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What the black church does not understand about Sin vs Mental Illness

Yes I’m still burned up at the black church for recognizing $100 bills of parishioners instead of helping them with mental illness.

Sin vs Mental Illness

The ‘sin’ in the Bible is actually undocumented mental illness. Those people were not sinners. They were mental patients who were handled horribly and incorrectly.

Those mental patients in the Bible were

  1. Stoned to death
  2. Impaled
  3. Crucified
  4. Maimed
  5. Hung
  6. Flogged
  7. Beat to death and tied to pillars
  8. Burned at the Stake
  9. Strangled
  10. Assaulted beyond belief

The mental patients in the Bible who were mislabeled as sinners were more than likely sociopaths, anti-social personality disorders and some may have been on the autism spectrum through no fault of their own.

The perfect brain consists of 50% white matter and 50% grey matter. The autism spectrum is on the grey matter scale. The sociopathic spectrum is on the white matter scale.

People like Jim Jones, Charles Manson, and Ted Bundy are on the white matter scale, meaning, that they have a higher percentage of white matter rather than grey matter. The frontal cortex is damaged. Either they were born that way or had an organic brain injury. This leaves people on that scale unable to empathize or rationalize right from wrong. Shortly stated- Their brains don’t work right. They need help.

The autism spectrum means they have more grey matter than white matter. They are gifted. As we see in the Bible gifted people are stoned or burned.

Those ‘sinners’ in the Bible needed help. Not stoning. Praying for them or as the book of Romans states ‘leave them to themselves because they refuse to obey’. They can’t obey! They have a brain disorder.

God flat out abandons those people in Romans whose frontal cortex was not functioning properly. Didn’t God create them?

Sampson of Sampson and Delilah is a classic case of an autistic man who felt no physical pain, and overall wasnt to bright, who had the misfortune of getting involved with a woman who had too much white matter. Clearly Delilah had an anti-social personality disorder. She felt no remorse for anything she did to anybody.

Job from the book of Job was checked out mentally. In today’s world he’s one who asks you for a quarter at 5 Points Marta station in Atlanta while telling you the wondrous works of the Lord.

Lot and his daughters would be in prison and their kids would be in DFCS.

Adam and Eve would be in lock up with Balaam from Numbers for talking to serpents and donkeys.

Jephthah’s daughter was a spoiled brat who by today’s standards would have been in alternative school or expelled for her bratty behavior. Juvenile detention is more like it.

and Nebuchadnezzar’s whole dinner party would be on medication for seeing a hand writing on a wall. Mass hallucination.

What the Black Church Needs to Realize

Black churches need to realize that mental illness exists. Praying against sin is really praying against someone else’s unchecked or undocumented mental illness. Mental illness cannot be prayed against or changed. It can only be managed or helped with medication and a mental health professional.

The Stigma on mental health in the black church and community

Black people refuse mental help, even when they have insurance on the job to pay for it. The reason is they don’t feel like the stigma.

They don’t want to be labeled as crazy.

They don’t want to be accused of ‘acting white’.

They don’t want don’t want to appear to turn your back on Jesus who is supposed to fix it while you sit there praying.

So in order to avoid the stigma when you know something if flat out wrong just go ahead and to sit around really crazy rather than be ousted from the community for helping improve yourself.

This makes sense to who???


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March 28, 2018 · 8:00 am

Why is there so much crime in the black community?

Answer: Because Mental illness in the black community is unbridled and rampant

Here are the two main reasons.

#1. The black church

#2. Africa. Yes I am blaming the whole continent of Africa.

The Black Church’s answer for mental illness consist of 3 initial words.

  1. Pray
  2. About
  3. It

The catch 22 in the black church

  1. If you trust Jesus then you won’t go to ‘white folks’ for therapy.
  2. If you go to ‘white folks’ for therapy then you don’t trust in Jesus.

The Stigma if you go to ‘white folks’ anyway

  1. You are ‘crazy’ if you seek mental help outside of the church and Jesus.
  2. You are supposed to have the church and the pastor pray for you so you won’t look crazy.

Racism in the black church

  1. The black church will tell you that ‘white folks’ just want your money and tell you anything posing as an ‘overpaid hand holder’.
  2. If you go see therapy then you are “acting white”.

Question: What kind of sense does this make?

Answer: None what so ever

Racism in the black community

To protect the person I’m using the letter R.

Person R was 5 years old in 1972. A white lady day care worker told Person R’s mother that he had a developmental disability. Person R’s mother cussed out the lady and said she was just saying this because he is black. She then withdrew him from that daycare and placed him in a black daycare where no questions were asked.

Person R is now in his early 50’s and just found out that he has had a mental disability his whole life that went unchecked. He was glad to hear it because it answered so many questions. At the same time he was sad because he could have received help at an earlier age.

Because of racism his mother robbed him of receiving the help he needed 46 years ago. He’s now receiving the help and doing well. His mother has passed away so he cannot address the issue with her. He is angry but working through that anger.

How many more Person R’s do we have around here?


Why do I blame the whole continent of Africa and all 54 countries inside of it?

Because the concept of mental illness in Africa is null and void. Its non-existent. There is no such thing. We are the descendants of that flawed belief system and its stuck in our DNA to pray about everything or ward off a spirit.

The slaves brought this flawed belief system with them and it’s been taught here in America for over 400 years.

It’s a wrong theory.

There is no spirit and somehow the whole continent in today’s time missed the Bible verse James 2:26 – Prayer without works is dead.

69 million black Americans also missed that bible verse, even though, they go to church every Sunday for the social event.

We need to remove this flawed belief and start recognizing mental illness in the black community or its just going to get worse.

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March 25, 2018 · 8:00 am

Black Churches and Glorifying the Bible with Mental Illness

I’ve had 4 shout outs with black churches at a picnic over this subject and this subject alone. Here we go again.

