. However, she’s working her way through Birmingham Alabama with these fake illnesses. She gets her surgeries there and her church members drive her there praying and singing to the Lord all they way on Interstate 20 East!

#6. The Questioning Parishioners

A handful of church goers have been questioning her each year over the repeated surgeries and illnesses. This was an affront to God, Church, State, and an invitation to dance with the devil himself in the church basement. Those church members have been banned for hating Jesus and spreading negativity. The remaining church members chastised the questioners and chalked it up to nothing more than Satan questioning their faith and using those bad church members as a test of faith.

There are many many Vanessa’s in many churches but the black church takes the cake.

**Not all black churches are like this**

Yes there are legitimate people who are really ill attending church. The legitimate people usually do not publicize, make a spectacle of themselves, and over do their illness in this way. The legitimate people usually start a support group or a non profit to help others in their situation. 99.9% of the time they do not make it all about themselves like Vanessa does.

You can identify the Vanessa’s in church because they always publicize some doctors visit pending or have a 1 up during testimony.

1 Ups during testimony go like this:

Lady: I was in a car accident and my arm was broke!

Man: I was in a bus accident and broke both arms!

Second Lady: I was hit by a truck and my head fell off! Thank God they attached it back in the ambulance!

Second Man: I was hit by a piece of space junk from the Challenger and lost both legs! I got them back and now I can dance! (Do the holy dance here)

Third Lady: I sunk on a cruise ship to Jamaica and was eaten by a shark! Jesus came and got me out and I was back at church on that Sunday ushering!

Third Man: I fell off a cruise ship and was hit by another one in the water! Dolphins rescued me and took me to Miami! Jesus is Good!

The lies get more and more ridiculous while the Jesus Abuse continues

Church is supposed to be a place of safe worshiping where members look out for each other and help one another. Its not supposed to be all about me and give me money while I abuse Jesus. Yet, churches like Vanessa’s continue to prosper on false promises and lies.

Her church members consider it to be a miracle that she healed quickly and the doctors found nothing wrong with her. I like to believe that nothing was wrong with her in the first place and she’s just a big greedy liar preying on others religious beliefs for her own personal gain of wealth and fame.

People like her need to be exposed, removed, and charged with larceny of religion!


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March 13, 2017 · 8:00 am

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