Black Pastors Refuse To Call DFCS Tell Abused Kids To Obey Mother and Father

Problems with the black church exposed

Black Pastors telling children to Honor your father and mother and quit complaining about the physical, mental, sexual, verbal, and psychological abuse from your parents. Just pray about it and shut up.

Exodus 20:12- “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

There are over 50 verses in the Bible on disciplining children. During Biblical times children had no rights, were property, and were viewed as a secondary issue much like the animals of the Bible. To use the Bible as a form of disciplining children when nothing in the Bible addresses child abuse is not only conflicting but out of order for any pastor.


LaSheena and her brother FuShawn come to church often with fresh bruises, sad faces, crying, and sit in the back with their heads down. This is a weekly occurrence for the children. Every now and again the parents are asked what happened and they reply nothing. “They mad cause they can’t play with their friends.”

Children always go to an adult they trust and tell them what’s happening. What the adult does with that information is usually the problem. LaSheena and her brother go to the pastor for help. They state clearly that the father “messes” with LaSheena and “Messes” with FuShawn. When they resist the father they are beaten severely. When they run to the mother for help she doesn’t help. She locks herself in the bathroom and won’t answer the kids screaming for help. The father gets his way and abuses the kids.

A few black pastors address the issues with the parents and 100% of the time the parents lie about it and say the kid did something to deserve the beat down they got. Then the children are beaten again for telling. The kids go back to the pastor (who always believes the parents) and tells the kids “You were bad so you were punished. You lied and you were punished. Remember the Bible says honor your father and mother.”

The children have no where to turn.

What is wrong with this picture!!

For starters authorities should have been called and DFCS should be involved instead of telling an innocent child they are a liar and honor the Bible! But the pastor can’t have the church looking bad now can he?

#1. Black churches are so busy saving souls and raking in money that they have no time to actually study signs of abuse and act on it. How can a pastor save a soul if he’s ignoring the innocent and praising the guilty!

#2. The children know they are telling the truth and now they know that they will receive no help from those that are supposed to care. This creates an abandonment issue, trust issue, hatred for Religion that failed them and they will act out in school and other public places.

#3. The children need help in dealing with this trauma they constantly face from a parent. The parents need help and jail time for ruining their own kids. Praying about it is not going to help any of them. The church that’s supposed to be steering away from Satan is promoting the opposite.

#4. How do you think the children will view the church, Bible, Jesus and everything else after being discounted and thrown back into a situation they’ve cried to get out of.

Then when the parents show up on the news the first thing the pastor and church members will say is:

“They were a model family. We had no idea. We never would have thought this. The kids always seemed happy. We’ll just pray for them.”

What’s my point?

How can black churches promote saving souls when the smallest souls are ignored? The answer is THE KIDS CAN’T TITHE! Kids are not contributing anything financial to the church. The parents are. So why listen to those who cannot be down for the cause.

**Note: This is not all black churches but a pretty good percentage of them condone the behavior of the abusive parent and damn the child in the process all in the name of the Bible.**

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January 21, 2017 · 8:00 am

How many Africans in Africa go around calling themselves American African?

The one word answer to this question is NONE!

I have never seen on any news, African job application or African birth certificate anybody marking or writing in “American African”. Because its stupid and they know it.

I’ve spoken with 4 Africans and they stated that they do not understand why black people in America call themselves African Americans. One actually said its insulting because people here know nothing about Africa. Especially the fact that Africa is a continent and not a country. Africa has more than 56 countries inside of it.

Question #2. The Back to Africa Movement

Africans have heard by now that black people in America want to come back to Africa or connect with the “motherland” from where we were forcefully removed.

Has anybody from Africa or a group of Africans shown up on the coast of North Carolina in a boat, submarine, paddle boat, steam boat, speed boat, SS Minnow, cruise ship, row-boat, canoe, kayak, cargo ship, barge, raft, Titanic, or any floating device of any sort yelling “Hey distant cousins! We’re here to take you back with us!” and then wave a white flag and yell “Get on the boat! Plenty of room!” (rescue mission?)

Have any Africans set up a go fund me account stating that they heard on CNN that we want to come back to Africa so they can rent a jet liner, space ship, helicopter, small plane, hot air balloon, jet packs, floating shoes or any air travel that would get us back to Africa?

