What is Acting White?

If you are black and do any of the following things then you are considered to be “acting white” by the standards of other black people:


Receiving a scholarship to a university

Have a checking and savings account

Speaking in complete sentences with a verb, noun, subject, adjective and annunciation of each word

Having a job with weekends and nights off


Advancing in the workplace

Shopping at whole foods instead of McDonald’s

Going to a farmers market instead of the convenient store which offers salt and sugary junk food

Having a car that works with all the same color doors and hood and the paint is not peeling

Living in a crime free decent neighborhood


Succeeding in school with A’s or B’s

Having manners. Example: saying excuse me or thank you or holding the door for someone at the mall who is white

Putting your kids in private school

Only having 1 collection agency calling


Called by your name (David, Elizabeth, Sharon, George) instead of a hood name such as boo boo, ookie, pookie, bucky, Lee Lee or sha sha

Cutting your grass or hiring a lawn service

Not eating fried chicken and refusing to frequent fast food restaurants

Listening to music in the car at a reasonable volume at a stop light


Reading books or any book

Writing books, novels or plays

Knowing what Symphony # 36 is (Mozart)

Going to an opera