Using the Bible as a reference for mental illness is never a good idea because the concept of mental illness is not addressed in the Bible.

Here Are Some Solid Examples of Mental Illness and Brain Disorders Not Being Addressed In the Bible

Abraham sacrificing his son

If I decide to sacrifice my son today I would be in a mental institution with a white jacket and long white arms. I would also be heavily medicated with pills and IV’s. I would also be charged with kidnapping, since I would tie him to a rock, attempted murder, since I would have a dagger of some sort to kill him with, luring under false pretenses, and animal cruelty since I would have tied a ram in a bush to jump out at the last minute. Mentally I would be diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and throw some bi-polar on top of that.

However, Abraham is hailed as a biblical hero for trying to kill his son after a schizophrenia episode of hearing voices in thin air.

Mark 7:30 – The Epileptic Fit

The girl had a “demon” that they called an “unclean spirit”. Epilepsy was unknown at that time and it is not a mental illness. It has to do with the brain. Anything they did not understand in the Bible was referred to as a demon or unclean spirits. The girl clearly had epilepsy. In today’s world she would receive medical help and her parents educated on what to do if this happens.

Romans 1:24 – Mentally ill population

Most of Romans speaks of the sociopath spectrum which consists of anti-social personality disorders. White matter vs grey matter in the brain. Too much white matter causes a person to behave against society and they have to remorse for anything they do. Again. Mental illness is not a concept in the Bible.

This leaves the question of why would God create someone with mental illness, then punish the person he created for not following the rules, when the person cannot follow the rules to begin with, because they were born with a non-functioning full brain?

The Book of Hosea – That wife Gomer

Classic case of a sociopath paired with an empath. Hosea was a hard working straight shooting honest respectable man trying to make a living for himself in B.C. times. He follows the rules of society. Gomer was a straight sociopath, pathological liar, loosy goosy on the streets, and had no remorse for her actions and disrespected Hosea every chance she got. Gomer needed behavioral therapy and some kind of lithium. Hosea was uneducated on mental illness, therefore, he could not give her the help she needed.

The Bible gives a happy ending, however, with sociopaths there is no happy ending. Gomer never changed her ways. Without help or isolating them they will make your life miserable because they have no remorse. This particular story of Hosea and Gomer gives a false hope and is a bad representation of a relationship with a mentally ill person. It’s not all rainbows and roses as this story leads you to believe.

Sampson had autism and he was kind of slow to not see through Delilah’s tricks.

Job had some retardation. To go along with a bet between God and Satan to mess you up like that and say its in the name of the Lord when Satan is clearly involved means that you have a mental disturbance.

Yet, black churches will use dysfunctional Biblical relationships like these as role models for praying away a spirit.



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March 21, 2018 · 8:00 am

How the continent of Africa aids to mental illness of Black Americans


Mental illness is and always has been a major major issue on the continent of Africa. Why? Because the concept of mental illness does not exist in Africa. The notion or idea that someone’s brain is sick or diseased is not a factor of any sort in Africa.

On the continent of Africa, which has 54 countries inside of it, they believe in demons, gods, and possession of spirits. If someone is not following the cultural norm and doing wrong or injustices then it’s a demon or a spirit. Not a mental illness. The demon must be “prayed away”, “beat out”, or exorcised from the person. The spirit must be lifted from that person.

Descendants of Africans in America

The concept of mental illness does not exist in the black church. If brother Thomas is robbing fast food restaurants to get tithe money then he’s under a demon spirit. Brother Thomas needs to “Prayed for”, “Beat up” or “liberated” from that spirit. You have to pray really really hard for Brother Thomas so the spirit will stop controlling his soul to do robberies.

The apple does not fall far from the tree. Ever.

It’s in Black Americans’ DNA to reject the notion of mental illness or seek help. Everything is a spirit. This came straight from Africa.

Here is what is wrong with that theory.

#1. The person is suffering from mental illness and praying for him or beating him up is not getting him the help he needs.

#2. Suggesting that the person is easily influenced by a ‘spirit’ suggests that he or she is too weak minded of a person and the spirit can easily take over him or her and stay there.

#3. Using slavery as an excuse for the spirit taking over someone in today’s time

You are allowed to be depressed because of slavery

  1. There were more free black people than slaves up through 1865. All someone has to do is go to a library and study the stats and read a few books.
  2. There were black people who came here free, married other free persons, and had free babies. Those black people are not slave descendants.
  3. Choosing to use slavery as a crutch and remain ignorant.

Using slavery for or against depression in the black community has got to stop

  1. Using slavery for depression in the black community

Susan is depressed. Her grandmother tells her we used to be slaves so it’s okay if your depressed. This does not help Susan in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

Susan was never a slave. Slavery has nothing to do with why she’s depressed. The kicker is; nobody ever asked her why she’s depressed. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is slavery.

This keeps Susan in a mental spot where she’s already comfortable. The grandmother is using slavery as a mask to cover up why Susan is really depressed. She doesn’t want to know. Susan needs to speak with a professional and find the real cause basis of her depression.

Using slavery against depression in the black community

Susan is depressed. Her Uncle tells her there’s no reason why she should be depressed. Our ancestors made it through slavery so you should be able to figure your way out of whatever it is you think you’re depressed about.

This is not helping Susan at all. She is not our ancestors. She is Susan. Her depression has nothing to do with the ancestors.

1. This is discounting Susan’s feeling all together.

2. This is pushing Susan further into depression.

3. This telling Susan whatever she’s depressed about is not a bad as slavery so she should not be depressed at all.

4. This is telling Susan whenever you’re depressed think about slavery and how much harder they had it and you won’t feel depressed at all.

Using Slavery against somebody instead of getting them the help they need is not only a disservice to the person who really needs help, it’s also very very ignorant.

The News

Nothing burns me up more than seeing young black men on TV every night for committing crimes that could have been avoided had they received the proper mental help at an early age.