The answer is NONE! And we all know, that the Africans know, that we are missing from Africa and have been for a while. Like over 4 centuries!

So the question is if Africans know we want to come back to Africa why are they not helping?

And when we get back to Africa will we call ourselves “American African”?

And why would you want to go to a place where they know full well you’ve been kidnapped, they know full well your location, and they are not helping you to get back home?

And when you get back to Africa which country are you going to live in on the continent? There’s over 56 to choose from, and furthermore what are you going to do when you get to Africa?

Just some things to think about.


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January 18, 2017 · 8:00 am


Trigger Words from the black church. (Trigger words are either single words or a combination of words or words with a particular tone that incite a negative emotion in the person receiving the message that can cause the person who is saying these words major bodily harm)

“Pray about it”

“You didn’t pray hard enough”

“Grow up”

“God WOKE me up this morning! Somebody didn’t get up!” (insinuates that the dead person was not important enough to God to wake them up but the person who said this is more loved than the dead person. I have an issue with that.)

“Get Over It” (Major trigger word because this is stating that your feelings are not only minute and don’t exist but you shouldn’t feel anything you are feeling because your not allowed to feel it because you’re below human status)

Those are 3 separate blogs right there which will be rolled out soon.

First here is a scenario of one of many many many issues with the black church.



Everybody at Shouting Shoes Baptist Church in Kentucky knows that Tom does not miss a Sunday. Parishioners have complained to the Pastor about Tom’s openly cussing his children out before service and slapping his wife in the girls bathroom because he felt she used too much soap washing her hands. They have also complained to Pastor Smith about the 357 Magnum Tom brandishes in the parking lot whenever anybody parks in his spot. And how Tom punched a visitor in his stomach for getting too many pieces of chicken at the ‘Christmas Holiday Explosion for Jesus’ children’s event.

Church members have begged the ‘personal development ministry’ for a counselor to come to the church or for the pastor to put Tom out. People were scared to come to church because of him. Church members have left because Tom keeps throwing full communion bowls at the back of their head and laughing as the bowl ricochets off into the wall. Tom clearly needs mental help. He’s abusive towards his family and everybody else.

However, Tom is the biggest tither, the loudest shouter, best singer, and wins the holy ghost contest every Sunday. At the mention of the name Jesus he falls to the floor in full convulsions crying and writhing about the wondrous works Jesus did in HIS life. Tom wears $3000 suits, has an immaculate appearance and his shoes shine so bright that the hubble space telescope often mistakes his shoes for another distant galaxy!

Tom likes to put on a show and have an audience and look good while doing it. (narcissistic sociopath)

He’s active in all ministries including the ‘washing of choir robes ministry’. Pastor Smith gets an extra $1000 cold green cash in the collection plate each Sunday just off Tom. So as far as pastor is concerned Tom has no problem. He’s paying the church mortgage every Sunday and he’s the best member. Pastor is tired of the ‘complainers’. Just tired.

Pastor Smith’s advice to the scared complaining church members is:

“If you feel Tom has a problem you need to pray for Tom. Pray that God binds that spirit of whatever you see Tom doing.”

Until Tom finally shoots Pastor Smith with the 357 ain’t nothing gonna be done about poor old crazy Tom at the church.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of my top issues with the black church. Ignoring mental illness. Especially when its blatant and apparent.

1% of black churches offer mental help or have a mental health program. The other 99.999% have boatloads of members like Tom. Crazy!

Why does the black church encourage prayer over mental help for members?

  1. You’re supposed to pray about it.
  2. Seeking a health care professional is a slap and disrespect to Jesus Christ himself. Jesus doesn’t like it.
  3. A stigma or label is placed on the church member that he/she is “crazy” if they seek a mental health professional
  4. The belief system that if you really really really love Jesus and he has your heart and you really really really trust in God that you will never need mental help. God will just fix it and then it’s all rainbows. Trust him.
  5. Mental health care is for white people because they’re crazy. Black people are supposed to pray on it.
  6. You could face being ostracized or thrown out of the church because you sought mental help instead of relying on the ever loving hand of God.

So how are black people supposed to get mental help if the church is discouraging it?

The simple answer is. THEY DON’T! THEY CAN’T! and THEY WON’T!

It’s too much of a risk to be excommunicated from everybody you’ve ever known just because you admitted that you have a problem and actually take steps to seek the help you need.

