Question. Are Tanning Booths Racist? Answer. No.

Q. What brought this question on?

A. There is a known full KKK participating card carrying member in Kentucky who we’ll call Mike.

Mike goes to the tanning booth. Mike also wears sheets and burns crosses.

Some people question Mike’s motives at the tanning booth.

If he’s going to the tanning booth for brown skin and then why is he participating in the Klan?

While Mike’s behavior seems confusing others associate this type of scenario with tanning booths being a form of racism.

Tanning booths are not racist nor are they a form of any racism

Here are the reasons why:

Black people go to the tanning booth. A particular black male in Alabama, who is Blue-Black,  goes to the tanning  booth in Birmingham. Everybody asked him why.

**Definition of Blue-Black: A Blue-Black person is a black person that has skin so black that in the sun he actually lights up blue.**

There is a black female that goes to the tanning booth. She’s not blue black but she is dark skinned enough where it does not make sense for her to go to the tanning booth.

Tanning has been going on for thousands of years. Before the Klan was invented. Before tanning booths were invented. Before Orange Presidents were invented. People world wide tanned either on purpose by laying out or by accident by working in the sun. Any skin in any sun for any amount of time is going to get darker or have some effect.

Black people do have sunburns and lighter skinned black people need to wear sunscreen for skin protection.

Why are black people going to the tanning booth?

The black male I spoke about faced major backlash from the black community for going to the tanning booth. The manager of the tanning booth had actually refused him at first. Her point was he was wasting time and resources on something he obviously didn’t need. He already had a big tan. His point was if he wanted to pay the same price as everybody else to go into the tanning booth then she should let him. What difference does it make to her as long as he’s paying money? She was labeled as a racist and he was labeled as an Uncle Tom Sell Out.

The short story on him was that he hated black people starting with his mother. He had a white girlfriend. He denounced everything black including his own obvious skin. This is what caused the backlash from the black community. In the end he got a lawyer involved who talked to the tanning booth manager to get her to agree to let him in. As silly as this sounds he went to the tanning bed to try and get a tan.

I know what you’re thinking. The answer to your question is, NO, he did not look any different when he emerged from the tanning bed it had no effect. He was still Blue-Black.


The black girl that went to the tanning booth felt she was too light skinned. Instead of sitting in the sun she wanted to go into the tanning booth. She paid her money and went in without any kind of drama. Eyebrows were raised and people did stare but nobody really said anything to her. And no, she didn’t look any different when she came out.

The moral of that story is that tanning booths have no effect on black people.

Now we come back to Mike the tanning KKK member

Does he have the right to tan? Yes!

Is it racist for him to tan? No!

Does it make any sense at all? Well that depends on who you ask.

A KKK member going to the tanning booth makes just as much sense as black people going to the tanning booth.

Both are illogical, and the behavior is odd, but it’s their personal choice and who are we to make it for them?

I won’t be going but hey, more power to them if it brings them happiness.


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April 5, 2017 · 8:00 am

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