Many have tried to get a handle on mental illness in the black community. The black church stops it every single time. Its time she shut that notion down and held black churches responsible for making sure everyone has proper mental health.

We can no longer accept the incorrect notion of “just pray about it”. That notion came from the continent of Africa and that notion is wrong.

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March 16, 2018 · 8:00 am

Question: Why Do American Women Flush Public Toilets With Thier Foot and Stoop Over The Seat?

Answer: Because of Segregation

How and why did segregation change something as trivial as toilet flushing in American Women’s bathrooms?

During Segregation

There were separate bathrooms, water fountains, sinks and locker rooms. White women and Black women sat on the toilet seat in the segregated bathrooms without giving it a second thought. They flushed the toilet with their hands like normal people without issue.

It was thought that the white bathroom had all white women so its okay. The colored bathroom had all colored women so its okay.

After Segregation

White women and colored women now have to share a bathroom. Each party thought that the other party was filthy in some form.

The white women thought that the black women had a different monthly period than themselves. And the black women thought that white women’s periods were different then their own.

The white ladies did not want to sit on the toilet after a black lady, especially if there was a period going on, and a black lady did not want to sit on the toilet after a white lady, because of a period.

They also did not want to touch the toilet handles after each other for fear of catching something filthy or because one of the party’s may touch the handle with period blood still on her hands. Or she didn’t change her ‘belt free’ right and you never know so just don’t touch anything after her.


Do not sit on the toilet. Stoop over it and pee. If a lady of a different color was waiting to use the toilet and you happen to ‘spray’ the seat don’t wipe it off for her.

If you are on a period go ahead and flush but if some sprayed on the seat, leave it there.

Do not flush the toilet with your hands because you don’t know if someone from the other party may have touched it. You don’t want their ‘nastiness’.

Do not touch the sink handles or use the soap because the other party may have touched it.

This makes sense to who?

Around the time of segregation women were teaching their daughters this public restroom habit of not touching anything because ‘she’ may have touched it and she has a period.

Those daughters in turn taught the granddaughters this habit stating ‘germs’.

Now the great granddaughters of the original teachers are carrying on this habit with no history to why they are doing it.

But guess what ladies! Women still have to pee and we all have periods! There is no way around it.


Today there are toilet liners in the bathrooms to separate you from the last person who sat on the toilet. I will have to say that toilet liners #1. are too cold and #2. does not stop the ‘spray’ from the previous person. You still have to wipe someone else’s pee off the seat which is totally disgusting.

Also there are still women under the pretense of ‘do not flush’ so the other person can be offended when they go to the bathroom.

I called a woman out on this once at work. She got up and walked out leaving everything in the toilet, and the toilet liner, and toilet paper, on the toilet. I demanded she go back and flush the toilet and clean up after herself! She was 54 years old. Old enough to know better.

We had a heated argument at the sink. Another lady came in. I told on her to the other lady. There was a battle in front of the stalls but we got the lady to at least flush the toilet. She just flat out did not want to flush the toilet stating that she was in a rush. She refused to remove the liner and the paper. She ran out of the bathroom mad and cussing at us. Called us childish. And she’s the one we had to make flush a toilet! Go figure on that one.

So we reported her to HR as a Bio Terrorist because not flushing the toilet after she let loose like that is Bio Terrorism in the ladies bathroom. You don’t want those fecal matter particles flying around because someone truly had no home training for 54 years!

Ladies, this is how we have start handling these non toilet flushers. Confront them as a group and use force if necessary. Make her understand that this is unacceptable and we’re not having it!

And another thing. Flushing those toilet liners does stop up some public toilets making the stall out of order. Crumble it up and put in the tampon box or something.

Stooping over the women’s toilet

This habit that started in America during integration has caught on around the world. There are now women in other countries doing this with no history as to why they are doing it. Its just the thing to do. In today’s world its to protect from ‘germs’.

Where were these ‘germs’ during segregation? Where were those germs 1000 years leading up to segregation?

If you have to do #2 or if you are on your period and have to handle business

Every woman has been caught at some point or another in 1 or both situations above. I know I have. You go in the bathroom, the toilets are all nasty because they’re not flushed, and your pad is overflowing or your tampon is falling out quickly or just making you mad. You then have to clean up another heifers mess just so you can take care of you. Its not fair to you or anybody else coming in behind that kind of Bio Terrorism. 

At that point you have no choice but to use that cold toilet liner, sit down and do what you have to do.


There’s always those TWO.

You know the 1 who comes into the bathroom on the phone and immediately goes to the stall next to you even though there are 1 million other stalls. And talks on the phone as loud as she can about absolutely nothing.

Then the other one who comes into the bathroom and has to stand in the mirror and put on make up for 8 hours and looks no different than when she first came in there.

Meanwhile you’re ripping pads or opening tampons and doing number two all while the person who is on the other end of the phone in the next stall can hear you poop, rip a pad, and flush the toilet.


If I could shoot women who do this I swear to God I would!

Just for kicks. I flush the toilet repeatedly to mess up her phone conversation. I started to throw a tampon once but I couldn’t waste a perfectly good tampon still in the wrapper!

There should be laws against talking on phones in the bathroom. Its just so tacky and inconsiderate.

Last: Flushing with the foot

Before segregation women did not do this. After segregation foots were flying.

Even the biggest girl will get that foot up there to flush the toilet. Why? She doesn’t even know why.

I’ve been in bathrooms where there are signs that say do not flush the toilet with your foot. The girls do it anyway.

But here’s the dilemma.

I saw a whole soccer team in the bathroom with mud and grass on their shoes. They flushed the toilet with their foot. Everybody that came behind them had to wet paper towel and clean off the handle before using the toilet.