Black churches who support crazy folks like Tom seem to always forget about this verse

James 2:20 – But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead

So Tom is supposed to only trust in Jesus and do nothing towards getting any better even though the Bible clearly states something different.

Many many articles have been written by other black people just on this issue alone. Until the black church sees a need and encourages mental health the black community will continue to be plagued with unsolved and unresolved problems over stupid little things.

Example: Tom beat his wife for using too much soap in the girls bathroom at church.

It wasn’t even his soap!!!


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January 14, 2017 · 8:00 am

Why Black People Need To Quit Marching And Start Addressing The Real Problem

This is not the 60’s. Marching is outdated and antiquated.

Marching is great exercise but it is not addressing the real problems with black people vs black people and black people vs everybody else.

What is the real problem?

There are several

  1. Unaddressed mental illness
  2. Behavior condoned by the family
  3. Blaming others for situations that could have been avoided had problems 1 and 2 been acknowledged

True story with rhyming names so I won’t get sued.

Feleesia suffers from paranoid delusions and prescription drug abuse. She thinks everybody is watching her when she’s sober and starts fights with police and local drug dealers when she’s high. She puts everyone at risk around her with flying bullets from the drug dealers and their drive bys.

Her family, 1. blames the police and 2.  acknowledges she has a problem but say they are “protecting her and won’t let anyone hurt her” It doesn’t matter who she hurts with her actions as long as she is not hurt. She’s in and out of jail.  Her parents are in and out of jail and half way houses. Her children are in and out of DFCS and jail and have repeated the same grade twice.

The County Judge sees her every week in handcuffs for petty crimes and knows there is a mental illness. He stated that a family member is the only one allowed to turn her in for mental illness evaluation or she has to turn herself in. Everybody else has to pay for a lawyer and present a case to the judge before she’s even considered for any mental health check up. She and her family don’t think there is a problem because jail, crime, DFCS and court are a part of their everyday life. Therefore the mental illness for Feleesia remains unchecked. The behavior is condoned.

Final result. Feleesia got high, challenged the police, they shot and killed her. Now the Black Lives Matter Movement is all upset with the police and her family is ready to sue the County. Not because she’s dead but because they think they’ll get some money.

Who is to blame for Feleesia? Does the Black Lives Matter people take time to look at the background and what led to the shooting before protesting? Are the police to blame for Feleesia’s unchecked mental illness, abuse of prescription drugs and crime sprees? Is marching really going to help anything?

I think not. Put the blame where it lies. Her family should have sought help before she was killed and not cry afterwards mad at the police.

There are thousands of Feleesia’s in the black community and thousands of black males with unchecked mental illness. The families condone the behavior and allow the mental illness to continue because “That’s my baby!”

Address the mental illness! It won’t stop 100% of the problems but it will make a significant impact in the black community when people are mentally stable.

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January 7, 2017 · 8:00 am

Why do Black Churches TRIP So Hard On Halloween

Disclaimer: Quite a few black churches do celebrate Halloween and make it fun for the kids. This is aimed at those who trip in unreal dimensions over something that’s really not that serious.


Halloween has absolutely nothing to do with religion. It has nothing to do with Satan, demons or any part of the occult.


Halloween started around the world thousands of years ago in every country as a fall food harvest fest. There’s another one in Spring for the reaping of the winter crops. Today we call it Easter! But Easter didn’t start out that way.

The Celtics had a Celtic Harvest Festival that the church turned into something that involved dressing up, partying, and giving out candy to kids. The Celtics also carved faces on to fall vegetables.

Even though the church turned it into something fun for everybody it still has nothing to do with religion.

Hallelujah Night and Rebuke Satan Night

Why not make it a Netflix night if you are that offended by a night of dress up for kids who just want candy.

Don’t the kids get candy at Easter? Does Easter candy have anything to do with Jesus, Satan, or Religion? No, and neither does Halloween candy.

Why hold church service every Halloween to rebuke Satan when in reality he has nothing to do with it. He has better things to do like tricking Christians into thinking that he has something to do with Halloween when he doesn’t.

They better not knock on my door

Keep your light turned out. If the kids are bad and prone to egging houses put a camera in the window with a note that says “Streaming to the local police department” and turn on a red light to make it look like its recording. Otherwise, don’t answer the door when they knock.

