Miscegenation and Anti Miscegenation Laws. What is this about?

What is Miscegenation? Look at these silly pictures right here.

From 1694 until 2000 there were laws in the US against interracial marriages.

These laws were called Anti-Miscegenation Laws

I first heard of this word last week in yahoo comments because folks were, again, mad at a commercial featuring a white male and black female and an adorable small black child.

I also learned that this ‘miscegenation’ (which I have no idea on how to even pronounce) is what the Klan and Altright people despise the most. They wake up and go to sleep honestly upset, disturbed and sometimes in tears over this.

Miscegenation means the mixing of different races by marriage, shacking up, and/or having light skinned babies.

But what kind of light skinned babies?

Native American + Black American? ….. nah. nobody cares.

Asian American + Black or Native American?…….nah. not a big deal.

Mexican American + Black, Native, or Asian American? ……..nope. Everybody is brown.

South Americans + Mexican, Native, Black, Asian, or African? ………move along folks. Nothing to see here.

White American + any Brown person? OH! We have a WINNER! This is what they go to bed mad about!

The Bible

The Bible says nothing one way or the other about different color skin people getting married. It does discourage the Jews from mixing with non Jews. And it does speak of not mixing with unbelievers. It does not exclusively say “A White person cannot marry a Black person”. There was no such thing as white and black during the writing of the Bible. It was Jew, Non Jew, Semite, Non Semine, Gentile, Non Gentile, and so on. I challenge anybody to show me the term ‘African American’ in the Bible.

Moses married an African woman Zipporah.

Ruth was black and her husband was Jewish.

Several women in the Bible who were not Jewish married Jewish people.

Jewish men in the Bible married everybody they wanted to.

The list is vast of people doing what they want in that Bible.


The Questions are

If a law had to be implemented in 1694, before the constitution was even written, then it stands to reason that a bunch of somebodies tried this very thing or actually followed through with it. Otherwise why was the law written?

For over 300 years the laws had to be written, re-written, stiffened and strict only to be repeatedly broken and challenged. People were killed, locked up, fined, kids removed, beaten, bruised, and went missing because of this law.

Several people challenged and won. Here are 2 famous cases.

1882 Pace Vs. Alabama. He was black and she was white

1967 Loving Vs. Virginia. He was white and she was black


This law was broken by several people every single day from when it was implemented in 1694 through 2000 when the law was finally dismantled. But guess what? People are still doing it!

Notable dates for public challenges to the law where somebody won are as follows:



1804 – That whole Thomas Jefferson fiasco with the ‘help’. Nobody challenged him because he was the President.










Why do people keep breaking and challenging these laws?

  1. Because the law was stupid in the first place?
  2. Because the color of skin should not determine who or how much you love somebody?
  3. Because a trust was built up between two human beings who lived in the same area?
  4. Because companionship was needed between two individuals?
  5. Because people want to love each other no matter what even if its breaking an antiquated law?

What has history proven for these kinds of laws?

History has proven that law or no law humanity always prevails with two things:




This law proved that both still exists with or without it.



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March 21, 2017 · 8:00 am

One response to “Miscegenation and Anti Miscegenation Laws. What is this about?

  1. me slim attractive 18 old englishboy live in a room in uk .known this nigerianman 49.in district often mingle with for 5 months who’s slim taller but get on easy with.me like his culture traditions black complexion.etc.not catholic but this Nigerian nun sometimes sees us around.smiles at us.we are not gay but guess that she thinks we are.she explained to us in her room nothing wrong with racemixing

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