The other dilemma is the handicapped and midgets.  The handicapped cannot flush the toilet with their foot depending on her handicap. Wheel chairs, cerebral palsy, or no legs at all is an issue. Is it fair to them to have to touch a handle where your dirty shoes have been?

Midgets are too short and even with a jump kick a midget cannot flush with her foot. The handle comes up to her waist. What is she supposed to do?

The women’s bathroom situation is totally out of hand across the world

Because of segregation in America we have countless ignorant scenarios around the world.

We are human and we have to pee. Women have that extra factor of monthly terrorism.

Women are terrorized at every public toilet from some female jerk not wanting to flush a toilet or clean up her own spray.

What is so dang ole hard about flushing a toilet!!!!!!

Why is it so difficult for these tricks to look back when she leaves a stall!!!!

Malls, Restaurants, Libraries, Church, Schools, Six Flags, Stadiums, Expos, you name it! If women are there doing what their grandmothers taught them then we just have to understand that we will be offended for the rest of our lives in the women’s bathroom.



Every woman’s period works the same way regardless of what color she is or what country she’s in. The way a woman handles it is a different story. Some girls were simply not taught how to dispose of maxi pads properly and that has nothing to do with her color and everything to do with poor parenting.

Women suffer with cramps, heavy flows, fibroids, ovary and fallopian tube issues, tender breasts, PMS, we all hate men for 4 days, and pregnancy. None of these issues are different just because she’s Black, White, or Asian.

To refuse to flush a toilet with hands or touch faucets all because somebody thinks somebody else has a different period is ignorance at the highest level!


For you women who refuse to flush a toilet in public! What kind of filth does your house look like???? Do you flush your toilet at home or leave it looking like you do at the public restroom? Then you bring food to a pot luck at work or church? I won’t be attending or eating anything you fix.

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January 8, 2018 · 8:00 am

Christine and Millie McCoy. Black Siamese Twins Black History Month Ignores.


I have a serious problem with this and yes I am Black. The only thing I actually like about Black History month is that it’s not being called “African American” History month. Because that would be “stupider”.


  1. DEATH

Your half could be perfectly healthy and the other half of you dies unexpectedly. Now you have to die too within an hour and its not even your fault that you have to die. It’s the other half that’s stuck to you. Even if you do an emergency separation surgery you still die because it will take too long to (a) separate you and (b) if you have shared organs you better hang it up! Man that is depressing just thinking about it.


Let’s say y’all are at the movies. The person on the other side of your connected twin is a biggo jerk who keeps rattling potato chip bags and popping plastic drink bottles and talking loudly on the phone, with the speaker phone, and the phone is lighting up with their picture, and they have on light up glasses in the theatre.

Your Siamese twin stabs and kills him because yall paid hard earned money to listen to the movie and not this fool and his phone and those glasses were just silly. NOW you’ve missed the movie, you got arrested, and you have to go to prison for murder and you didn’t even have nothing to do with it! You’re innocently connected. Aw that sucks!!

What does this have to do with Christine and Millie McCoy?

Nothing. I just thought about those things and figured I’d share my thoughts.

Why have we not heard about these black Siamese twins during black history month?

Because BHM is all about bashing and hashing and rehashing the victim/victimizer stereotype between white people and black people. Naming a month and continuing to pour the same dirty water on the same gas fire does nothing except keep the damaging fire going. Why not go ahead and put a fan next to it and watch it burn faster.

You can’t have black history month without white people. And you can’t have American history without black people. Never mind Native Americans, Hispanics, Asians, or anybody like that.

If black history month actually had some substance I wouldn’t have to have this website to expose what that month refuses to acknowledge!

Now that I got that out of my system

Christine and Millie McCoy

July 11, 1851 – October 8, 1912

On a slave plantation in Welches Creek, North Carolina Jacob and Monimia McKoy had seven children before the Siamese twins showed up. The parents were African and mixed with Native and African. The girls were born fused at the base which caused them to be at a 90-degree angle to each other.

A showman bought them at 10 months old thus starting a lifetime of exhibiting their body. He eventually sold them for $1000. During their career of being bought and sold the highest recording price for selling them was $40,000.

They were in various road shows, Circuses, special engagements and Queen Victoria brought them to Buckingham Palace in 1871 to give them jewelry.

The twins pay was so high because patrons were charged extra, as high as fifty cents or more, just to see them.

They were billed as “the Carolina Twins” , “the celebrated African United Twins.” , “Two-Headed Girl”,  “Two-Headed Nightingale,”

The twins learned five different languages. They played the guitar, the piano, sang and published poems and autobiography books.

When slavery ended in 1863 their pay increased to $600 a week.

In 1869 they wrote a final book called History and Medical Description of the Two-Headed Girl which boosted their popularity.

By the early 1900’s the girls weighed 170 pounds. Their popularity decreased and they went to live on a farm their father left them.

In 1912 Millie was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Christine was not. They had to go to a Sanitarium where Christine still was unaffected.

Millie succumbed to tuberculosis and Christine was still alive. They could not be separated while still alive. It was decided that Christine should be given large doses of Morphine to speed up her death which was imminent. After 17 hours and the governors approval to go through with the morphine Christine died.

In Whiteville North Carolina you will find their double grave with an inscription written about them.

So why is black history month ignoring them?

Because it does not fit their profile of victim/victimizer.

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October 16, 2017 · 8:00 am

Black Women In The 1920’s Suffragette Movement and The Right To Vote

Q. What was stopping women from voting in the 1920’s?

A. Men.

Q. What was stopping black women from voting in the 1920’s?

A. They were women.

Q. What was stopping black women in the south from voting?

A. Jim Crowe

Q. So if women earned the right to vote did that include black women under Jim Crowe?

A. Yes.

Q. Did black women in the south vote under Jim Crowe?

A. They tried. As did all black people in the south. Black people and white women were met with opposition from males who felt neither group had the right to vote.

What is Jim Crowe?