I hate kids!

All the more reason to keep the light turned out and don’t answer the door. They will go away. There are more houses in the neighborhood than just yours and they don’t want to miss the candy at the other houses. Continue with your life it’s not that serious! Nor is it worth getting yourself worked up to a heart attack just because a cute little storm trooper rings a doorbell wanting candy.

They are Kids

Kids are kids and candy is candy any day of the week.

Let the kids have fun! Stop tripping out over Halloween!

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October 30, 2016 · 8:00 am

The Ridiculous Theory That Black People Can’t Be Racist

Definition of Racism



Black people can’t be racist

This is exhausting. Really? Who in their right mind came up with this kind of TRIPE and ignorance and not only believes this idiotic trash but tells it to their innocent little kids? I wish I could actually be close enough to hear someone say this with my own two ears so I draw back and slap the ever loving Jesus and all pretend holiness out of their mouths along with their teeth! Do I sound angry?

I have three words for this kind of stupidity.

1. Dumb

2. Dumb  

3. Dumb

I think it’s dumb.

What is this even based on?

1.       Black people can’t be racist because they don’t have the means/power to actually carry out what it truly means to be racist.

2.       Black people do not have the power to exert a large-scale social, economic and/or political discrimination against anybody

3.       Black people don’t have enough power to oppress the oppressor while being oppressed


I didn’t see any of that in the definition of racism. Did you?


Let me break it down for you with this interactive mind exercise

1.       Think your childhood and what color your immediate household was. (mine were black)

2.       Think about growing up and going to school. What color were the kids you interacted with most. (Mine were black)

3.       Think about from the time you were born until now how many family and friends that you interacted with personally on a frequent basis made you so mad you wanted to beat them within an inch of their life and what color they were (mine were black)

4.       Now think about your immediate household today, whose in it and what color they are (I have black people)

5.       Out of all the people you’ve ever been mad at in your life that you interact with on a daily basis what color are they? (mine are mostly black)

If I’m going to twist a definition of racism then by my own crazy logic I should be racist against black people.  Those Negros made me so mad on a daily basis it wasn’t even funny! Some of those Negros told me flat out that they were superior to me and treated me as an inferior. I was treated like trash!

So why would I need to hate white people when most of my life black people were the ones treating me horribly? Doesn’t make sense to me.

Why did I write those questions and make you answer them?

Because I’m proving a point that black people are racist against other black people first. Black people will sabotage and hold other black people back from succeeding or anything positive based on the theory that “I have to be the best N-r” or “I am the HNIC” or “I’m the one to look at not those other N’s.”

I’m also proving a point that racists groups such as Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, and other black groups that operate on hate are doing so under a BIG-A UMBRELLA of racism.

The basic definition is hating someone because of their skin color that you view as inferior.

Yes Black people can be racist. It has nothing to do with anything except for hate. The Black Panthers and the KKK stand for the same thing. Separatism based on hate of each others skin color. Why they don’t get along I don’t know. They should.

The next time somebody tells you black people can’t be racist. Show this to them, have them do the mental exercise and have them write to me directly!



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October 21, 2016 · 8:00 am

Mentally Ill Black Men Being Shot By Police. Why?

I just learned that people are being told:

1.       Black people do not and cannot suffer from depression

2.       Black people do not and cannot have mental problems

3.       People are being taught that mental illness and depression are exclusive to white people

So IF black people cannot suffer any mental illness whatsoever THEN this means all black people are 100% sane individuals. (That is quite a stretch don’t you think)

When I heard this I was shocked. I was in disbelief. I am saddened that people actually believe something as ludicrous as this.

Who would believe like this?!?!?! Apparently a lot of people.

Is this the reason why when a white person kills everybody in a movie theatre he’s taken alive because of mental illness?

Is the is the reason when a black man, who has mental illness and cannot follow police orders because of the mental illness, is shot and killed for jumping naked out of a window?

Is this the reason why police officers get away with murder 99% of the time?

Is this why when a black person who may be having a violent fit from mental illness is shot and the police find out after the fact that he/she was suffering from a mental illness episode?

All because of a ridiculous belief that black people cannot suffer from any mental illness?

Question: Where did this idea come from?

