Slave Mentality

  • A mental condition in the black community that centers around truly believing black people are born inferior to white people and that white people are superior by nature.


  • A behavior and mindset that has been passed down from slavery until now with very little change that white people are simply better or want to seek and destroy all black people.


  • The belief white people are the source of black people’s uneducation, debt, living conditions, joblessness, undisciplined kids and/or poor eating habits.


  • Believing that because you are black that you must fit a negative mold or stereotype in order to be accepted by other black people.


  • Believing that Black History month is actually helping in its current form.


  • A cycle of deep rooted self hatred passed down from the older generation to the younger generation.


  • Believing that Jesse Jackson is actually helping Black people

Slavery ended in 1865. Black people have had over 150 years to change this mindset, behavior and mentality. No one is to blame for how one thinks except for he/she who is thinking a particular way. It’s up to that person ask themselves why.

Everyone has the ability to re-evaluate the way they think, what they think, why they are thinking that way and to find out the inception of the thought.

In some cases one may have to admit that you were taught incorrectly by those who raised you and didn’t know any better. They thought they were doing the right thing based on their own experiences at the time.

In some cases it is traditional to think and believe in ways that appear to be the norm. Just because its the norm does not mean its correct. Unhealthy thinking is not only detrimental to your health but also to your lifestyle.

Challenge our own beliefs and ways of thinking by stepping outside of the traditional box. Hopefully one post on this website will spark your curiosity for knowledge.