Jim Crowe were laws drawn in the southern united states forbidding black and whites to do anything together such as: Ride in the same cart on the train, drink from same water fountain, use the same bathroom, eat at the same restaurant, go to the same church, attend the same schools, buy from the same grocery store unless the coloreds went to the back window, live in the same neighborhood, and so on.

The term Jim Crowe refereed to a pre vaudeville act in the 1820’s when a man in black face would come out and dance and sing. The south adopted that image and name to apply to the laws.

Why could women not vote until August 18th 1920?

Men felt that women were not smart enough to vote. Men felt is was the woman’s place to stay at home cooking and cleaning and not voting. Men felt women were out of line and over stepping bounds by asking to do something equal to a man. Men felt they would lost power if women voted.

Did this include Black men?

Yes. Black men were granted the right to vote on March 3, 1870 and their votes counted. Women still were not given the right to vote. Black men went to vote and were harassed, beaten, killed, spit at and other horrible things. Due to the challenges black men faced they had no time to worry about the black woman. The black men had to come together and exercise their right by law to vote in peace.


Who got this women’s voting party started?

Most are familiar with Susan B Anthony. However, there was a women before her that actually put her boot down in men’s faces in the 1777’s. That woman was Abigail Smith Adams. President John Quincy Adams wife. She brought the issue directly to her husband and was basically told to shut up. Abby responded with “women will not hold ourselves bound by any laws which we have no voice.” She was still told to shut up. But she tried.


List of some of the Black women suffragettes in history. There were more.

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper. 1825-1911.

Frances was born a free black woman in Baltimore. 1858, before Rosa Parks, she refused to give up her seat in a trolley to a white person and there was a problem. In 1859 she became the first black women to publish a short story in a publication. In addition to writing poetry she was a slave abolitionist and fought for women and the colored women’s right to vote. She participated in this cause after visiting the south and seeing the appalling conditions that black women were living in.


Anna Julia Cooper. 1858 – 1964.

Her mother was a slave and her father the slave master. She was born North Carolina. She was freed at the age of 6. She became educated at the age of 9 at a school for newly freed slaves. She became involved in the women’s suffrage movement. She had this to say, “Only the BLACK WOMAN can say when and where I enter in the quiet undisputed dignity of my womanhood, without violence or special patronage; then and there the whole Negro race enters with me.”


Ida B Wells 1862-1931

Born a slave in Mississippi. Parents were Republicans. Bought a first class train ticket ony to be told to go to the colored cart with no refund. She took the train to court and won her case. She began working on the National Equal Rights League which resulted in the protest at Wilson’s Presidential innuageration. She was told by Alice Paul to march in the back of the 1913 inauguration crash and have the coloreds stay in the back. Ida did not follow instructions and marched along side Alice Paul. .” Ida attended the 1913 mob on President Wilson’s innaugeration. She took with her some members of her Alpha Suffrage Club of Chicago which she founded.


Sojourner Truth. 1797 – 1883

Born a slave and originally named Isabelle Baumfree. She and her parents were soon purchased and taken to New York. Known for her Ain’t I a woman speech in Akron Ohio in 1851. She fought during and after slavery for the negro women’s rights and equality including the right to vote.

Famous Quotes

“I feel that I have the right to have just as much as a man. There is a great stir about colored men getting their rights, but not a word about the colored women; and if colored men get their rights, and colored women not theirs, the colored men will be masters over the women, and it will be just as bad as it was before”

Ain’t I A Woman?

“That man over there says that women need to be helped into carriages, and lifted over ditches, and to have the best place everywhere. Nobody ever helps me into carriages, or over mud-puddles, or gives me any best place! And ain’t I a woman? Look at me! Look at my arm! I have ploughed and planted, and gathered into barns, and no man could head me! And ain’t I a woman? I could work as much and eat as much as a man – when I could get it – and bear the lash as well! And ain’t I a woman? I have borne thirteen children, and seen most all sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mother’s grief, none but Jesus heard me! And ain’t I a woman?”


Nannie Helen Burroughs 1879 – 1961

Born in Virginia to former slaves and moved to Louisville Kentucky where she became a secretary. Was a part of the women’s industrial club. In the early 1900’s she fought for women’s right to vote. At some point after 1947 she moved to Washington DC where she worked for Herbert Hoover.


Elizabeth Piper Ensley 1848 – 1919

Born in the carribean and moved to boston in the 1870’s. 1890’s moved to Colorado. Fought to put the women’s suffrage on the Denver Colorado ballot.

Timeline of most of the women’s suffrage events

1777 Abigail Adams. Wife and mother of presidents John Quincy Adams and John Adams Jr.

1792 Mary Wollstonecraft was having none of it. She published a book called Vindication of the Rights of Women in England. Women loved her book. Men still refused women the right to vote.

1836 The Grimke Sisters were against slavery and for women’s rights. They were outspoken, challenging, and were treated badly with profanity and eventually thrown in jail.

1840 London. Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady tried to level the playing field with women and had some success. Women were still denied the vote but these ladies got the ball rolling.

1844 The state constitution stated the following: “One. Every white male citizen of the United States, of age twenty-one years, who shall have been a resident of this state one year would be entitled to vote.”

1848 Elizabeth Cody Stanton went to the Seneca Falls convention and caused a scene with Lucretia Mott. They got their point across, however, women still could not vote.

1861 Susan B Anthony and the Civil War. Susan was the most vocal and came with serious ammunition to solidify all the women that came before her. Until her death in 1906 she made it known that women will have the right to vote. She also made this statement in reference to the black man having the right to vote but not women. “I will cut off this right arm of mine before I will ever work or demand the ballot for the Negro and not the woman.”

1867 Slavery is over and now black women have entered the equation for rights to vote as women. Thus beginning a 52 year debate on all women regardless of color voting along with men.