Answer: The 1960’s. There was a book written for counselors (keep in mind there were no black therapists in the 1960’s) that clearly stated that only white people suffered mental illness and should be seen for any mental help. It also clearly stated that Black men and Women were not smart enough or had enough brain power to suffer any mental illness.

This incorrect belief has been taught and retaught for generations and now we are operating on a lie that is seen as being the truth.

There is not one book in particular that blatantly states this. There are several that blatantly state this. As a nation we need to change this belief and remove the offensive words from these books. 

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October 14, 2016 · 8:00 am

Christopher Columbus: History Book Hero To History Book ZERO! Champ to Chump!



Christopher Columbus

He did lie! And American History books lied right along with him! Now where do I start?

Taking credit for discovering a land which already had people on it with functional customs and traditions who were in fact here first?

Genocide of Native Americans?

Raping of Native Women?

Stealing gold?

Starting a colony and then abandoning his men to die?

Introducing the slave trade of Irish and Africans to Haiti?

Promoting the killing of Taino people?

Great big alcoholic?

Getting his boat stuck on the Amazon River then killing Natives when they tried to help him?

An inaccurate map that should have been burned like the one at the beginning of Bonanza?

Exporting Slaves in 1494 to Spain under false pretenses?

Given credit for being the first white man to set foot on western soil when in fact the Vikings, Russians, Africans, Chinese, and people from Greenland had been coming here for 12,000 years before Columbus arrived?

He was arrested in 1500 and charged with atrocities against the natives and murder for his dead men that he’s abandoned in Hispaniola?

Wrongfully given credit for discovering the main land of America? When in fact Amerigo Vespucci discovered the main land and that’s why it’s called America? Chris only reached Haiti and had no idea that a bigger piece of land was to the north of him? Yet he’s hailed a hero in history books with that inaccurate song…..’In 1492 he sailed the ocean blue……’

Introducing sickness and death with unknown diseases to the people he’d just met?

Interrupting a way of life and a system that had been in place for years?

Kicked out of a city he started which is known today as Savannah Georgia?

All while claiming Christ as his savior and loving the Catholic church with all his corrupt sideways heart.

How did American History books miss ALL of this???? Wow!!!

Here is the one truth that Chris Columbus told:



Can anybody help him out?

The one truth US History books told:

He thought he was going to India and found out he was on the wrong continent and referred to the Natives he saw as Indians.


Apparently he’d never been to India and didn’t know what people in India look like. When he saw that the Arawak people looked nothing like people from India of that time period why did he still address them as Indians.  Why is that label still stuck on Native people today.

And people from India were familiar with other cultures and languages. It would have been more common for people from India to welcome him than unsuspecting individuals who ran across this weird person labeling them out of turn using a completely different culture.

Or he had a vision problem.

Or he was drunk.

Or just plain crazy.

Or his arrogance was so high and grand that he just could not admit to himself that he was in the wrong place until it was too late.

Columbus Day Declared A Holiday In 1971

For 500+ years children have been lied to about US History and the discovery of America. American History started with Columbus. Any kid who dared questioned this in any history class was placed in school suspension, demerits, told to write lines or was punished for dare asking about the validity of this claim.

In 2002 US President Bush declared some kind of a proclamation further glorifying Columbus’ actions as just and fair. Never mind the deadly aftermath this dud caused.

One thing that cannot be denied is Christopher Columbus’s journal written in his own words the devastation he preplanned for these new “savages” he met. His journals can be found online free of charge for anyone to read.

People who debate the unsavory character of Columbus have not read his journals

They are in the library. They are published on historical web sites. And there are scanned images of his journals with his own handwriting. People who continue to debate the facts are those who would rather believe lies. The truth is written blatantly.

Here’s one.

And here’s one.


Chris’s Attitude 

Arrogance towards the first Natives he encountered:

“They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane. They would make fine servants. With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.”

His superior attitude was over the top.

 Lying to the Spanish Empire:

Chris lied to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in order to keep money coming in so he could continue his exploitation of the native people. Here is Father Bartolome’s account of Columbus’ evil.

“There were 60,000 people living on this island, including the Indians; so that from 1494 to 1508, over 3,000,000 people had perished from war, slavery, and the mines. Who in future generations will believe this? I myself writing it as a knowledgeable eyewitness can hardly believe it.”

We all know the impact on Native Americans and the Island people. What about Black America?

