I do not use this fake term to identify myself. I will not use this fake term to insult other people who are brown like me. This fake term will NOT be used on my website by me.


This term first surfaced in a poem by a college student in the mid 1980’s.

Jesse Jackson took the term from the poem and claimed it as his own.

Jesse Jackson called in his favors to the government to change all job applications to reflect this term as a way to further distance black people from unifying with the rest of America.

The college student received very little credit if any. People hardly know where the term stems from.

Most Black Americans have never been to Africa unless traveling with the Army, Missionaries/Churches, or by chance had the money to go on their own. Most Black people with money usually don’t spend it going to Africa.

Africa is not the original name of the continent.

White people live in Africa along with Asians, Russians, and people from India. The term African American will apply to them when they move to America.

I know TWO African Americans. One is from Morocco and the other from Nigeria. They now live in America which means they are actually African Americans.

My ancestry consists of Mostly African and Irish. The rest is South American, French and English.

To latch on to one country and ID myself with that county would be an inaccurate reflection of what I really am. It would also state that the other countries do not count.

If Jesse Jackson insists that we all must have labels mine should be AfrishSamericaFrenglish American.

Does that sound silly?

So does African American.