1870 Black men were given the right to vote. Black women were not given the right to vote. Not because they were black. No women were allowed to vote.

Black men were harassed while voting. As a result black men had to fight for other black men’s enforcement of voting which left black women without their voice. In turn, black women and white women had no choice but to come together as women and take on the guys.

1870 All women showed up to the polls and cast their vote only to have it thrown away and not counted.

1872 Susan B Anthony, Grimke Sisters, and a host of women were thrown in jail for voting. They continued their cause.

1878 Women introduce their suffrage movement to congress.

1884 through 1900 women protest, debate, march, hold signs, and yell at men for the right to vote.

1913 Alice Paul organized a women’s march and messed up the New President Wilson’s inauguration with a flash mob march demanding the right to vote. Eye witness Mary Walton described the scene in 1913 “The violence erupted minutes after the parade began. The crowd broke through steel cables and spilled into the street. Men, many of them drunk, spit at the marchers and grabbed their clothing, hurled insults and lighted cigarettes, snatched banners and tried to climb floats. Police did little to keep order. Observed one of Paul’s supporters, ‘I did not know men could be such fiends.’ ”

Black women were told to march in the back of the procession due to a recent attack on a black man that struck fear in that community. Black women ignored that and walked side by side with white suffragettes. Nothing was said.

1913 through 1919 women continue to invade congress with the right to vote.

August 18th 1920 the 19th Amendment is passed. All women now have the right to vote.

What Abigail started in 1777 came to be in 1920 with the help of hundreds and hundreds of women along the way. After 143 years of fighting the issue women finally had the right to vote.



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September 1, 2017 · 6:00 am

I got 10% of my anger out at the black church

Having grown up in the black church and witnessing the shenanigans that go on in and in front of the pulpit and being told, “That’s just the way it is” and being forced to be complacent about the corruption pushed and shoved on to unsuspecting parishioners is something I just could not get with.

Part of my spiritual cleansing for 10 years was not to attend church at all and I was much much happier without that type of drama.

The part that really got me, was me, telling the church I had been abused and they said “just pray about it”. Authorities should have been called. But instead I was told to “Trust Jesus and he’ll stop the pain and punish the abuser.”

That, and that alone fueled a life long anger and distrust in the church. Not to mention distrust of the word of the Bible.

The pain didn’t stop and neither did the abuser. Others were abused from the same abuser and others were told the same thing. “Just pray about it.”

Any church that hides behind the Bible in the name of Jesus who purposely does not protect the children is not a church at all. Its hell.

Children have underdeveloped brains and can only go by what adults tell them to believe. I was led down an incorrect path by the ever loving church.

That was my basis behind my posts on the corruption of the black church.

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August 29, 2017 · 6:00 am

Conclusion of The Black Church and Religious Manipulation

I was just told the most bizarre, craziest, wildest theory of them all by a black church fanatic on Facebook.

Here it goes:

“If you don’t understand that you need religion to get to God then you don’t believe in God.”

Huh? What? Is this person serious right now? Please tell me I’m on Facebook candid camera! That is worth the laugh right there!

I’m glad she said this because this error in delusional thinking is exactly what is wrong with the black church in one sentence.

#1. Religion NEEDS God. However, God does not NEED religion.
#2. GOD created the world. MAN created religion.
#3. You Cannot have God without Satan. You Cannot have Satan without God. Either both exist or both do not. One cannot stand alone. Otherwise, there is no need for the other.
#4. God and religion have absolutely nothing to do with one or the other.
#5. Man has attached God to religion as a means of controlling other men.
And guess what. ITS WORKING!!!

Should I even mention the fact that when God created the world there was no religion?

Who did God worship?

Who did Adam and Eve worship? They didn’t go to church and they didn’t tithe.

The first mention of a synagogue is in Psalms.

The first mention of a temple is in Corinthians.

All through the Old Testament everybody spoke directly to God. And God spoke directly to the people. They were used to it. They gave gifts and sacrifices to God.

The New Testament introduces Jesus as the way to God.

So let me get this straight!

All those people who didn’t know or hadn’t heard of Jesus, and didn’t go to church until Pslams, didn’t know God because there was no religion?

All those people around the world who were born before the New Testament and had never heard of Jesus went to hell because they didn’t attend church and didn’t go through Jesus to get to God?

Even though they were speaking to God every hour on the hour directly? They still could not get to heaven because they didn’t know Jesus.

The Old Testament proves that you don’t need a religion or a building called church in order to get to God. He spoke to them directly!

People don’t read the Bible and therefore don’t know this.

For the love of God will black people please read the Bible!

Religion is:
A code of moral values usually based around the culture.
A set of beliefs usually based on the culture.
Acting a certain way to gain acceptance from the group that is usually based on the culture.
A set of rituals such as recited words, foods, customs, and stories to enforce moral values.
A set of actions in some sort of sequence that is to be done in a frequency such as kneeling in a certain direction daily, eating a certain food weekly, or doing a certain gesture at a time of day or upon hearing certain words, and attaching an image of some sort to enforce the idea of the value.

Religion always involves a belief that an exact routine must be followed in a certain way in order to obtain a particular result. It does not have to be associated with church or a God.

I know that it is very hard for some people to separate religion from God. Yes. It can be done and should be.


“I know he wasn’t late to work. He religiously gets up at 6 am to go to work. He’s always on time.”

The reward for his routine of action:

If he doesn’t go to work he won’t get paid. Therefore he must honor that routine in order to keep the end result. If he stops going to work the reward goes away. Therefore, he can’t miss work.

“I know Heather wasn’t the one that forgot to clean the oven. She cleans that oven religiously every other day.”

Heather’s reward for her daily actions?

Heather wants a clean oven. In order for the oven to be clean she must do this on a regular basis without fail.

Religion and God are two separate things.

God did not create religion. That is where folks get twisted up.