The impact on Africans transported to The New Lands was devastating and is still going on today. The arrogance Chris started from the first set foot on shore is still continuing today. Racism and the superiority complex started with him. The slave trade was unbearable and many lives were lost.

Now that people are educating themselves and exposing the lies we’ve been told Chris is rapidly falling from the grace he once held.

The new message to Christopher Columbus Today:

“Dude! The gig is up! Your no longer popular.”

The next step is to lose the holiday that’s built on 20,000 lies!!

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October 8, 2016 · 9:48 pm

Why Can’t Black People Break Away From The Belief Of The Church And Get Themselves Help?

As you may have guessed by now I have some issues with some black churches. Not all are like the ones I keep posting about. The ones that are need to be exposed and stop the nonsense! Purposely damaging people in the name of Jesus for your own personal gain is never the right thing to do.

Two answers

1.       It goes back to Africa. Africa has a deep rooted belief in deities, demons, zombies, and gods. Africa cannot function without a god or a deity. The religious practice came over with the slave trade. Once the slaves were here they traded the African Gods for the God of the slave owner. Once freed they continued worshipping the God that freed them. A thousand generations of any God woven into the fabric of African descendants cannot be removed.

2.       It is also believed by MOST Black churches that the pastor is closer to God. God speaks to him, speaks through him, and grants favors and wishes. So if the Pastor says, or sends word that Jesus will be upset if you don’t trust in him then it must be taken seriously.

3.       Most Christians (every skin color) DO NOT read the Bible. They just show up on Sunday Mornings and listen to what the pastor tells them the Bible says. Even with Bible verses on the screen and printed in a church bulletin most of them still don’t even look at it.

4.       Manipulation of beliefs. Black pastors have respect in the black community. They are treated golden and held on a mental pedestal. If you have people who already believe a particular way the pastor just reinforces that belief. Anyone going against the belief (like me) is usually ostracized, criticized, labeled as a trouble maker or under an influence of a bad spirit. OR a false Christian planted by the devil just to bring the church down.

5.       It’s easier just to go along with what the majority believes rather than step outside the line and have stones thrown via the pulpit at you.

Religious Manipulation

Therefore, as long as the Black Church promotes and manipulates the continuing belief system that Jesus will be mad if someone seeks professional help instead of asking him, then we will continue to have unaddressed mental problems in the black community fueled like wildfire by the Black Church.

Just so we are clear there is nothing wrong with loving Jesus, praying, and going to church to help with mental issues. But a mental health professional is needed in addition to going to church.

Jesus Will NOT get mad.

You are NOT crazy.

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October 7, 2016 · 8:00 am

The Stupidity Of The Term African American. Round 2!

The Rumble Continues!!


Over the term African American!!

I have a United States Government issued Passport that says United States of AMERICA!


It does not say United States of African American!

I truly hate that label.

Some people were offended at my original post on this term and all I can say is: Yall missed the point!

I refuse to be labeled African American. The term African American will not be used on this site by me. And on any job application I fill out I scratch out the word African and circle the word American as my passport correctly suggests. And no where on my birth certificate does it say African American.

Africa was not called Africa until somewhere around 262 BCE. A Roman explorer went the land of KEMET and renamed it Africa after himself.

Italian General Scipio Africanus clearly saw that people were living happily on the Serengeti and calling themselves something else and he took it upon himself to rename the whole thing Africa, after himself, citing that he discovered it. It didn’t matter that people were already there.

Sound familiar?

Amerigo Vespucci discovered the main land in the west and called it America while Christopher Columbus gets all the credit and Amerigo is left in the cold.

Other names for Africa before it was called Africa were:








And Ethopia

All the more reason why  African American makes no sense!

They were not calling themselves African.

The title should be Kemet American, or Hesperia American and so on.

Why did Sipio Africanus change the history of the continent?

From what I could find in my research.

He felt like it. Knew he could do it without any opposition. And did what he chose.

So does the term African American fit?

No. Its not even the original name of the continent. Plus, Jesse Jackson pushed this agenda to further separate black people from the rest of the country and keep in line with his perfect world of a Bi-Polar segregated racists America.

This label of African American is all his doing!

Stop giving into Jesse Jackson! He, and he alone, has done the most damage to America with the target audience of damaging black people the most!

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October 2, 2016 · 8:00 am