Creator of the world. Punisher of wrong doers. Rewarding the good doers. God balances out right from wrongs. God is the natural balance system of our whole existence.


Life = a balance of good and bad for every living thing on earth regardless of religion.

Here is where the trouble starts with perceptions of God.

1. God only loves those who love him.
This is so wrong on so many levels. This is a man-made interpretation with absolute manipulation.

2. God helps those who help themselves.
This is also misguided for so many reasons. Anybody in the world, no matter their religion or lack thereof, who does anything for or against themselves will get back whatever energy they put into it.

The phrase implies if you don’t believe in God then he won’t help you. I’ve seen plenty of successful atheist who didn’t believe in God and they are doing much better than the judgmental Christian.

Michael studies hard to be an engineer. Michael is a successful engineer. Michael makes good money being an engineer.

Is this God helping Michael who helped himself or did Michael apply the energy and time he needed to in order to be successful?

Lisa is a thief and a liar. Lisa stole a car. Lisa goes to jail.

Is this an example of God not helping Lisa because she didn’t help herself? She helped herself to a car? She met her goal of obtaining a car. It wasn’t hers. This is clearly an example of Lisa getting what she deserved because of the kind of energy she put into it.

Michael and Lisa are both Christians.

3. If you don’t go to church every Sunday God won’t bless you.
Wrong. You reap what you sow. Going to church or not going to church will not stop you from getting back in life what you put into it.

Reaping what you sow
This idea is not exclusive to any church, religion, group, or book. The idea of everybody ‘getting what they deserve’ or ‘Karma‘ is just how life works.

If you do good it comes back to you. If you do bad it comes back to you.

A rational logical thinking individual who can decipher right from wrong understands and is able to implement that statement. Someone who is not rational and has no regard for right from wrong understands the statement, however, they just don’t care.

Until the black church actually does the following we will continue to have these confusions and delusions based on half truths:

1. Make black people read the Bible.

I’m not talking about Bible study because in Bible study you only study what the pastor tells you to study for that week.

Bible Study is controlled studying.

2. Teach how life really works
There’s so much focus on Jesus, heaven, God and fear that the whole and true meaning of life is totally left out. Focusing on the end result while ignoring the present is never a good idea. People need help now.

3. Address mental problems that church members are facing now
Stop telling folks to ‘pray about it’ and ‘trust Jesus’. Get them the help they need. We have pastors committing suicide after service. We have deacons that are depressed. We have children in the church that are acting out due to abuse. We have church members who can’t pull it together by themselves and have no idea that they have a mental problem or some other problem.

4. Stop glamourizing the pastor and worshipping him and the first lady
They are no closer to God than anybody else on this earth. The difference between most pastors and parishioners is that the Pastor actually read the Bible and knows you haven’t! He knows the key words to manipulate you in the pew.

5. Stop copying and pasting Bible verses on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and all social media.
Copying and pasting Bible verses does not make you more of a Christian. Nor does it prove anything to anybody other than you know how to copy and paste. Atheists, Buddists, non believers, and first graders can copy and paste Bible verses. You are doing nothing special.

6. Stop with the fear. Stop being controlled by fear and intimidation from the pulpit!
“Thank you God for the wake up call!”  and “God woke me up this morning” and asking everybody “Are you saved” is nothing more than manipulative tools based on in order to get a reaction out of someone else. When the reaction is not falling in line and your beliefs are challenged it becomes a problem for you. Not them.

7. Stop being a “Cookie Cutter Christian”

What is a Cookie Cutter Christian?

A CCC is a Christian that’s been beaten and whipped into a cream pulp of batter. Then placed in line with everybody else with the same belief. And molded so that they look and sound exactly the same as the next person in the religion.

No flexibility. No listening to anyone else. They have been conditioned to believe and stay a certain way. Breaking the mold can result in lots of damage from the molder which is the pastor of the church. Molded and stuck in fear.

A CCC is a borderline fanatic or potential cult member. A CCC cannot surround themselves with anyone who does not believe or think as they do for the fear that Satan is trying to use that person to break them out of the mold.

CCC’s do the following:

Run on fear.
Go to church out of fear.
Have to be seen as the perfect Christian so that no judgement can be passed on to them.
Memorize Bible verses to be called up at any time during a conversation whether its relevant or not.
Have to put Jesus into everything even if its buying toilet paper at Kroger.
Always out to save souls.
Get mad during a Bible debate which they usually initiated.
Bent on making you agree with them and their values to they can be seen as the Christian hero in your life.
Vocalize and demonize anyone who is not fitting the Christian mold they are in.
Believe that Jesus was actually born December 25th of we don’t know the year. Just December 25th.
Deny the pagan holiday connection. Especially December 25th.
Deny the pagan connection between Ishtar and Easter.
Deny that the Torah was written before the Bible and that’s what Jesus studied because The Bible was written after Jesus died because he could not have read the Bible because he was still alive
Deny and refuse to believe that the Quran says the same exact thing as the Bible. Especially Sharia Law.
Deny that Leviticus is a re-written version of the Hammurabi codes from King Hammurabi who lived before the Bible was written.
Deny that the first 5 books of the Bible is basically the whole Jewish Torah which was written before the Bible.
Deny that the word Sabbath actually means Saturday.
Deny, deny and deny.

Why to Cookie Cutter Christians continue to deny?

Because they won’t educate themselves. Uneducated people are easy to control. People who know education is there and still refuse to learn are even easier to control because they are choosing to be stupid and allow someone to take advantage of their chosen stupidity.

Phrases that Cookie Cutter Christians use:

“Either you believe or you don’t.”
“Where did you get your information from?”
“If it’s not in the Bible I cannot read or believe it.”
“If you are questioning anything in the Bible it’s because you don’t believe.”
“You don’t believe in God then!”
“To question the Bible is to question God!”
“That’s not what the Bible says!” CCC’s don’t read the Bible so how do they know
“The Lord spoke to me.”
“Pray about it.”
“You didn’t pray hard enough.”
“You must not read your Bible then!” Like they actually read it. Please!
“I love the Lord!”
“My God is good!”
“I have to put Jesus in it!”
“Constantine didn’t do anything!”

If you run into any of the Cookie Cutter Christians do not associate. It’s a battle you’ll never win. Imagine talking to a brick wall. The brick wall represents the CCC’s.

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August 24, 2017 · 6:00 am

Behind The Curtain 2 – The Media and Mental Illness In The Black Community

Unaddressed mental illness in the black community

Section F


The Media does a poor job of bringing mental health issues in the black community to light. The Media gains ratings and capitalizes on demonizing black people and crime.

The Media presents black people as making a conscious knowing decision to do wrong and participate in crime for enjoyment, thrill, and some positive fulfillment.

That false presentation could not be further from the truth.

The Media discounts any and all facts and evidence that black people committing these crimes may have an untreated mental illness.

This is an unjust misleading representation of the black community as a whole.

We are not carbon copy cookie cutters of each other.

The Media does not differentiate between a person who commits a crime that happens to be black and a non threatening entrepreneur with no jail record who also happens to be black. Black does not = criminal, yet, that is exactly what the media suggests and reinforces day after day.

This whole portrayal is delusional and could not be further from the truth if they tried.

Furthermore there is a misconception of Black on Black crime. Most crimes are committed by someone you know. Black people are around black people more than anyone else. If you go to Mexico you will find Mexican on Mexican crime. If you go to London you will find White people stabbing white people. If you go to China you will find Chinese on Chinese crime. If you go to White America you will find white people killing white people.

The whole notion that black people are the only ones who kill each other is also an illusion. White on white crime is just as high if you look at the stats.

But if the Media is bent on demonizing one group to highlight another then stats can and are twisted to keep the delusion going.


Chicago is not the leading city for black people and crime. St. Louis is. But St. Louis is ignored because Chicago is more glamourous and will generate higher ratings.

From what I’ve seen in the black community most of the crime is caused by:

1. Failed parenting
2. Unchecked mental illness
3. Frustration
4. No snitch rule

No Snitch Rule

Its funny how the main ones who adhere to the no snitch rule go straight to the police and snitch as soon as one of their children are killed.

Better yet, they go on TV after their child is killed and ask the non-snitchers to snitch!

Point in case: A young man was killed in Atlanta. His family was firm on the no snitch rule while he was alive. As soon as he was found dead they were begging for people to tell the police information to find the killer of their son.

You die by the sword by which you live and what you fear most will kill you.

Failed parenting

1. Father not in the picture – most likely he may be in jail. And most likely he suffers from some unchecked mental problem.
2. Overcompensating for the father not in the picture – the child does whatever he/she wants without learning consequences for their actions. When the child finally has to answer for their behavior the child is confused. The confused child gets no help from the parent because the parent is enabling the confused child. Therefore, the child does not learn
3. Unchecked mental illness on the child – The child could be showing early signs of dyslexia, aspergers, sociopathy, anti-social personality disorders, mental illness, mind disease and so on. Instead of getting the child the help he/she needs the parent follows the tradition of just beating the child. Beating a child that may have mental illness is not teaching the child anything. It is confusing and does more harm than good
4. Selfish parents– spending money on hair and nails is more important than the child’s education or getting mental help. Poor choices from the parents cause the child to look at joining gangs or the child makes poor choices by going to the wrong crowd
5. Absent parents – Dad already isn’t there and now mommy has to work 3 jobs to take care of the kids. Mommy thinks that giving the child ‘stuff’ and ‘things’ will keep them busy and they won’t notice she’s not there. She may have the best of intentions but what children want is a parent. Not stuff. ‘stuff’ can never take the place of parents
When the news shows young black males who have been caught doing something wrong everybody is quick to judge. But are they judging correctly. Some of these young black men have mental illness and sadly they don’t find out until they are behind bars for a long time.


Misconceptions about therapy in the black community

The Media can’t be blamed by itself is the black community is helping to present the false image.

There is a preconception that if you go to a counselor that you are crazy. Therefore, you are shunned, shamed and talked about negatively.

Below are the reasons why black people will not go to therapy even if its free:

Nobody wants to admit there is a problem

The excuse, “everybody is different” is used quite a bit in the black community to justify somebody acting a straight fool because they need mental help

The warning signs are either not known, known and ignored, or excused away by saying the person either has demons, hates Jesus, or Satan has a hold of them and he must be rebuked

Parents do not want to admit there is a problem with their parent, child, or themselves. Because then they have to deal with it.

If a school or any institution brings up the fact that a child has a mental problem the parent either skips town, or files against the school because she is offended that this was said about her child

Selfishness. Getting hair and nails done, or playing basketball, is more important than spending money and time on the child or person’s mental health.

Shame and humiliation. If anybody finds out there is a problem with a family member they run the risk of being talked about and embarrassed in front the community and worse than that, the church. So it’s not talked about to save face for the family.


The age old phrase, “that’s how God wants him/her to be. If he wanted him/her different he’d a done it”

Extreme ignorance, won’t listen, set in ways, and just not wanting to face reality.

Hide behind religion. “Well we just have to pray on it.”

After a mentally ill person flips out we all hear the following

“I didn’t know”

“He seemed like the perfect gentleman”

“I thought something was wrong but didn’t know what”

“He could get a little wild sometimes but I never would have thought this”

“If I’d know I would have helped”

What needs to be done?

The black community needs to put aside the silliness and start educating people now so that these problems in the community can dissipate.

Domestic Violence

One or both partners have a mental problem that has not been addressed. If mental illness was addressed in high school maybe they will make better choices as they become adults.


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August 20, 2017 · 6:00 am